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  1. Hurricane Maria

    That would be 176 mph.
  2. Is that above Macugnaga? I was there skiing many moons ago. Lovely area.
  3. Benbecula said to be warmest in U.K. today with 23.6C max. Unusual for Summer? 21C here and feeling warm in the brief sunny bits.
  4. Summer 2017 Discussion

    They are more frequent up here. Today was an perfect example. Don't often get much hotter than mid twenties though.
  5. 10.5C. A cold Easterly off the North Sea and steady, sometimes heavy rain. Middle of a mid-Summer day!
  6. Steady rain. A cold Easterly wind and a temp of 10.5C. Not exactly mid-Summer weather!
  7. Guaranteed 25C, maybe 30C for me later in the week, Flying to Tenerife on Wednesday.
  8. Very heavy squally shower just passed by here. Blew garden furniture over. Easing now. Radar showed lightning just North of here a short time ago.
  9. Just went to put the dog out for a pee and was rather surprised to find it snowing heavily and lying. Skies cleared now and didn't last very long. Probably gone by morning but nice lamppost watching all the same.
  10. April Cold/Snowy Spells

    1975. 9thApril. 45 cms at valley level in the Highlands. I was driving a delivery van up to Speyside as an Easter job and could see the snow getting deeper and deeper as I drove up the A9 from Highland Perthshire into The Spey valley. Great Spring skiing that year as it stayed cool right up to early June when there was the famous low ground snowfall on the 1st / 2nd. Then followed a warm sunny Summer.
  11. April Cold/Snowy Spells

    Going back a bit further here is a report from the local Perthshire paper re a snow storm in early April 1917, 1917 Sunday Perthshire Advertiser - Snowstorm in Atholl and Strathtay-After a spell of severe frost, registering up to nearly 20 degrees, a renewal of the snow storm experienced throughout Mid-Atholl and Strathtay overnight on Sunday and a good coating of snow lay in the valley. Farmers have been severely handicapped with the backward weather which has been experienced throughout the past month, and ploughing operations have again been indefinitely postponed. It was thought that once April opened more genial weather conditions would be experienced but judging from the cold atmospheric conditions which still prevail more snow will fall before warmer weather can be expected. Farmers will have some difficulty in undertaking the acreage they intend ploughing but it is still hoped that no effort will be spared to get the acreage under crop. Lambs are suffering from the continued cold weather and the shortage of food for the ewes limits their milk supply. The percentage of losses is somewhat large as the season is one of the worst experienced for a long period of years. It is eagerly hoped that genial weather conditions will soon again be experienced throughout the country. [With thanks to The British Newspaper Archive] April 1917 was the coldest on record and followed a cold Winter and a very cold March.
  12. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Steady rain here not too far away from Leuchars and the wind has got up just recently so hope he got out earlier.
  13. Damp squib in the Borders but not on the the North side of the Central Belt.
  14. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    The focus seems to be further North than forecast so far. Looking at the traffic cams the worst [best] for snow seem to be North Central belt. Borders roads look remarkably clear. Auchterarder, Kelty and Drummochter about the snowiest and bits of mate. Here wet snow and slushy covering for me but only sleety rain in town. Not mate M80.