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  1. yes all the time thought it was something I was doing.
  2. glad to hear that (perhaps I should have gone to specsavers l.o.l )
  3. To my eyes on the radar it seems to be breaking up as it comes up the channel towards east kent !
  4. Hi there perhaps you have tried it already but what about turning the thermostat back to zero and see if that switches of the heating !!
  5. absolutely nothing here this morning, only a very wet ground, left with grey skies. Roll on spring now ,ive had enough waiting for something that never seems to happen this winter
  6. trouble is that coming in off the north sea according to meteoradar is turning to rain (but I could be wrong) also just noticed on the tweet forum that ian f has said that blocking could remain.
  7. the mild sector seems to be stretched right across east kent and the channel according to meteoradar
  8. in my VERY limited knowledge, surely with cold enough uppers we should be getting snow here, perhaps it is the dewpoints letting us down on the coast
  9. someone on here a little while ago (I think it was Daniel) said dewpoints are due to rise this evening, surely that will stop all snow.
  10. technically not all of usbut I am with you on the sentiment of it being well deserved
  11. bbc were correct for here, mainly I think because we are on the coast
  12. infact the reverse of snow here......sky seems to be brightening up from the east, boo hoo