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  1. The update mentions dry periods becoming focused on the NW. That says Easterly to me.
  2. There was a skiff (just) over on this side too. You could just about count the individual flakes on the grass. Typical for here in a Northerly.
  3. Getting as far South as Highland Perthshire now. Here is the road at Kinloch Rannoch
  4. The A9 in Sutherland earlier today. Hopefully a sign of things to come!
  5. Please note that there are threads for the Met office longer range forecasts. Please use these threads for discussions relating to these forecasts as they will be removed from the Model thread which is busy enough with the current output.
  6. No more will it snow in Kent type posts please. Use the Regional threads for these questions or they will disappear.
  7. Some recent posts are more appropriate to the model banter or Winter threads. Keep to the models please.I
  8. Western Europe as far as mid way East through Poland still remarkably clear of snow. Hopefully that will change soon. Edit. Away from the Alps and the Appenines in Italy.
  9. Ok guys. Let’s agree that Germany has a coastline and get back to the models.I
  10. There was a very slow downwelling with the reversal so who is to say that the reforming will not also take time to come into effect.
  11. A couple of posts have been hidden. Please keep to the models especially when it is busy and there is a lot to discuss,
  12. Some posts on the previous page are more suited to the banter thread. If they do not refer to the models please post elsewhere.
  13. I do hope that it is an Easterly being in a bit of a rain shadow from the North. Same for many of us I suspect away from North facing coasts and areas without any hills to their North.