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  1. I am south of Worcester, hoping to see a few more flakes, most of the 4cm we had earlier melted as the temps raised.
  2. But then Parts of North America witnessed periods of devastating Cold and Snowiness last year when the PV dropped in on them. Although unlikely if this happened to us we would still witness very harsh conditions. Not so much when this might happen but IF this could happen given the location of the UK and the more typical setups we experience. It could happen but things as always have got to be correct for our little Island to get the cold on our doorstep.
  3. Well just goes to show. Even up until about 1pm was showing a decent amount of snow here in the far south midlands. latest BBC and MET now show nothing for us. We snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once more ?
  4. Not so sure, Seems quite a few are going for North West only now
  5. I think south Midland may miss out! I am retracting my earlier guess, still think that Birmingham north will do well out of this. Time will tell.
  6. The midland is a big Place guys ? Not saying that this is misleading but it is not really an accurate description of the affected area. I do think there will be further South west Correction from past experience of the GFS modelling but I suspect North West Midlands to be the current 'sweet Spot'
  7. brouillard - I seem to remember from GCSE that this is French for Fog.
  8. I am down on the Worcester/Gloucester Border, pretty much as far SW as you can get in the Midlands. I am hopeful to see something the next few days but as others have already mentioned, keep your expectations low and hope to be surprised. Currently GFS is showing more Sleet than anything else, I would rather nothing than hours of horrid sleet!
  9. Down on the Gloucestershire Border, I am not sure if what we are seeing is a result of the easterly winds blowing snow inland off the north sea or are these small snow granules from the predicted storm Emma. Still cannot see how we will even get an inch out of this. Is emma due to hit Midlands later or is it already here?
  10. Just this fine dandruff falling from the sky, No moisture in the air I am guessing. Is this likely to change. We are quite far south in the midlands (Worcestershire/Gloucestershire border) but I have not seen anything resembling snow rates that will give 4 inches we were advised of. Not at all sure about this.......
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