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  1. We were luckier than some here today. North of the rain in the Central belt and South of the heavy showers further North and North East. Enough sun and wind in the afternoon to dry out the grass for a cut before some lighter showers returned in the evening. Windy with a max of 17.5C.
  2. Mostly cloudy here with just a few showers. Cooler with max of 15.2C. Windy though, especially pm with restrictions on the road bridge.
  3. Some sheet lightning to my North West now so it has maybe passed here too now. Edit. Looking back not too much activity here but the two of the individual green strikes were quite close to me.
  4. Quite a few rumbles to my South right now and getting closer. Must be somewhere over Fife at present? Dark skies to the South though rain has eased. edit. Spoke too soon. The heavens have just opened and the low black cloud is here nowalong with thunder but haven't seen any lightning yet through the gloom.
  5. Another couple from Stornoway and Harris. The war memorial taking a direct hit. (Still from a video). The only road to Rhenigidale.
  6. Saw this posted on Western Isles weather taken from just West of Stornoway. As an aside I caught my first ever trout on that loch many many years ago.
  7. Yes. Out for a walk earlier this evening and could see it creeping up the river and patches over towards the East of the city. Can still see a lot of cloud to my Southeast now and patchy bits blowing through here. A bit warmer than expected for me here today but with a refreshing breeze.
  8. Very rare storm for the Outer Hebrides but not unique. Was up there in 2014 or 15 when there was a tornado and flooding from a storm in Stornoway though that maybe was due to them first allowing Sunday ferry sailings that week. Over here today a degree cooler than yesterday with a fresh Easterly breeze though still very pleasant with a top temp of 22.1C. Most storms forecast to be further West than here again tomorrow but I wouldn't rule one out completely for us later in the day.
  9. Lovely day here too and just about right for me at 23C. Hopefully the Easterly element in the breeze tomorrow doesn't take too much of an edge off the temps tomorrow. Out for fraternising drinks at friends house/ garden tomorrow evening so hoping for more of the same.
  10. Reflections.


  11. A cloudy rather bland weather day here with just a bit of rain at lunchtime and again this evening. Max of 16.6C with a light SW breeze freshening a bit later.
  12. A piccy if thus afternoons hailstorm as it approached from the West taken from the top of DundeeLaw.
  13. Feeling warm in the sunshine here but showers are not far away. edit. Now lashing down with hail. IMG_0882.MP4
  14. Some showers here overnight but cloud broke up this morning to leave hazy sun with a max of 18.1C this afternoon. Since then it has been a battle between haar to my East and South over the river and the sun to the West. Has come and gone but the cloud eventually winning out though the thickest stuff is not here yet. Sun disappearing to the West a few minutes ago. 13C now.
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