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  1. Just watching the 06z roll out. We have been unlucky so far this winter. The early part it was the Russian High stopping the cold now it is the high to our south the Azores High which is preventing the cold. There are signs that we will see lower pressure to our south but at the moment that’s all they are. At the minute we are in kind of no mans land between the cold to our north and the warmth to the south.
  2. To be fair for people who don’t think Scotland begins after Manchester this winter has been good so far. Inland northern areas have had snow cover most days since Xmas Eve. Looking at the models northern England is in for more of the same over next few weeks. We still have another two months of winter weather to come and looking at the models northern areas are rarely far from the cold. Hopefully we see the impacts of the SSW. I for one think especially for my location winter is far from over.
  3. I disagree. The effects of a SSW usually take at least a month to be fully felt at the surface. This coupled with Feb usually being the winter month that the Atlantic is quietest I believe means we have the best chance of prolonged cold weather still in front of us. Also we now have cold air in Scandy Eurasia so if we do get favourable Synoptics they will hopefully produce widespread snow.
  4. Seems to be a lot of pessimism on here today. In my location in the north east we have had a decent winter so far, settling snow on a few occasions and falling snow on a few more. Places higher and further inland up here have had lying snow the majority of the time since before Christmas. Looking at the models the cold air is never far away from Scotland and it will only take a few tweaks here or there for that to come southwards. We have another colder episode next weekend and then moving towards Feb (lots of winter left) the models are hinting at rising pressure to our north e
  5. Raining now here in Gateshead. Wet and pretty miserable. I am moving towards Consett, tired of these non events. Consett have had lying snow most days since before Xmas now.
  6. Yeah this is just south of us and it looks like they have more snow. Expected more than this !
  7. Decent covering here in Gateshead but very wet. Still we have had more snow so far this winter than the last two combined!
  8. 18z GFS not looking very good however this is coming up to my 18th year on here and very rarely to we approach a cold spell without a few bad runs. Hopefully we are back where we should be in the morning. If we are still seeing the same by this time tomorrow then it may be time for concern.
  9. It wasn’t cold and mostly we had rain but it wAs a long spell of chilly weather. We had snow on Christmas Eve which gave a covering and gave us a white Christmas. The first one here since 2010. We had a few snowy mornings and a few inches of snow last Thursday and especially Friday which gave a good covering. The higher areas of the North East did very well with lying snow probably for well over a week. Where I live is just that bit too close to the coast and the air was not cold enough and that’s why we mostly got rain or sleet. Hopefully this is is just the starter of thi
  10. Strengthening Atlantic is what they are saying but the Meto is different in their outlook.
  11. These were taken yesterday near Consett in the north east. Inland areas with height have done okay but the air has not been cold enough for prolonged lowland snow. We have woke up to a few dusting in the morning but anything in the daytime has been rain or sleet. People say don’t get excited but a lot of the ‘respected’ posters were creating the excitement.
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