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  1. Very interesting that the models have shown mainly dry air and very much marginal conditions for the coast. Nothing marginal about the 2 inches we’ve had from nowhere this morning 3 miles from the coast in teesside. gives me confidence in two things - that anything that falls will likely be snow this week even here and that I won’t be expecting to know In advance of enough disturbances for precipitation
  2. You shouldn’t pack in. I’ve been here since 2005 and only pop in every winter in the hope of snow. I understand a little but much is over my head. I just pick the posts that give me a sense of whether my chart reading is right
  3. I’m guessing that your use of the term ‘manor’ indicates you live near London ?
  4. in 15 years of lurking around this forum i'm a little bewildered by what i'm seeing at present. On the face of it some of the charts look spectacular, high pressure to the north and an obvious E/NE fetch. For us up here on the north east coast first glance would indicate a snow fest. Very rare we've been able to enjoy models like this and some charts seem extremely rare. Close inspection reveals that the cold isn't quite there at present though and this morning we have rain, even the amazing 06z shows milder sectors wrapped in the low that descends late on and conditions again look marginal. C
  5. Roads are fine in Billingham . Snow didn’t settle on roads this am
  6. Had around 30cm over the last three days in the north east. Still a little envious of thy radar! enjoy it folks - very rare
  7. Looks that way - good luck! what are people’s thoughts for teesside overnight? Seems odd , amber warnings but forecast on meto has changed to just light occasional?
  8. Wired I was expecting a few scattered showers today, it’s pretty much constant light snow plus the odd burst. I’d this in like this for the day? It’s not fit to be outside
  9. Complete whiteout - awesome. Had a snow day so me and the wife took the kids for lunch at the pub. Came home at 3 and there’s already 2 inches on the car , amazing how much these showers can drop; we’ve only had five
  10. It was a brilliant spell on the forums that year I remember not being able to get out of my house for days. Just walked to the pub every afternoon , tragic
  11. There’s another line missing for teesside! Not expecting much tonight but great few days, like the glory years
  12. North Shore and grangefield in Stockton, manor I’m Hartlepool closed
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