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  1. Interesting tweet just now from Essex Weather, very reliable imo. Disruptive snow affecting large parts of southern England and Wales on Thursday, this may edge into parts of Essex tomorrow evening from 18:00 and linger into Friday. At present, the worst is likely to remain outside of our area. London/Kent sig. impacts possible. not great from an imby perspective but good for some of you, enjoy
  2. Yeh fair point but when some of our my knowledgeable posters spend their time saying what they think, based on their assessment, if it reads logically, I’m happy to give it a like, doesnt mean I think it will come true but it’s a kind of thanks for their input. of course saying it will snow 12 feet in Carlisle guarantees results, so come on Carlisle, like this post... In all seriousness the South of England looks great tomorrow, so I hope those below this M4 boundary enjoy what is coming
  3. What do you think will score more highly ? Failed Easterlies or failed Spurs trophy attempts ? difficult call but I’m backing the Easterlies this year
  4. Whoever gets the snow, and I hope we all see some, let’s get out and enjoy it folks. God, we all spend five months of the year chasing it at ten days plus. Now we are all within range. Not a part of the UK that doesn’t have a chance this week, so enjoy with families and friends , blame the trains for not getting into work and send those pictures !
  5. Yeh, things can be so localised. Even in our area. I’ve seen it both ways. Snow clipping Southend, Leigh, but ignoring Rayleigh to the north and vice versa. Let’s hope we all see something soon, good to speak again Paul, best, David
  6. I think where to stick Essex was the problem. But that’s far wider than weather, I guess. in fairness I didn’t know what thread to choose, I mean our neck of the woods is much closer to Kent than Norfolk. So, anyway, Crown Hill on Thursday, I’ll beat ya ?
  7. Greater Anglia posting an early warning for tomorrow night, source twitter ⚠❄Due to forecasts of snow overnight on Tuesday and in the early hours of Wednesday morning, we are advising customers to check before they travel as there may be some delays due to speed restrictions. Keep updated here: journeycheck.com/greateranglia/ ❄⚠ I love one of the replies: Like last year when there was no snow and you ran no trains?
  8. Yep, unlike me who will tell someone at work tomorrow by at least 9.02am
  9. These guys have been spot on. From EWC Snow showers will continue to push in from the North Sea through the remainder of this evening and overnight. Further accumulations of 1-3CM are possible almost anywhere in Essex.
  10. Everything to the east of us in Essex at the moment. Not even Southend look in the game at moment, let alone Rayleigh. Kent doing well again. Hope the winds shift soon. Been a great two weeks watching this unfold in the models. To date, the event itself is a little disappointing (for me) although some have done really well with several inches. However, with a little more luck, several inches could have been par with some getting a foot plus. i can't complain. Two snow events this winter, 9cm in December and 4cm today. I'd have taken that last October. Or have my standards dropped ?
  11. Grass is disappearing and I'm a lazy mower. Good few cms in last hour and still very heavy snow
  12. Heavy snow for about 15 minutes in Rayleigh. Has recovered all the cars that were out earlier. Just need this to hold for a few hours...
  13. A decent covering but nowhere near what I was expecting, and I'm in the amber bit. Still time but looks like areas just to my south and east (canvey//Southend) fared better.
  14. Evening chaps / ladies., Not getting the pessimist posts tonight. Many of us (you to apply the rules as I'm now up North, sob) are going to wake up with many inches of snow. Enjoy! It's coming. And we have other opportunities down the line. What a wonderful end to winter, all praise SSW
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