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  1. stopped snowing now, hopefully we may get some more , still I have seen snow falling even though it was avery small amount
  2. ah well. looking at it from a glass half full perspective....at least we wont have to watch it slowly melt away !!!
  3. I see others are finding the same as myself, at 1127am according to the met office we were going to get quite a lot of snow on sunday and now at 1500hrs the met office have us dry with cloud what has happened ??
  4. very pleased for you, hoping it is our turn tomorrow but unfortunately we are near to the coast....fingers crossed !!
  5. The Met Office outlook looks a bit grim for the next few weeks for us in the south with atlantic fronts coming through with rain and periods of slightly milder temps with northern and central areas having wintry hazards with a risk of snowfall on the boundary wherever that will be and into feb a period of above slightly above average temps and above average rainfall for the south although they do say that there is a greater then average chance of cold spells spreading across the whole country, Although it is a disappointment things seem to be changing at a fast rate of knots so my glass re
  6. hi there just thought I would repost this link that a person posted earlier and I have gone on it and just had a snow fix !!!! Webcams – Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust SETTLECARLISLETRUST.ORG.UK
  7. Good morning everyone and a very wet one at that, watching BBC breakfast this morning and very disappointing, the weathergirl on southeast showed that we will be getting 7 / 8 / 9c through next week (this weekend is the coldest it will be at 3c) before climbing, and yet on the mad thread they are saying that the cold weather will still be with us, Im hoping the southeast weather is wrong and does a u turn....I WANT SNOW !!!
  8. that "choppy thing" is actually the snowblower that was driven down from inverness, I know , I was there...
  9. I was one of those people digging out that snow plough as I worked on the railway and was stationed at Maidstone west at that time. It was incredible to see but not quite so jolly having to be out in it for twelve hours wet through and cold. I do have my own cine film of the event in the loft somewhere. Lenham is at a very high point and always got the winter weather before anywhere else but that was exceptional and never really been seen since to such magnitude but I am still a coldie and always will be .
  10. I do agree but I am also under no illusions how difficult it is to get the right conditions for snow in east kent next to the sea, perhaps we will be lucky this winter
  11. looks like Kent misses out again, ah well getting used to it now but good luck to others
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