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  1. I think the set up that has been recently is perfect, the default is west based based with the west cloudy and cool and further east warm and sunny.....refreshing change ?
  2. Totally mate, to be honest the wife is starting to do my head in looking through the window every five mins, If it gets any worse ill have to let her in!!
  3. I find it ironic that looking past this week and the trend for a breakdown of sorts to less cold conditions, that it can be blamed on the lack! of a Canadian vortex, so the block to our north makes a rather speedy move west in its absence . How many times does this chuffin seemingly endless vortex scupper our winters? Now we get the mother of all easterlies and the darn thing ain't there to block or hold off the speedy westward progression. that's my rather simple take on it anyway Still an amazingly cold week coming up!
  4. Not in a flash though, hence why uppers are shown to be less cold but all snow event for most. To coin phrase, think of cold air as treacle, run warm water over it and it doesnt just wash off instantly
  5. Total respect to you strat experts for whats coming up. Its up to the weather now. If it doesnt happen then so be it but that wont make you guys wrong, how does the saying go? You can lead a horse to water.....??
  6. Not sure there has been a complete flip for this one? For days they have been flipping from run to run and the ens have been scattered, its just been our hope that they would firm up on a cold solution. Must admit though a couple of days ago i thought the worst outcome would be for HP over us and not whats showing this morning.
  7. So it could be right it could wrong? Bit like the models overall i guess! ?
  8. Sure i read that the GEM is the top performer over the last 30 days. Problem i have with that is that its for the NH as a whole. Our tiny little corner is probably up there as one of the most turbulent/changable areas so it maybe way off with us but right for the other 90% if that makes sense. Or am i talking twoddle?
  9. Personally take more notice of ITV now anyhow as they are now with the MET. BBC weather and especially their graphics have gone pants since they started using the meteogroup for their forecasts. Still use some met office data but it looks like its mostly from the BOM!
  10. He was responding to cold potentially going into france further south if the high sits over us..hence Pulled north as the high pulls north
  11. Looking at the O6z could it be they dont have a handle on the talked about QTR ( ie will it happen) rather than the SSW as very little is showing on the O6z Op
  12. Dont think you went to the true tops backtrack?, myself and iceaxe crampon are up there regular and this weekend just gone walking over glaramara and great end there were drifts well over a meter and level snow of around 20cm above 800m where the wind hadnt blasted it ?
  13. Yep totally agree, we have seen this kind of flow before & not too long ago either (in the last fortnight). If you did well then you will probably do well again, if not then think we are waiting for some HLB to deliver, 200 or 300m will be the snowline id of thought
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