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  1. Steady rain here not too far away from Leuchars and the wind has got up just recently so hope he got out earlier.
  2. Damp squib in the Borders but not on the the North side of the Central Belt.
  3. The focus seems to be further North than forecast so far. Looking at the traffic cams the worst [best] for snow seem to be North Central belt. Borders roads look remarkably clear. Auchterarder, Kelty and Drummochter about the snowiest and bits of mate. Here wet snow and slushy covering for me but only sleety rain in town. Not mate M80.
  4. Yes nice wee shower on here now lying readily. This mornings cover had melted away from the shade but going white again now.
  5. Light snow shower here has left a thin cover on most surfaces. Just eased off a minute ago.
  6. Here on the West side of Dundee it is a bit cooler at 1.9C but essentially dry so far this morning.
  7. Bright and frosty. Roads icy here too. Great to be in clear Atlantic air!
  8. There must have been a decent fall today at least in the Eastern Highlands. Here at sea level it has rained all day with sleet and wet snow at times. Precipitation steady since lunch and the day's top temp 2C. Road camera on Braemar side shows heavy snow.
  9. Wet snow here but not lying in this part of town at least. Trying though.
  10. I am from that general area. It will get a fair amount of snow but not as much as nearby areas I think due to the width and layout of the valley there. Open to the SouthWest. Dunkeld and Aberfeldy get more snow and it lasts longer due to the shade from the hills. For some reason the area from North of the jubilee bridge up to near Pitlochry does miss out just a bit. Still usually better than South of Bankfoot though. edit Snowing in parts of Highland Perthshire just now. Not sure about Ballinluig and can't tell from the traffic cam. [Traffic Scotland has a cam on the A9 at Ballinluig junction.]
  11. More green than white now on the grass. Temp 6C. As Hawesy said a great day for a walk yesterday. Took the dog up to the Sidlaws for a brisk walk in crisp sunshine. Cold enough in the snow for the dog to get back into the car and home without any mud for a change.
  12. The A822 this morning. Needs a plough I think.
  13. Yes heavy blowing snow here now too. Sod work I it may stay up for a few minutes yet lamppost watching.