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  1. UK Outlook for Saturday 30 Dec 2017 to Saturday 13 Jan 2018: Through the final days of December and, perhaps, the start of January it is likely to be unsettled and often windy across much of the UK. Temperatures will be near to or below average and snow is likely, at times, especially across northern parts of the country. Through the first half of January a gradual reduction in the frequency of Atlantic westerlies seems most likely, this will be coupled with an increase in the frequency of colder and drier periods, although confidence is low at this stage. Milder, wetter, and windier spells should become more short-lived during this period with the colder and drier spells of weather bringing an increased likelihood of overnight frost and fog, as well as some snow, wintry showers, and below-average temperatures. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcpvj0v07#?date=2017-11-14 just posted by summer sun , to my untrained eye it does not look to bad if the meto are right
  2. we are sort of getting used to it,(but it doesnt make it any easier)
  3. I can confirm that thanet is clear
  4. here rain rain and more rain edit...quote should not be there !
  5. its lovely to be so optimistic, lets hope it happens
  6. summer sun over on the mad thread has just quoted this...".Arpege looks the best call for Monday with the rain restricted to the south and SE on Monday", best call ! I dont know about that
  7. at least we are well out of the zone so no chance for us at all
  8. your in bed and theres some light snowy stuff , well what can I say!!
  9. I know . theres allways someone ready to spoil it l.o.l.
  10. unfortunately nick L has posted that there will be less chance this evening due to air mass not so cold
  11. its SNOWING in ramsgate (small flakes but its a start)
  12. these showers seem to be coming down the north sea across east anglia and then veering of into the channel with another pulse coming down the spine of the country. both sets are missing east kent, perhaps its the offshore wind turbines blowing away the clouds
  13. dont be so greedy, share it