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  1. Tucked up in my local watching everyhing get covered, was not expecting this. Greenhithe n/w kent
  2. Starting to settle a bit in greenhithe
  3. Well well beltin down in greenhithe n west kent
  4. Light snow greenhithe n/w kent
  5. Wont get my shovel ready though
  6. Even Greenhithe will get something out of that
  7. Temp finely dropped to 3c in the city
  8. Gritting the City of London already
  9. Seems to have peaked at 4c and dew points down from 1 to-1, city of London
  10. Nick F. When is the peak for daytime heating please, if there is such a thing, Thanks
  11. Can you see an issue with low elevation?
  12. well the cold should be still in place on Monday. Do you think elevation will be an issue tomorrow?