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  1. I came over from BBC snow watch or ''slow watch" cause it was painful. Forgotton about Bill Farkin - wasn't he the guy that based his forecasts on his ducks behaviour or something like that?
  2. Despite what the rainfall radar is showing there isn't a great deal falling out the sky.
  3. I wouldn't get too excited just yet. What happens here may be a proxy but after 10 minutes of good flakes now just blowing the odd one in the wind. Need heavier stuff because the air temp is well above freezing - 1.6 C here currently.
  4. Snowing here, not heavy enough to settle. This afternoon saw off the last of Friday morning's lying snow.
  5. I've been trying to stress this is the main thing to watch overnight in the Midlands thread. Quite favourable here as it arrives, good freeze going on from last nights snow. Lots still left in the surrounding countryside, full covering in the park and fields heading out of town. This helps in situations like these.
  6. Sod's law it'll be raining in Oslo Wednesday and snowing here.
  7. My mistake it is the BBC south-east news and Kaddy-Lee who is a proper meteorologist. Baby pics on Facebook shared by my mate. Must still be on Mat leave.I haven't seem him for 10 years despite Facebook. Only worked out his wife was her when he posted a clip of banter with the news presenters commenting on her bump.
  8. Weather girl crushes eh? My flat mate at Lancaster University many years ago is now married to the weather presenter on BBC London, just had a kid. But he is some sort of internet security millionaire has lots of flash cars etc etc. so that's how.
  9. Torrential rain here. And what irritates me further as we have had no lying snow in these parts so far this winter, after last week's disappointment, I thought "we'll I'm off to Oslo on Tuesday for 3 days, so surely will see snow". A few days ago it looked good. Now, even on Thursday it looks marginal, in Oslo. I'm cursing my luck. If I see no snow there I've got another bite at the cherry as off to Calgary in Canada last week of February (this is all work related, not a choice - rather snow on my doorstep). But the way this is going they'll be an early Chinook wind and it will 20 degrees.
  10. Yes I wouldn't hold your breath for anything settling here. I'm from NE Yorkshire originally and miss the heavy snow showers pushing off the North Sea. That said they don't do so well from frontal snow as the Pennines tend to kill it off. It is trying again to turn from sleet to snow here.
  11. I think what you can see from the radar is that the bands pushing up from the SW are beginning to merge as the low starts to slide SSE. There is no chance of any lying snow here unless things become a bit more organised during the small hours. All the showers here have started off as Sleet and only turn to wet snow in the heavier bursts due to evaporative cooling so the thermometer is up and down like a yoyo. If only it were a degree or so colder...
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