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  1. Seems in line with the potential a few others on here have mentioned RE met office guidance
  2. working from home is the way forward on days like this! The online BBC forecast for today is certainly eye catching, although usual caveats apply these computer generated forecasts.
  3. Nothing here in sidcup, hoping we might get some today though - plus it looks like Thursday and Friday are going to stay the right side or marginal now. Happy for those of you that got some snow, especially those that were so despondent yesterday - I guess just a little patience was required
  4. I sit in the NE corner of my office in Canary Wharf, looking out windows i can the sky has very dark.......
  5. on and off snow showers all morning here in Canary Wharf, it was an interesting ride in from Sidcup this morning!
  6. Anywhere in Kent got any decent snow? Looking for somewhere to take the kids
  7. Off to La Plagne on Saturday, looks good with snow falls predicted for back end of this week - although with a late (about 8pm local time) transfer to the resort, and current forecasts, could be an interesting journey!
  8. I must admit, I do enjoy this kind of weather - in lieu of proper snow of course - makes the morning ride quiet spectacular in places.
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