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  1. This snow is lovely but I can’t help thinking I wish it was 17th Jan and not 17th March. I’m ready for some Spring warmth now.
  2. Been off the forum for a few days so apologies if I have missed something, but how does what is happening now in March bode well for next winter which is 9 months away?
  3. I really have no idea why people rate SS’s posts like this as “funny”.
  4. Just a random chart from the 18z, but it’s all looking very slack. Hardly any tight isobars to be seen, and no Atlantic domination in the foreseeable whatsoever it would seem.
  5. I meant Phil in my last post, not Paul .
  6. This is the moans thread to be fair Paul.
  7. Spot on. I've spent an awful lot of time on the MOD this winter (since November in fact!) cold chasing, and what we've ended up with today is disappointing. Appreciate there's more of the week to come. It's a shame we didn't get this SSW in January. I think next winter I'll keep an eye on the charts and Met Office forecast but avoid the MOD thread. The SSW and its effect on pressure patterns is interesting to see, but ultimately we've ended up with a couple of centimetres of snow (as it stands). All I want is another Feb 1991 in this neck of the woods and I'll die happy!
  8. An awful lot of excitement about this easterly recently. “It’s going to be like Jan 1987”, “We’re going to get buried”. At present we have less than 1cm in Wakefield. Feb 1991 it ain’t .
  9. Would suggest to me that the snow line would be further south (not good for those Midlands northwards), but with the advantage that we hold onto the cold for longer (instead of it becoming less cold), and as such more favourable options on the table after the weekend if you are of the cold persuasion?
  10. Paul_1978

    Met Office loses BBC contract

    That's happened before - the only problem last time was that Tomasz was sticking his middle finger up!
  11. Does this suggest trophospherically that we will continue to see a weaker jet stream, and thus a less active Atlantic?
  12. Hmmm. Not another Feb 1991 then .
  13. Notice the low pressure system well developed by T+207 (9pm next Thurs) which moves south over the UK resulting in the second image by T+234 (midnight Fri into Sat). SURELY that's a significant snowmaker?
  14. I remember going to bed in Feb 1991 (aged 13) and it was snowing a bit, and in the morning waking up for school. I was living in Bradford at the time. It was 8.30am and my Mum and Dad normally woke me at 7.30am. I wondered by they hadn't woken me, and I drew the curtains............ sharp intake of breath! A true OMG moment that I will remember til the day I die!