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  1. He’s viewing the charts on Meteociel.fr which is a French site.
  2. Yes....took me a few attempts, though...needed to update the firmware, then start again. With a bit of patience the station ID turned up in the Device list!
  3. I think NE is a Kent Streamer and E is a Thames Streamer. The point of a streamer is that the wind picks up convection from the warm sea over a decent distance and then dumps it as snow further downwind.
  4. In my view the SE has the potential for quite a lot of snow Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The models have been consistent with SEly winds and the upper temps and dew points are sufficient and improving run by run.
  5. They use historic runs, and the models are upgrading the forecasts at the moment. This should cheer you up;
  6. There is real potential for a Kent Streamer on Monday in my view. Uppers are just about cold enough, sea is warm, winds decent.
  7. A real model battle underway. ECM sees it too far south (BBC use this for their forecast) whereas the GFS and ICON have it right over Sussex and Kent.
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