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  1. Dull here too with rain which was heavy at times. Winds generally light and variable. Drier now but still dull. Max of 11.7C and min of 7.1C last night. Currently 11.3C.
  2. Cool and cloudy here today with a max so far of 12C which is the current temp. Just a hint of rain about lunchtime but didn't last more than a few minutes.
  3. Max of 11C exactly today and min of 0.9C so quite cool overall. In the sun and with a lighter breeze it didn't feel too bad and I had a walk this afternoon in shorts and a t shirt though I had to pretend a bit to my wife that I wasn't really feeling cold. Looks like another coldish one tonight with temp currently 8.4C.
  4. 2000/01 was a strange Winter. Relatively cold with lots of frost particularly in January in the North but also very dry. A cold end to Feb and early March with heavy snow showers in the North and North East of Scotland in particular and then heavy disruptive snow on the 11th/12th March in the West from Wales northwards into Scotland with the deepest official reported snow of 39cms being from Artalnaig in Perthshire. However despite that snow my home area not that far from Artalnaig 2006 had the fewest snow lying days of any since records began in the fifties with 12 recorded in total nearly all in March. (I don't have details of 2018/9 and 2019/20 so that may not still stand?
  5. First visible ground frost for me here this morning quite close to the coast. Air temp got down to 2C. A fresh Northerly breeze has brought in some cloud now though and the temp is up to 10C.
  6. Mostly sunny here this morning but clouding over now in the light Northerly breeze. First visible ground frost here today though the air temp didn't get below 2C. Now up to 10.3C. edit. Wind no longer light and it is quite gusty making it feel cold with pretty much complete cloud cover now.
  7. Pretty much the same temperature today as in the last couple of days. However is mostly cloudy and that NNE wind has a real edge to it now. 11C.
  8. My weather diary of 3rd October said cold and fair with a breeze. A side note said snow lying in parts of N and NE (Scotland) that day.
  9. A cool but sunny morning here. It clouded over a bit in the afternoon and there have been a few showers coming in from the NE. Enough gaps in the cloud to give a gorgeous sunset.
  10. Cloud stayed put all day here though it was pretty much dry. Max of 14.8C.Further inland the sun cam out after early mist and fog cleared. Saw this nice photo of a fog bow above the upper Tay valley from this morning.
  11. Dropped my daughter off up in Aberdeen today as she is starting a law course having returned from the States because of Covid. Warm and sunny up there this afternoon. I did warn her that she should take advantage of the next couple of days because she might not see temperatures like this again for some time. Here wall to wall sunshine too but not all that hot with a shade max of 16.5C.
  12. Cloudy all day here and feeling quite cool. Todays max of 16C was at midnight last night!
  13. We like to walk so energetic dogs no problem. Anyone have any advice? It has looked as if heavy rain was close for much of the day here but it has only recently started raining. Max of 16.1C and breezy. @snowidea Our last dog was a Cocker Spaniel and we found that it was both good with the cat and also needed a good walking mileage. Ours wasn't keen on heavy rain so we could get away without getting drenched if it was pouring too!
  14. Heavy cold for me too. Still managed a bottle of Sauvignon and then a mug of hot honey and lemon with a tot of whisky before bed to clear the airwaves. A wet morning here before a bright and breezy afternoon. Max of 16.2C in the sun this afternoon.
  15. An early Northerly can bring bring snow showers to Shetland. Otherwise as NL says any village in the Highlands or Grampian with altitude is a possible contender depending on the conditions.
  16. Hi, there are a few posts today containing one liners, local reports etc. Remember there are other threads for posts like that and try to keep this one directly related to the models. Thanks.
  17. What amazes me about Denver is the extremes rather than the actual averages. Winter average maxes are + 7C with December being the coldest month at 6C. Maxima frequently are +60F so cold spells tend not to last but can be very cold. At city level snow does not tend to lie for long and the golf courses do not close for the Winter season. My brother used to be a frequent visitor to Denver through his work (aerospace) though his main memory is of the size of their steaks rather than the weather.
  18. Pretty similar here. A bit less rain and a couple of degrees lower max and min. Notably only five days maxima were >20C
  19. Wet. 12.5C So much for getting the grass cut today! Returned last night from a few days away and was amazed at the new growth.
  20. On hols. View from the window yesterday and today.
  21. Och well here we go. Meanwhile down here near Kirkcudbright it felt warm in the sun today out of the wind. Warm enough that loads of people were in for a swim this afternoon. Tomorrow looks a bit different though.
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