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  1. Even that's gone quiet in the last few days.... Unless I've missed something.
  2. There is a post further up from @Daniel*about extended GEFS indicating amplification. Not sure if "extended eps" and "extended gefs" are different or the same? Notwithstanding, the output as it stands isn't pretty at the moment. Will have to look back at @Glacier Point's post regarding developments elsewhere to see if there is anything to be looking out for in the coming days.
  3. A closed system just means that the small low is formed by the isobars being “closed” in a circular shape, as opposed to just being a kink in the isobars of the much larger low pressure system.
  4. Meto Uk Further Outlook

    Spot the main difference between yesterday and today: "...especially in the north where snow could accumulate for some..."
  5. T+222, not a million miles away. Surely there's got to be a decent amount of snow in this chart?
  6. Any chance of a comment rather than just the picture?
  7. Hasn't tweeted for about 6 weeks either. Most unlike him.
  8. Better than "Sceuro", "Scrussion" and "Griceland" (shudder)
    • There = it is over there.
    • Their = it belongs to them.
    • They're = they are.
    • To = I will pass it to him.
    • Too = as well.
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      That’s an easy get out. :closedeyes:

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      as long as you're no watt the poster is saying then it doesn't mutter

    4. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      And don't get be started on wandering apostrophes...Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrggghhhh!:D

  9. “How this block breaks is rarely as simple as models suggest, and expect flips at short lead times” is very telling.
  10. At 264 hours away I don’t think it really matters.
  11. Well that chart is at T+384 for a start, then there’s the lag time once it gets to 0 hours, which therefore = a long time before we see the effects! Joking aside, probably into early Feb?