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  1. Getting heavy and temp has finally dropped to 0c settling on roads and pavements finally!
  2. Yes it was around 30cm although I have moved now to swanley so I’m a bit further west now!
  3. The most bonkers snow event I’ve ever witnessed 5cm now in Wainscott and it wasn’t forecast drove home at 4 o’clock in the rain and turned to snow about 5 and hasn’t stopped crazy!!!
  4. I kid you not the house across the road from me has a 5ft icicle hanging from it, was going to get a photo of it but it’s above there bedroom window and didn’t want to get caught pointing my lens at it!!!??
  5. That’s it I’ve had enough now this freezing rain is horrible and I need to get to my local shop. Just tried to go out and looked like bambi on ice!!! Oh and I’ve run out of beer???
  6. AA traffic website has crashed now the police are closing roads faster then they can get the alerts up.
  7. Yes it did all get blown around the garden but reckon we had another couple of cm this morning so id say around 29cm fell in the end. although I'm hoping thats not the end of it!!!
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