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  1. Its a bit weird this winter, we always expect the best synoptics in late Feb march for clear reasons we all know about but this year the whole winter has been great for watching, hoping for one last shot before spring! Take care guys
  2. Well if nothing more this winter has given us interest when we have been at our most bored/concerned/struggled so thank you mother nature for giving us something
  3. Can anyone else remember dew points being so low? No wonder the front fizzles so quickly the air is amazingly dry! Think in 2018 the lowest I saw -8
  4. Crikey I expected to log on to see a few saying they were getting decent snow, pfft gimme spring 😑
  5. Sounds amazing!! In some ways it makes sense why March is the most likely month doesn't it, the Irish sea is at at its coldest & the polar vortex starts to breakup (hopefully). Just a shame the sun has more strength so it's hard to stick around.
  6. Me too! Never rely on GPS, do have it as I believe you can't have too much, compass only let me down once at ore gap on Bowfell spinning like I was at North pole πŸ˜‚. yep knees are bit knackered, but still got it in us hey! Who knows Borris might let us out before this season is done and we can enjoy some. For where we live, pffft can't be many places worse!
  7. Yeah managed one walk from Hartsop to Thornthwaite crag and High street before Xmas and that's been it this winter...really missing it and not getting any younger 😩 PXL_20201229_120431269.mp4
  8. That's so true, I guess here in the NW we are just hopeful of a snowy breakdown as we tend to be left a bit green with envy of those in the east in these set ups. Apart from more sun than I expected this easterly has gone to plan, certainly for the low western parts....at least some of the copious amounts of rain water has been 'sucked up' by the dry air. Hope next week isn't one of them weeks where fronts just sit over us for days and the east stays dry. Salt in the wounds if they do πŸ˜”
  9. Good example of what happens after they leave higher ground wasn't it, especially now the wind has gone 😒
  10. Raging blizzard incoming! Bound to get a the single flake in my eye taking the dog out 😐
  11. Exactly what I expected Spah1, more sunshine though which is good thing πŸ‘
  12. GFS12z Para going for a period of decent snow on Sunday Eve/night. Not perfect setup as milder air gets in but stays as snow for a good period, if not until it fizzles out
  13. Yeah 96 was the best since the 70s, remember going to the flicks to watch I think se7en and it just started snowing, came out and had to walk home, crazy stuff in West lancs/ Merseyside. That's why I was kind of hopeful in this setup but it not working out that way at the moment is it pal...🀞
  14. My mood is dwindling by the second πŸ˜‚ Preston : Dec 2009 & 2010 about 6cm each ....the end😒 Amazed how many fronts move up from the south and stop at Southport before slipping away. Nothing in 2018...nadda
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