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  1. I agree totally, when you look at the radar the cloud base seems to split in two and go either side of east kent ?? what causes this.
  2. i have always found radar accurate on rain though
  3. nothing in thanet if that helps
  4. so frustrating now......pink on the radar is right over us but no precipitation
  5. nothing showing in thanet
  6. no thanks, I will stay put and take my chances , I cant even go upstairs to get a few extra feet of elevation as I live in a bungalow
  7. many thanks for that, it does make sense seeing as we were called the isle of thanet also I suppose the elevation above sea level doesn't help
  8. why do we not see much snow in thanet, the little we had has almost gone now , I suppose it makes me appreciate it more when it does snow
  9. nothing happening here in ramsgate
  10. basically now stopped here, good while it lasted
  11. according to the radar it doesn't look as though it will last to long though still a plus though as we were forecast nothing for today as far as i am aware
  12. can confirn its the same in ramsgate
  13. here in ramsgate although it snowed for quite a few hours yesterday, it did not amount to much (approx 1cm) , it was still nice to see and looking outside this morning although we were in the amber zone It doesn't look like we had anymore overnight and the grass is showing through in many places
  14. apart from a short burst earlier. we have no snow falling apart from an odd flake in the wind
  15. still not snowing in Ramsgate.....perhaps this evening if we are lucky edit...a handful of tiny flakes now