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  1. Currently 32.4'c in the CentreMK. humidity sat around 42% with a Dew point around 19'c. High cover of cirrus making the sun hazy, but boy is it hot and still getting warmer. Like a furnace outside today.
  2. @Dami There is a lot of high level cloud around in Milton Keynes this morning but temp is close to 23'c now, hotter than forecast. In any clear spots I've been seeing some large Alto Cumulus towers building skyward rapidly, so instability in the mid levels is present. Just hoping something can fire up before the clag from the front spoils our chances,
  3. I agree, 2012-2104 it was excellent for storms round here. Last couple of years not so great and so far this year it's non existent. All we seem to have so far this year are heavy decaying remnants of storms. Might all change though as it's still very early in the year for storms. Keeping an eye on that shower cluster approaching the SW as it could develop into something good later in the midlands.
  4. Lightning detectors are having trouble keeping up, so many strikes and the system is huge.
  5. Showers forming even though cloudy, is likely to be the higher ground, Quantock hills and Exmoor forcing development.
  6. Getting very humid outside in MK. Been playing snooker this morning, popped out of the club for a smoke and a shower dropped some large raindrops accompanied by the classic petrichor smell. Eye's to the SW around Wilts, Somerset area as hefty showers are forming there and moving NNW. I'm hoping for something this evening and overnight elevated in nature drifting north from the channel.
  7. Could it be a military exercise going on at Salisbury plain area? Possible with all the heightened tensions between the west and Russia.
  8. Developed just to the SW of Milton Keynes and dropped loads of heavy rainfall, 5 or 6 really bright flashes of lightning and some cracks of very loud thunder. Wasn't expecting a storm either as it doesn't feel stormy and only 10'c outside, very odd.
  9. No snow here in Milton Keynes just horrible cold rain falling, been like this on and off all evening. 😞
  10. @Buzzard. Keeps getting lighter and then darker here, looks like the line of storms is back building from what I can see from MK. You may be in for more still.
  11. Currently stuck under the outflow of a line of active storms to my south, underneath the sheared anvils with moderate rainfall and sporadic elevated lightning and rumbles of thunder. EDIT: HOLY F****N MOLEY, sorry for the language but we just had a huge positive CG from the anvil, the thunder was incredible and the lightning so bright the whole area lit up like a camera flash going off. I think I've poohed my pants a little
  12. Huge cumulonimbus to the south of mk at the minute with a sheared anvil and lots of mammatus underneath
  13. Video of the hail, not very clear for some reason even though it was filmed in HD, will have to see if I can up a better resolution through the pc and not the iPhone. You get the idea and can see them bouncing on the grass, some were the size and looked like oval shaped glacier mints. Small frosty looking core surrounded by clear ice, most were flat shaped too with a few jagged looking ice shards thrown into the mix.
  14. 1-2.5CM hailstones just fell in MK, now have constant thunder rolling across the sky from north to south. Got a video which I'll post later of the large hail.
  15. Nice line of developing thunderstorms pushing out of Oxfordshire and heading NE towards MK area. Look very active lightning wise on the real time plotter. Almost constant ticks.
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