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  1. Can't argue with that, lovely stuff.
  2. If you are referring to me, I did say I hoped my feedback was constructive (thus not a “complaint”). It’s not about that, as I said it’s about getting the balance right. It’s not about “having your cake and eating it”. Anyway, the models continue to tease....let’s hopes it’s not another wild goose chase. Plenty of winter left yet, is not as if we’re in March approaching April!
  3. If we are asking people to cross post in two threads, or have mods copy posts into the “correct” thread, then I think we have identified a problem!
  4. Regarding the threads - I understand why the mods did what they did - however for me the balance has tipped too much the other way in that there is just too much chaff in here. I personally don't like all the one liners, and a lot of the chit-chat is just inane. The other "focused" thread is just too quiet, although appreciate this may be due to the failed easterly. In summary, the balance is not quite right and I feel something has been lost with the new threads. Hope this is seen as constructive.
  5. Paul_1978

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    Still seem confident that it will turn cold in the first couple of days of Feb. Can’t really complain at that.
  6. Fantastic update all things considered.
  7. Funnily enough I was looking at 10/11/12 Feb 1994 recently. A great easterly but not a lot of snow of I remember rightly. However we seem to have the potential for undercuts and approaching fronts this time, which we didn’t in ‘94.
  8. Might be a daft question but why is there a lot of attention given to De Bilt when it’s in the Netherlands and we are in the UK? I note sometimes it’s mentioned even when there is no easterly wind in the offing.
  9. I guess this is still worth bearing in mind from 20 hours ago, if this still holds true?
  10. Don’t you just know it.... waking up to a crap run.
  11. When?! You haven't stated a timescale or posted a chart :)