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  1. Picture of a rather large scone from the Tullybannocher cafe to the West of Comrie this morning. Nice to be able to sit out in the sun in comfort.
  2. Cloud cleared fairly quickly AM but temperatures still tempered by North Sea breeze. Currently 13.4C My wife and daughter were in Comrie this morning and did Lady Marys walk by the river in Crieff this afternoon. Said it has been a glorious day there after a cloudy start this morning. @ Polar Gael can probably confirm.
  3. Still sunny here for now. Actually feels ok in shelter in the sun but temp is just over 11C.
  4. Suns broken through here. Not exactly roasting though at 13.5C
  5. Sun has been rather hazy at times today but still managed to top 20C. Cooler tomorrow though as more of an Easterly. Spotted a very large butterfly landing in a shrub in the back garden so rushed out to get a photo. Its colours were identical to the fence, dark green leaves and red berries so very difficult to spot.
  6. A nice sunny morning with the temperature up to 18.8C but cloudy in the afternoon and just a spit of rain. Fresh Westerly breeze. Not a bad working outside day overall.
  7. Same here. A very wet start but a glorious afternoon and evening and feeling warm in the sun. A mostly dry week to come maybe?
  8. Cloudy and breezy but dry. Ok for working outside though. 12.9C currently.
  9. A sunny morning with temps responding to give a max of 17.3C. Patchy light rain this afternoon with temps of 14 to 15C
  10. Turned Easterly here too but a bit warmer than forecast when the sun is out. 17.8C has been the max today though cloudier now at 15.4C. Managed the 20 for the first time this year yesterday with a top temp of 20.6C.
  11. 19.3C with sunny intervals. Warmest day of the year here so far. Could we reach 20C?
  12. Been pretty much cloudy here all day despite being in the East. The breeze has felt quite mild though. Currently 14.2C.
  13. Oops. Glencoe doesn't close until next Monday. Still open this week until after the bank holiday. Milder and often cloudy forecast means that conditions will not be as good as last week though.
  14. Glencoe closed for the season yesterday with yet another great day for skiing. Some regulars are saying that this has been the best year ever when combining snow cover, snow conditions and decent weather. Ironically this follows what was possibly the worst year ever in 2016/7.
  15. Similar here. An early frost then a sunny morning. Cloud has built through the afternoon and the first spots of rain started a few minutes ago.