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  1. Settling on grass and cars, will be settling on roads shortly! Guess the 4 hours sleep I got earlier will have to do...
  2. The heavier snow has just started in Wimborne, hopefully we’ll get a covering like the IOW.
  3. Definitely not snow in Wimborne, could be sleet? Not sure!
  4. Not as far as I’m aware, quite a few places have seen good snow fall all day!
  5. So far so good in Wimborne, best snow for many, many years! And still more to come!
  6. Does anybody know if the approach of the front coming up from the SW, will slow as it bumps into the cold air?
  7. I just found this, it's good as it shows France and UK... https://www.accuweather.com/en/fr/national/weather-radar
  8. It started just gone 04:30, been steady since.
  9. Can anybody tell me where I should be looking for the source of today’s snow? Is it on the French radar? I can see the moisture over Mid East Franch, but that looks too east?
  10. I thought the same, but then i’ve Woken up to a snow shower not even forecast. So I wouldn’t worry Too much yet!