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  1. Lots of snow now a20 getting covered in west kingsdown , cars will start getting stuck soon by brands hatch...
  2. West kingsdown, it should show next to name. Nw kent.
  3. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Hi. Is this for 24hours forecast? As that’s a very small error rate.
  4. They need to take it offline for a bit as they seem to have a few algorithms to rewrite. I wonder if the programmers (mathematicians) have metrology experience ? or the people with metrology experience are doing the programming... Or do they have some of both as it seems there is a bit lost in translation maybe?
  5. Sorry what I wanted to says has there ever been 3 models at day 10 the same? Lol
  6. 3 models at day 10, all different would you believe it?
  7. Yes very true whatever it shows at 5 days does not happen, so all good on ecm front. Unless it shows what other models do I suppose.
  8. Why is this not sorted out ? Just tell them programs to stop moving blocks to fast.There must be a reason for it to still happen? Is it all models that do this?
  9. The models run the numbers and they don't seem to programmed that the BOOM charts setup we like to see doesn't happen very often . The programmers don't seem to be able to stop them playing with these outputs in the 5 day plus range . They could use the U.K. as good block on rogue runs to help there forecasts for the rest of the world, if it's very cold and snowy then it's wrong 90 percent of the time conversely correct for anything else 90 percent of the time.This is just the way it seems to me, hopefully the models will be correct sooner than later with a BOOM chart, about 3 times every 10 years? Not saying it's not this time.
  10. This is not met office update page is it?