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  1. Reached 15.7C here this afternoon and it felt warm when the sun was out. Mostly dry after early showers but a very threatening sky now though I thought that red sky at night meant shepherds delight? The dandelions were flourishing at Camperdown this afternoon.
  2. I have had to cut the grass only once here too so far this Spring but I think that is about to change with a bit more warmth (not anything above average though) and plenty showers to come this week. Today hit a max of 12.2C with some hefty showers around in a strong Southerly wind. Still around 11C now.
  3. Cold wet and windy😟 Strong SE wind with temp 6C so not very springlike.
  4. A few pics from the roads in Highland Perthshire this morning. Here the showers have died away now and looking like another relatively cool night to come. Looking warmer from Sunday though only back to where we should be at this time of year.
  5. The trough broke up quite a bit as it into this area but we have had a few flakes. The main line of precipitation just now on the radar is heading down through Western Perthshire where the traffic cams are showing heavier precipitation. Rannoch for example.
  6. Skies have cleared and the wind has dropped here this evening following the earlier hail showers. Going to be a cold one I think. pic is from a pal in Fife looking over the Forth to Edinburgh and beyond. Hills are quite white for May!
  7. Mostly sunny this morning but since lunch there have been hail and soft hail showers. Currently 8c and sunny from a low of 2C this morning. Not a leaf on the tree overlooking our back garden yet though the one to the left has started new growth.
  8. My cousin lived in Kemnay and worked in Inverurie for a long time and had some cracking snowfalls over the years, mainly from Northerlies. Here the sun has come out this afternoon and it feels quite pleasant after a mostly cloudy and showery morning. A cool NE wind though at 9C from an overnight low of 3.9C.
  9. Sorry, consensus is no as it may be divisive so stick to the weather please. Here cold rain at 5C. Looking at the webcams most roads are clear of snow apart from Glenshee and Amulree. Quite low there at 800 feet asl. Edit pic at Amulree now mostly blocked as cam has snow on it. Same road nearer Aberfeldy.
  10. Cold wet and windy. Currently 6C from a high this morning of 8.4C and low last night of 2.4C. Rain started about an hour ago and has been pretty steady since.
  11. A mostly sunny morning here too and feeling milder but by lunchtime the clouds had built up, it cooled and we had some showers with hail though not as intense as in recent days. Highest temp for a while this morning with 12.3C from a min of 3.4C. It has hovered around the 8C mark this afternoon though. When were we last on the South side of the jet stream?
  12. It is the same with theTay. Here is the upper Tay near Aberfeldy today. More like the level you would expect during a long dry spell in Summer. Not much snow melt also contributing to the low levels I expect. .
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