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  1. Now have seen a report of -13C at Carrbridge this morning.
  2. For recent years 2016 Braemar -14.1 2015 Tullochbridge bridge -12.5 2014 Cromdale -9.0 Last sub -15 was 2012 and sub -20 2010.
  3. Tullochbridge and Altnaharra got -11C last night. These are the coldest that I have seen. Even here near the coast went under -6C.
  4. White Christmas 2017

    Have had quite a few with snow lying being of a certain age but only one or two with any snow falling. Deepest was 1981 then 2009, followed by 2010. Best by a country mile though was 1995 with an all out powder snow blizzard lasting until lunchtime. Still some reasonable odds at the Bookies for this year despite odds coming in today. Saw 7/4 Aberdeen, 10/3 Edinburgh, 4/1 Newcastle and 6/1 Birmingham amongst others. Edit 11/2 Leeds was another good one.
  5. Here a few showers in the afternoon with a cold Northerly breeze but nothing wintry yet. (It was iicy first thing) Meanwhile 7 years ago today 12 hours of thunder snow beginning around 3AM. Would love to see something like that again.
  6. Nothing made it through this Far East at least as yet but my daughter messaged that it was snowing in Bearsden and my brother said there was snow up in Highland Perthshire this morning.
  7. Glenshee just now. Looks quite heavy. Coming to lower levels soon. http://localapps.pkc.gov.uk/RoadsCameraImages/default.aspx?CameraImage=8781_cam1.jpg
  8. Rain started again about an hour ago. The warm incursion only lasted for a couple of hours with temps up to 10.6C in the late evening. Now back at 6C.
  9. After a cold and wet day a sudden change this evening. Temps up 4C to 10.5C and a 180 degree switch in the wind direction fromNE to SW
  10. Cool and wet all day until the evening with a rapid rise from 6.5C to 10.5C as the winds switched fro NE to SW.
  11. Fading memories of 2010

    This was round the corner from me in Dundee at the beginning of Dec 2010 at 15 mtrs asl. Snow first fell on Nov 24th and lay from the 26th until mid January 2011. The longest consecutive spell in Dundee I believe since 1963. I recorded -14.2C which was the lowest since I started keeping records for Dundee. Inland in my home area in Highland Perthshire funnily enough 2009/10 was snowier with 90 days lying snow and in late Dec a min of -20C compared with -19C in Dec 2010.
  12. Been light snow here but not settling and now sleet. A bit of a surprise. Earlier frost has lifted and temps up to 2.5C now. Back to snow now and a little heavier. Trying to settle.
  13. Light snow here. Turning sleety and not settling but a pleasant surprise. 2C and rising slowly after early frost.
  14. Looks like a big dump in Canada too.