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  1. Managed to miss that somehow. A much fresher night last night with a min of just over 12C following a couple of very sticky nights. Could smell and see thick smoke to our West last night. Wonder if some nearby grassland was on fire?
  2. Still on the muggy side here also. Currently 19.7 and sunny from a max of 22.6C this afternoon. I can’t remember a spell where the forecasts have so consistently underestimated the max temperature as currently.
  3. Very sticky. Mostly cloudy at 22.5C currently.
  4. Currently 23.7C and sunny here.
  5. Just got back from hols. Don’t think that there has been very much rain here judging by the front lawn?
  6. Are you sure that it is not rock? The snow survey guys were all over Cheviot, the last patches in England this year, and confirmed that the last one melted on the 10th of June. For anyone interested the Scottish patches have little chance of surviving again this year. Garbh Coire Mor on Braeriach the usual last to go has less old snow now than it often has in September. This will be the first time Scotland has had no snow two years running if it does happen.
  7. The Hutton Institute at Invergowrie just West of Dundee, an official reporting station has 26.7C as its highest so far this year. I am just a mile or two so away but in the Dundee boundary and have recorded over 26C so just a tad warmer than Leuchars. Today here on hols in the Algarve it felt too hot in the direct sun with a max of just over 30C. Had to go into the bar with a few cold beers and watch the football to look after my health.
  8. Ochtertyre in Perthshire also holds on to the June record of 32.2C.
  9. Over on hols in Portugal. Weather not much different temps wise from home although the sun is a bit stronger so care needed. Quite breezy with clouds breaking up as they head towards the sea instead of when they come ashore from the sea like at home. Lots of noisy people about last night. You would have thought that someone had won a football game or something.
  10. Sunny all day here but some cloud visible off to the East. High of 22.1C which was very pleasant.
  11. Bright sunshine today and feeling pleasant with a max of 20.4C. A slight chill in the air this evening as the sun went down
  12. 14.3C here with quite thick cloud. Just over 10C lower than yesterday at the same time.
  13. Blocking in the right places? Wonder how long this type of weather will continue with slow moving HP systems?
  14. Bishopton got 31.6c according to the news. Just missed out.