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  1. Superb, thanks for the link. I’m a wanna be data freak 😀. There must be some kind of automation that could be set up to pull the latest data into a DB. I might just give it a go!
  2. Evening All, Does anybody know if any of the model ensemble data is available as a data file, as opposed to pre-constructed chart form? I’d like to start plotting different runs for the same date and see how much they vary as they get closer to the period they’re predicting. Thanks
  3. You won’t believe this, I just seen an actual snow flake coming out of the sky! The amount of time spent looking at this forum, forecasts and radars has paid off! (Almost)
  4. It certainly will decay according to the Met Office, see screenshots below of expected precipitation at 16:00, 17:00 and 18:00.
  5. I’m no expert, but having followed this and other forums for over 15 years, generally these cold blocks are underestimated. I would add to that that the further you go out in terms of time, the less reliable the forecast, so whilst it is an outcome, it may not be a likely one.
  6. Settling on grass and cars, will be settling on roads shortly! Guess the 4 hours sleep I got earlier will have to do...
  7. The heavier snow has just started in Wimborne, hopefully we’ll get a covering like the IOW.
  8. So far so good in Wimborne, best snow for many, many years! And still more to come!
  9. Does anybody know if the approach of the front coming up from the SW, will slow as it bumps into the cold air?
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