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  1. Fairly heavy in Maidstone now things getting covered. Pretty big flakes now
  2. Having the heaviest snow of today in Maidstone. 15 mins of this and it'll be twice as much as already fallen with that fine stuff. The last hurrah? Just getting dark so won't be able to see it soon with no street lights.
  3. After an hour of tiny flakes we've just had a burst of heavier stuff for 5 minutes. Have barely 1cm covered all the frozen rain. Not much more to come. Bring on spring!
  4. 1-2 out of 10 here in Maidstone. Thank god that rain has stopped. Not sure wind is as bad as it was. Cars being covered now.
  5. Wow! I live near Bearsted. It wasn't near there though was it? We had a bit this morning but nothing that would give a drift like that. Unless you were on the downs?
  6. I'm old enough to remember that. I was commuting to London from Gravesend. A nightmare! I would say this cold spell has lower daytime temperatures. I'm sitting in my car in Maidstone area and it is -3.5c. Amazing!
  7. How does that compare to last night l wonder. Certainly lots of activity out there. Should intensify a fair bit by the time it hits our coast?
  8. Fairly heavy shower in Maidstone. Small flakes but wind has picked up compared to this morning. Radar shows I'm in the right place again. Had almost 8" 20cm in the end today. All shrunk a bit when sun came out.
  9. Try to take some later. In bed again. Have u snow yet? Light stuff here heavy shower nearby but may missh?
  10. That is slow. It does look like it's heading right for you. I hope it gets you. A reward for your patience.
  11. Your having what l had in Maidstone 35-40 mins ago. It's still going here not as heavy but still amazing. Not stopped for at least 2 hours!
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