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  1. Hi, had 7 hours of the most fun you can have walking in hurricane force winds and rain that hurt. On pen y fan Sunday the winds got so high we could not stand up and had to crawl at points, got blown of our feet lots . Grate fun and a hell of a workout only moving at about 1mph . To put all people in same bracket “save your breath” and “people like you” when you have no idea to who you are talking about is a bit unfair but that’s the way it is now I suppose. A lot of planning and waiting for this to come together. Some like to watch some like to do ... I like both. ?
  2. Going Brecon Beacons Sunday do you think will get 100mph on pen y fan.?
  3. Hi, with all the models about the same until 66 hours , the gfs assembles look very close too each other. Can any one tell me until we get to about this 66 hours we will not see if the lows progress is making inroads to the block more or less . So will all out put be wrong after this if models like gfs do not get blocking correct? Or am I not getting this wrong.Thanks
  4. So the weather warnings start on bbc site (from met office), but the weather on there graphics shows sunny and one snow flake. It’s like there using two sources of information? Oh just a minute they are !
  5. I take it last time this happened was 2010...... Netweather Community Forums is currently unavailable 2010 Apologies for the downtime, we'll be back in a few minutes, just getting everything restarted..
  6. Lots of talk about “talking the output down this morning”, the thing is I am having trouble finding this talk ? Models look from good to epic if cold and snow is that you like , let’s see which it will be?
  7. It’s because they don’t have clue on how to deal with what’s going on so it’s more or less random output. The both say cold weather coming then one says it’s not then it is. Sadly we have to wait as 5 days plus forecast is not going to be correct at all.
  8. Hi, would it not be the case all these forecast systems are programmed to follow just a set of rules given them by experts on weather systems and physics? So like beep blue the chess program was told the rules of chess and when it played enough games could bet the worlds best players, but the rules are all known and the starting positions are known. So these weather forecast are not sure on start positions of pieces and don’t know the all the rules. So how can any of these outputs after day five (not good at the best of times)have a chance of being correct cold or mild if we do not have
  9. Lots of snow now a20 getting covered in west kingsdown , cars will start getting stuck soon by brands hatch...
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