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  1. Sorry about this, I broke something when I added the NH Strastosphere 10hPa Wind yesterday. I will remake the T850 charts after the 12Z run. Thanks for noticing ?
  2. Yes sorry, there are some missing files on the NCEP servers, they're coming very slowly. I try to get and draw the ones that are present. The files are correct though, no data corruption.
  3. The german server delivers new files every 9 mins, hence the small stops between updates.
  4. Seems to be a temporary bug because now I see already ENS files but they're blocked Hopefully they will be unblocked in 20 mins...
  5. Yes something is fishy there This shows that there is a delay for us, or they improved the computation speed a lot. I think we usually have a delay because the datetime of the files are the "usual ones". We will see if it's the same for ENS. Yesterday they changed their FTP server, so probably something didn't get implemented correctly. I think the delay will be readded when they will notice it has disppeared
  6. Yes weird I don't understand. The files just appeared out of nowhere with even a future date.. The data seems to be correct though. It doesn't look like today 00Z or yesterday 12Z.
  7. Yep, sorry about that, I'm regenerating charts.. But maybe all data won't be there. 72-144h data Z500-PRMSL is ok now. For some reason, I got data from last month...
  8. The information might be outdated in the app. GFS is displayed at 0.25° and GEFS at 0.5°. Moreover there is a difference between the actual resolution the models are run with, and the data resolution that we get to display. The models are not ran on traditional lat/lon grids. the GFS model is currently computed with a resolution of about 13km ( T1534 , spectral truncation ), and we get it as 0.25° in usual grib files. the GEFS model (control + 20 perturbations) is currently computed with a resolution of about 33km (T574, spectral truncation) until 192h and 55km (T382) till the end,
  9. Hi Steve. Probably not. We don't have access freely to the 168 data. UKMO data is already very sparse. But if i ever find it, it will get on the site right away. Moreover it is weird, the MetOffice site mentions only forecasts up to 144h here : https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/research/modelling-systems/unified-model/weather-forecasting Sylvain
  10. There were some NCEP server issues tonight causing delay and weirdness like that. I will rebuild all now Not many perturbation data are faulty, Most is ok.
  11. Hello, sorry for the late answer : unfortunately we don't have access to this data freely (and it costs > 100000€ yearly) . Whenever it is available, it will be available on the site the day after
  12. By the way, you can use this zoom to see the UK snow extent ( resolution 1km ) : http://www.meteociel.fr/observations-meteo/neige-glace.php?region=uk (it is exactly the same data as the previous NOAA map you have shown)
  13. Hehe oops, no updating because of the NCEP issues of last week, I will fix that tonight Good thing that you noticed
  14. FYI, GEFS goes up to 2hPa. http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/arep/wwrp/new/documents/GEFS_status_plan.pdf Will soon be 0.2hPa in the next update planned in 2015 !
  15. I computed manually the average/spread for the GEFS 18z, now they're available from +180h (I will redo all from +0 once the run is finished) And yes the blue line is supposed to be the 12Z GFS run but there were data issue today, so who knows
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