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  1. Light snow here in Hawkhurst, about 10 miles south of Tunbridge Wells.
  2. Not sure about that. I went around the southern M25 at about 4pm and all the signs said "Salt Spreading", which, given the rivers of water on the road, was the very definition of futility.
  3. And you, a non-believer - do you repent? Are you a snow-believer now...?!
  4. Very interesting...I wonder if the models are underplaying the snow probability on that basis - we have seen it before!
  5. Unfortunately temps may not be low enough until 20:00 onwards.
  6. Tomorrow lunchtime almost looks more interesting;
  7. Looks like rain / sleet this evening turning to snow overnight on the GFS...
  8. It is also a lot colder on the ECM, and as the models converge, it could get interesting.
  9. Snow tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and real potential, in my view, for Sunday to become a full-on frontal snow event...
  10. First few outputs showing the cold moving south slightly earlier, which should improve the snow prospects very slightly.
  11. He is relentlessly enthusiastic...
  12. Is that a general comment, or weather related... ;-)
  13. You're right, of course. Twitter knows all. /Sarcasm
  14. The GFS models just coming out are more progressive on snow from ~6pm tomorrow (2nd image), but as others have said, it will fall onto wet ground, so unlikely to settle to 10-15cm. More to come on Friday mid-morning, too (first image).