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  1. 16C max here but felt good if in the sun and sheltered from the breeze. My daughter messaged to say that she got very sunburnt in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow this afternoon plus had the added excitement of watching riot police on horseback charging in to break up a mass fight of teenagers who had congregated there to take in the sunshine in the holiday Friday.
  2. There are perhaps several entries like that where specifics like Heathrow or Kew Gardens have been given. Should we use the original counties as the definition as requested in the original post? Edut. I think Feb is making a similar point just as I posted re Surrey.
  3. Here are the Met Office maps which show annual, seasonal and monthly rainfall totals among other weather types. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/summaries/anomacts
  4. The last above average Season for rainfall here was Summer 2017. There have been a few months with average rainfall since but most have been dry or very dry. My exposed front lawn has not recovered fully from the Spring to early Summer drought last year which is something that has not happened before, even in 1995, 2003 or 2006. Just to add March this year did have just above average rainfall which all fell early in the month.
  5. They haven’t been let off though. They have been arrested and will now presumably face criminal charges.
  6. Despite the sun breaking through it has felt cold all day in the brisk South Easterly breeze. The ground is still very dry despite some rain early in the month. Here is a map of European areas currently in drought. Parts of Eastern Scotland, NE England and particularly East Anglia all showing up on it.
  7. For here in Dundee from late November to mid March I want Easterlies with t850’s of below -8C bringing frequent and heavy snow showers. Examples that come to mind readily are late Feb / early March 2018, late Nov/ early Dec 2010 and mid Jan 1987. In the area that I was brought up in the Central Highlands up cold PM Westerlies could often be just as good if not quite as cold. For the rest of the year Northerlies suit me. Sunshine and convectional showers which may be wintry in early Spring or late Autumn. Dry, sunny and warm days in Summer but cool nights. I am partial to a good thunderstorm also but not keen on the humidity that often goes with it. The occasional big Winter storm / gale is also acceptable but not too often.
  8. Hi guys. There is a contact the team section if you wish to discuss the reporting or like/ dislike posts system and how it’s being used. Let’s keep this area for model discussion please!
  9. Though there has been more rain here in Eastern Scotland in March than in the previous months it has still been well under average and the ground is very dry. Here is a photo of the Sidlaws just North of Dundee this evening. Now brought under control but an indicator of how dry the ground is following a windy, dry and mostly sunny week.
  10. Ground still very dry in the East. North of Dundee in the Sidlaws today.
  11. I think that in the past some people at least were just as easily hurt as now or as liable to take offence. The difference then was that nobody cared as it may have shown weakness. Now more people are prepared stick up for those that have been hurt. Sometimes way over the top but equally sometimes it is justified. Not everyone is the same so something that is water off a ducks back to me may well cause harm to someone else.
  12. Personally I think that things were harder but also simpler back in the fifties/sixties/seventies though changing in the latter decade. You went to school, left and got a job then settled down. If you were smart you went to University and got a grant for it, not a loan. Things are more complicated with different pressures now. Tbh I think that there was a much bigger change from my grandparents time (born late previous century) and even my parents (born twenties) time to my time (born fifties)than from then to now. They did have it hard back then. My gran wasn’t even born when her father’s fishing boat went down drowning him and all the crew. No welfare state to help then which was not a good thing. Coincidentally my grandads father also drowned in a storm at sea when he was a toddler so they both had very tough upbringings. He then had to endure the Great War including serving at Gallipoli. Makes my sixties upbringing seem very tame.
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