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  1. Getting windy on the hills now!
  2. Norrance

    Winter 2018/19

    Since this post there have been hardly any comments that relate to Winter 2018/19. Can we please get back to discussing the forthcoming Winter?
  3. That cold end to November has moved from a regular probably below average to likely to be cold today. Are the signals strengthening?
  4. Just a few miles can make quite a difference. I had temps rising from 3.5 to 4.5C with showers at breakfast time with the max not reaching near 8C all day. Now 2.3C.
  5. 7.4c with 81 mms rainfall please.
  6. Had a brief heavy shower which had something wintry in it. It sure what though? Sun back out now and temp jumped up to 6C. Low this morning of -1.0C.
  7. Edinburgh airport. -7C the lowest that I have seen this morning. The South Eastern Highlands were cold too. A breeze kept the temps up a bit in the Northern and Western Highlands. Here we have had a few ground frosts and several days near zero with one at 0.0C but last night was the first air frost with -1C. I thought that this was quite late but noticed that it was actually one day earlier than last year.
  8. Snow inland in the Northern half of Scotland. Just shows as pixels up in the snow cover map if blown up.
  9. Only on the hills so far at least in the Central Highlands. Should lower from the North as the day goes on. Here is a picture of Ben Lawers in Perthshire from Kenmore photography this morning. The snow line is a bit lower further North where the showers will be more frequent.
  10. Snow on the hills in the Highlands this morning. Here is above Loch Tay in Perthshire.
  11. Both 1979 and 1947 had cold Winters in the Eastern U.S. Why did that not lead to a wet and mild Atlantic for us?
  12. Norrance

    Winter 2018/19

    Someone earlier mentioned ssts in the North Sea being too high for snow. Does anyone know what the ssts were like in October 2012 and 2008, both of which brought snow showers to low levels (widely in 2008)? I had snow falling here at sea level both years though admittedly just a flurry in 2012.
  13. Eastern Canada seems to be well ahead of average looking at Aleman’s charts.
  14. Braw morning here again. Not as cold as yesterday though. Maybe cold enough for wintry showers in the N and NE later in the month?
  15. But Jeremy’s brother said it in the article so it must be happening. The Mirror and Record have followed up a day later with the same story so that proves it. Winter tyres at the ready