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  1. Wow, it’s 17th September today! Looooooooong way to go!
  2. Am I right in thinking that El Nino (or La Nina) has little, if any, impact on the weather in Europe?
  3. Cheers guys. I think it was Steve's use of the word "positive" (I read it as 'Positive QBO) that threw me!
  4. Are we looking at an easterly QBO this winter, or westerly?
  5. Met Office tweeted this morning that the modelled intense pressure system could be the first tropical storm to develop this season, and it’s in the far eastern side of the Atlantic. Unusual to develop so far East? Will be interesting to see how this could effect the UK.
  6. Interesting to see an intense system to the south west of Portugal within the T+160 range on the 00z GFS. By T+240 it has moved north further into the Atlantic and after that (FI) starts to move towards the UK. The same system is also on the ECM well to the west of Portugal at T+216. Will be interesting to keep an eye on this in the next few days. Presumably it's an ex hurricane or tropical storm, and if so won't get named by the Met or Irish weather services. I believe the next named storm on the list is Iona. Storm names for the new season are usually issued in the first week of Sept and I believe the names take immediate effect, so it perhaps looks unlikely that we'll get "Storm Iona" this year.
  7. I don't mind it warm, in fact I don't mind it very warm. It's the humidity that gets me. The "dry" heat earlier in July was great. It was only when it turned humid it was unbearable. How anyone can enjoy 32C of humid heat is beyond me, I just don't get it. Thankfully it's a much more pleasant 22C at the moment.
  8. Overnight runs look good to me - should be very pleasant without being too hot. Perfect.
  9. Really enjoying the last couple of runs. Looking forward to weather a bit more pleasant and manageable persisting with some rain.
  10. I get that but it will be a miserable day if it occurs.
  11. Totally agree. How people can want 37C sticky heat is beyond me. It’s just not enjoyable.
  12. Glad I’m up north - too hot! Ready for a cool down myself.
  13. This snow is lovely but I can’t help thinking I wish it was 17th Jan and not 17th March. I’m ready for some Spring warmth now.
  14. Been off the forum for a few days so apologies if I have missed something, but how does what is happening now in March bode well for next winter which is 9 months away?