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  1. Heading for North Western parts of Florida perhaps?
  2. Been pretty wet here too with steady quite heavy rain. Garden at the back starting to flood. Nothing like the torrential downpour we drove through heading toSt Andrews at lunchtime though. The kind of rain that bounces and immediately floods the road. Wipers couldn't cope so luckily the really intense stuff was quite brief. Was this lot forecast?
  3. One from a couple of pictures posted in the North America thread from Harvey, North Dakota today.
  4. Snow unfortunately has not accumulated on the tops this week but rather has come and gone. The Braeriach patches were visited today by Iain Cameron and are still present but small and still melting. The Pinnacles patch is said to have about a week left and the Sphinx patch perhaps a few days more but both need substantial new snow soon to survive. The forecast however is more if the same with temps hovering mostly just above freezing and no one large drifting snowfall that would be needed to ensure survival. The patch at Aonach Beag in the Nevis range is thought to have melted last week but this has not been confirmed yet.
  5. They have not yet stated what is to happen but will not give the 0-0 draw for either the Irish or Scottish matches given qualification is on a knife edge in the group.
  6. Ours was not turned off at all this Summer but the thermostat turned down to 14/15C. It has come on quite a few times in the last month or so.
  7. Snap of Met O automated forecast for Ben Macdui this week. Temps just a degree or so too high with frequent sleet and wet snow amongst the rain. MWIS forecast similar with sleet forecast on the tops fir the next few days.
  8. The two usual Braeriach patches are still there but getting small. The recent snow is not enough to be considered lasting so they need cold weather with snow soon. I have not heard anything about the one remaining patch on Aonach Beag in theNevis range but it was very small a couple of weeks ago and probably even more in need of new snow to survive. Everything else did melt last month.
  9. Just relaxing with a glass (or two) of wine after a very wet weekend. My wife has been researching her family tree and dragged me off to West Lothian yesterday to look around graveyards for her ancestors. Got absolutely soaked. She did find one great grandad's grave that she hadn't identified in West Calder who was run over by a train while working as station master there. Turned out he was one of six of her family who were killed by trains and the only one who actually worked on the railways. Another, just a few miles away in Mid Calder decided to take a short cut home from the pub along the rail track but forgot about the late night mail train. Oops. Overnighted but as it was still pishing down this morning crossed to Dysart in Fife where her mum was brought up. Even wetter there so home it was. Took some pics but nothing of weather note.
  10. Now we just need the Winter 2009/10 and late Nov 2010 to Jan 2011 threads resurrected🌨
  11. It s been nice and sunny here today too but there are a couple of light showers about now. 10.9C max but a definite chill in the Northerly breeze.
  12. Forecast for Ben Macdui next week. Not likely to be anything like enough accumulation to become lasting but a bit of drifting can do wonders.
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