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  1. a bit of a sweeping statement,not all of us "got belted"
  2. well that seem to play it safe, a bit of everything thrown
  3. it has been raining all day in thanet and temp as been hovering around 3c
  4. I suppose trying to get a positive from the no snow club is that I dont go through the trauma of slowly watching it thaw (drip by drip by drip ) it would still have been nice to have seen some snow though
  5. same here as well although I expected it, it is Thanet after all. Even if the polar vortex positioned itself directly over us I still think we would end up with rain
  6. it does upset me when people say "bingo" or "jackpot" for the south east and we still see the tip of kent (thanet) out of the equation, something I should have got used too but never will
  7. yes I dont know why it is ,but we seem to need a separate forecast to the rest of the south east, winter or summer !!
  8. according to the met outlook all we are going to get tomorrow from 8pm onwards are sleet symbols on their chart for ramsgate for five hours, just think if that was snow
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