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  1. wallopweather

    Wallop Weather

    Weather in and Around the Wallops, Hants.
  2. Well the Express already have the event over welll before it starts with this line in their report: "The freezing weather system is expected to hit the UK over the weekend and into the early part of next week. However, the last weather charts from WXCHARTS, predicts the freezing weather will continue to Sunday, February 4." (not that I ever believe anything they publish )
  3. on a footnote with at the talk of the approaching cold I had a great conversation with my dad on Sunday who can remember working as a paper boy in the Winter of 64 and recollected the big SW snowstorm of 78 when, as a family we all got caught out and stranded for a week in the biggest snow drifts I'll ever see in my lifetime. Good times
  4. I don't think I want to be anywhere near any supermarket this weekend once joe public gets wind and starts to panic
  5. A classic snowfall blocking of parts of Dorset by Salisbury Plain in these rare BFE set ups IMO
  6. Just waiting for the media to hype it over the weekend and prompt panic buying in the supermarkets of bread, milk and beer, oh and salt.... lots of surges in sales of table salt!
  7. Surely this is too close to the reliable time frame for the Express to report on it, I expect Saturday's headline in the Express to be "Six months of heatwave and drought as hottest Summer ever arrives in the UK in April"
  8. I think we need to fill the English Channel in to see an improvement in our chances or only allow electric cars on the M4 clearly it's all that traffic heat creating a thermal curtain
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