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  1. Thick fog mist of the morning and heavy frost only cleared very slowly. Clear skies in Trowbridge now and temp dropping sharply, already misty and looking like a cold night to come. Breeze may pick up later in the night to lift any fog patches...we will see.
  2. Hi Mapantz, MetO for Trowbridge have this forecast for tonight issued at 1600: “ Headline: Another frosty night and cold day. Milder by the weekend. This Evening and Tonight: Skies will be mostly clear meaning temperatures will fall rapidly under the clear skies with widespread frost likely, as well as some fog and freezing fog patches, especially in the east. Minimum temperature -4 °C. Tuesday: Tomorrow will remain cold with long spells of winter sunshine. Any freezing fog early in the morning may be locally slow to clear, enhancing the cold feel. Maximum temperature 8 ° looks like any cloud will dissipate if it’s to get anywhere near -4C.
  3. Quite agree A, can’t discuss NEXT Christmas until December 26th ......
  4. My 26.7 Gloucestershire, posted Friday 10.04 if allowed.
  5. JUstin case anyone began to get excited by the misdemeanours in the MAD thread I now have flower buds on my fruit trees so any thoughts of frost can s*d off until late autumn please. Seriously, late frosts are not good for growers! Let the sun shine.
  6. Be an interesting start to the Cheltenham Festival if that comes off. Looks cold, very windy and a lot of showers which could be wintry.
  7. Thanks Jay, I think! Looks as bad as it can get, certainly a day for thermals!
  8. Cheltenham Festival next week. Great day out but if it’s cold, wet and windy the pleasure fades as the day progresses! Anyone any thoughts on next Tuesday/Wednesday? Dry or at least mainly dry would be good.
  9. More % points against I’m afraid.....let’s play a game of count the snowflakes. Love to see prolonged heavy fall, but to me more likely sleety rain mix at best. Hopefully when the downwelling actually lands the snow gods will start to smile upon us.
  10. I admit to being an enthusiastic novice but I am puzzled by the range of emotions on here. Some clearly have an agenda and skew the model output to fit...clearly unhelpful. In my simplistic view until much nearer the time of trop response, say at least 10 days, then the actual pressure set up will not be known within probably a few hundred miles or more so obviously as the models react to data their output will vary considerably. This was observed I believe in the few weeks preceding the March 2018 BFTE. So I really cannot see the point of writing off the effects of the SSW for the UK based on data models that will. Inevitably change. When the trop block between the vortices occurs it’s effect on the NH will be felt and influence our little island considerable, it could well be that our resident hp system at the time will be forced to migrate...so why all the pessimistic views based on current output? just my pennies worth, with my limited understanding of the science involved. The experts on here are not throwing in the towel and that’s good enough for me.
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