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  1. I must have missed that one as I was working in SE England that year. Here is report about it saying it was the worst for several years. If so must have been pretty good as there was a lot of snow in1978 and 1979. http://bygone.dundeecity.gov.uk/bygone-news/february-1980
  2. @sawel Just checked the records. Late Jan 1984, Jan1987 and Jan 1993 all had similar depths of snow in Dundee in comparison with 1978. For higher parts in NW Dundee Feb 2001 and Jan 2013 also had around 30cms but early Dec 2010 did beat all records since 1963. For the record 1984 and 1993 came from depressions crossing the country West to East in very cold PM air. 1987 and 1978 were Easterlies. Feb 2001 a North Easterly and i think Jan 2013 was Easterly as a depression came up from the SW into a Scandy high.
  3. 1978 was great here too and only equalled or bettered by 2010. Inland especially in the Highlands there have been many better events but for the East coast these are the best since 1963/47 etc.
  4. I was working in Aberdeen that year and did not get much snow inFebruary. Weekends either in Dundee or Perthshire and there was some snow but nothing causing significant disruption unlike Eastern Englandshire.
  5. 1991 was nothing special in Eastern Scotland though it was cold and there was some snow. Jan 1987 was much better and even Feb 1986 was snowy here although very cold but dry down South.
  6. That second link is in my favourites and makes for very interesting reading. If the models are correct as now looks likely late Winter 2018 may soon get a mention?
  7. I mentioned disruptive snowfall for this area in company last night for the first time. Got a mixed response including a couple who were for heading straight to the shops for milk and bread right away. Some scepticism though and I now have a bet on with one person that Dundee will have > 5cms of snow lying by next Thursday evening. I should say that the bet relates to the Western outskirts of the city, not Broughty Ferry. Think I might be on a winner.😏
  8. Anyone else spot the aside at the end of the Reporting Scotland weather forecast? I think that she said possible significant snow on Monday. That is earlier than most expected and somewhat surprising from the Beeb.
  9. The longer Sea track will see us alright with these temperatures! At least those to the East of the mountains.
  10. That would be a yes!👍 Test your ability to cope with an Easterly.
  11. In 1987 Kinross got 45 cms under a pressure of 1035 and many parts of East and Central Scotland between 30 and 55cms between 1030 and 1035. Plenty moisture in the North Sea!
  12. With the forecast temps as long as the flow is off the North Sea you should get snow even if you are nearer the high pressure. Later in the week you may get more "organised" snowfall.
  13. I think that you are correct. With the convective showers not that much penetrates through. In 1987 for example the East coast and Central belt with no hills to the East got plastered but the West Highlands got nothing and Speyside a few inches only. Later in the week as troughs and depression come in to play there is the chance of heavy snow though.
  14. I don't think that he is correct even with the poorer runs for E/ Central Scotland. We will have to wait and see though.😏