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  1. Always the golden letters. Really coming down here. Accumulating fast. Took the dog for a walk at 7 and prints gone
  2. Heavy snow in Rayleigh. Already settled now topping up. Cars in a mess on the small hill to Rayleigh coming from Hockley.
  3. Slippery as anything when I took the dog out just now. She’s a (big) puppy so charging left, right and centre which doesn’t help. Wouldn’t be driving tonight unless I absolutely had to.
  4. According to Facebook Weir road into Rayleigh now closed. Ice a major problem tonight.
  5. Quite right. That hill is a nightmare. Would steer clear of Crown and London Hill in Rayleigh as well.
  6. Very fine snow but very heavy. Where it has stayed and accumulated (garden table) maybe 5-6cm. Still not made the roads. Hasn’t stopped snowing since early morning.
  7. Just back from taking the dog for a walk. Waded through the blizzards and heavy and drifting snow and made it back home safely.
  8. Slight covering on car, roofs, a few plants and snow just ramping up a bit. Still no big flakes though.
  9. A few flakes now in Rayleigh. Guess I can say I’ve seen snow this winter
  10. Probably 4 as it’s a Sunday. You’ll get to know all this after a few weeks. Shall we set up a NetTrain site ?
  11. Oh for goodness sake. Not what I was hoping to wake up to See you at Rayleigh station later for your new hobby, Paul. We don’t want to miss the 1044 from Southend Vic
  12. Yep, I’m quite near Trinity Church. Used to live on the Birds estate, swear the top of the hill gets an extra few cm but maybe that’s me imagining things.
  13. Brave of you, my friend. I’m looking at the next ten hours, not ten days, but your news sounds positive
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