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  1. Not great is it, back in the 80's we used to get two or three falls per winter (even if it didnt last a day) and i thought that was pretty dire compared to the rest of the country. But these days every event is very marginal which means cold rain for us on the lowlands. Even in 2010 we were lucky by a streamer setting up for an hour which meant we werent the only place on that famous sat photo without snow, i have had no lying snow since that day. Never mind, i guess at least we get the sun in summer....oh wait hang on 😭
  2. Although there is a definate trend on the GEFS overall for either a MLB over us or a HLB to our North or NW. But as you say, it means little at the mo as it can be dropped as quickly as it has been picked up.
  3. 15m 😣, maybe more at low tide
  4. Oh for sure pal, pretty sure there will be showers rattling through all day in our little corner of the country....rain😭, sleet😬 snowπŸ˜€ is the wonder πŸ–’βœŠ
  5. Netweather radar is the best i think, 5 min intervals and precipitation type...always handy for us where its always pretty marginal
  6. Or 5 min drive to kirkstone pass, i have a railway bridge as the highest place
  7. But then if the gfs had been correct we would of been under an atlantic influence all of last week, reality..as has been said before, was a blend of both and resulting was grey calm and dank. Dont think any nailed it
  8. A good sign from t153 is that the low pressure in the labrador sea just sits there not moving, i always worry when then get past the southern tip of greenland
  9. Because at around t324 it shows a two hour window for a snow shower in low lying areas of lancashire?
  10. Doesn't look that remarkable on wetter WIB? pretty common to get -5 850's from the west if the flow is strong enough? them -8s will get moderated down before reaching our shores. Believe late feb into March is the best time to see lower 850s and snow from the west when the ocean is at its coldest before the spring warming, certainly at lower levels. But then the sun is higher so its a no win situation
  11. Polar Maritime buddy, air that originates from the pole region (greenland ) then travels over the atlantic ocean so its normally tempered somewhat , unlike a polar flow from the north (straight down) or polar continental (air from the north east/east originating from the pole). All are shown on the link πŸ–’ https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/learning/learn-about-the-weather/how-weather-works/air-masses/types
  12. Yes but easy to forget that for our neck of the woods if we were a dice 1-5 would be mild and 6 would be cold so always more chance of calling mild correct, synoptics would quite likely look different at t0 to whenever the model's' called it
  13. And the other side of the river in Howick the same :(, why did anyone ever settle around here...never forgive parents for moving down from Caldbeck!
  14. Yeh, bugger off block we need it to move east before decaying πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™‹πŸ‘‰
  15. Feb 96? 1ft 1/2, for showers i agree but bone dry and cold will do, lets just get it here first mate😊