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  1. dallas


    Hi, The forecasts have not updated since yesterday, thanks Dallas
  2. Light snow in the city of London
  3. Getting going now in greenhithe.....moderate snow
  4. There looks like a bit in the nor sea. Wonder if the easterly component is strong enough to get it west
  5. Meto regional update not out yet, normally by now I think, maybe they are waiting on a few more models to update
  6. Woke up 2 winter scenes in Greenhithe N/W Kent. Lovely snow to walk on, nice and squeaky like Alpine snow
  7. dallas

    Radar Stuck

  8. dallas

    Apologies for the downtime

    The servers doing their stuff, could this be slowing down the V4 radar?
  9. dallas

    Radar Stuck

    all good now
  10. dallas

    V4 radar

    It is stuck at 11:40, Cheers
  11. Yep had small covering at Greenhithe, wind veered wrong direction for us