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  1. Rained heavily for a good hour over Wakefield 3am to 4am but no thunder to speak of. The odd distant rumble.
  2. Actually, @mushymanrob is one of the most balanced posters on here - honest posts with no hyperbole or emotional rollercoaster posting.
  3. Not sure how people can enjoy hot, muggy and sticky weather, but each to their own. Thankfully I'm glad I'm up north. I'm all for a very usable low to mid-20s, but you can keep your 28/30C+ down south!
  4. GFS isn’t on board yet. I see it as settled and warm later next week but not the blow torch that is the ECM
  5. Not much talk of the GFS tonight which shows the heat all but gone by Saturday, and back into a westerly regime next week. However chances of a warm up again towards the end of next week, but perhaps not as hot as this Friday. (Appreciate the ECM is more favourable if you like hot weather, but the GFS doesn’t want to know about those extremes at the moment).
  6. Thanks, will keep my eye on it. I only ever notice it on Netweather. Any thoughts on the animated gif query?!
  7. I am still getting asked to accept Cookies pretty much everyday on both my work computer (Google Chrome) and my personal iphone (iOS 13 using Safari). I don't get this on any other website other than Netweather. On another note, if a user has a really annoying animated gif as their avatar, can I stop the animation or is the only option to hide the user's posts?
  8. Yes it's pretty bad at the mo. Thankfully we're halfway through the grass pollen season now. It seems to run last week in May to last week in July, so we're on the downhill to the finish now ?
  9. But not horrendous if you don't like hot weather ?. As a severe hayfever sufferer, this is not bad news for now. But once the grass pollen season is over (end of July), I would welcome warm (but not hot) sunny weather with open arms. The model output right now is not bad in my eyes ?
  10. Totally agree - I personally don;t get the love-in for hot weather. A comfortable sunny 19 to 22 is perfect. Anything 26/27+ is just too oppressive. Can't say I'm enjoying it, and very much looking forward to the cooler weather Friday onwards, even if it means a bit of the wet stuff.
  11. Are you sure it's extended? It still looks like a Weds to Fri affair to me, which has been the case for a few days now. Thankfully less hot, but still warm by Saturday.
  12. Regardless of where we all are, it looks like a 2-3 day “hot” affair when all is said and done (Weds to Fri). This has been the case for the last few days now, although next Sat is a long way off in weather terms so who knows whether it will remain or get shunted off.
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