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  1. The University site reported a gust of 91mph which is pretty high for the town away from immediately by the river.
  2. Yes, confirmed at 102.2mph. Just back from town avoiding Riverside as huge queues from the bridge. Perth road closed also due to a chimney stack falling from above the shops. Lots of debris and a few fences down in my street.
  3. Yes same here. Must have topped 80mph on the bridge. Just viewed an interesting video of a large tree being blown down in the grounds of St Johns school.
  4. Between 2 and 3pm here. Strongest gust here now over 70 and bridge only open to cars.
  5. Weather moving through very quickly. Rain stopped abruptly to blue skies. Now squally showers from the SW. Max gust at University now 69 and road bridge cars only. Reports of numerous trees down in Highland Perthshire blocking a number of roads.
  6. Still raining quite heavily here but wind is rising from the South. Av speed at the Uni is 40mph with a peak gust so far of 65moh around 15 minutes ago. Bridge is still open to all but couple deckers.
  7. Heavy rain here too for the last hour. Wind at ground level is light from the ESE though the clouds are moving through from the SSW.
  8. Norrance

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    Too late for the Sphinx patch at Braeriach though which is almost gone. For the first time recorded snow patches in the Nevis range will outlast the Garbh Coire Mor patches as there are still sizeable patches on Nevis and Aonach Beag
  9. 1998. My daughter was christened on the 21st September. It was warm and sunny and at 26C was actually the warmest day of that year here following a very poor Summer.
  10. Cool and showery here too this afternoon after a fine morning. Just had a roll of thunder a few minutes ago. 11C.
  11. Over this side the sun didn’t quite make it for more than a minute or so and the temp maxed at 20.6C. Very muggy though.
  12. Mostly cloudy here but very sticky. 20.4C currently.
  13. Norrance

    Autumn 2018

    Just to add for 2015 there was no prolonged or severe cold spell but rather frequent PM / RPM incursions over the whole Winter into Spring presumably because the HP that you mentioned was far enough SE to let colder air get in around the top.