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  1. The St Albans cell, now over Leighton Buzzard has exploded since my last post, killed off the cell to the south of it, and I'm sure I've seen one or two very faint flickers from it even from this far away.
  2. I have a decent view of the cells near St. Albans. They've grown from nothing in 30 mins and keeping growing. I think there's some good potential there.
  3. Morning all. Some good structure looking North on the Reading cell at the moment. Half an hour ago that was a small cumulus line.
  4. Can see the one over High Wycombe from here. Grown quite substantially in the last 20 minutes. Guess it's nocturnal cooling taking effect.
  5. Quite an interesting shape to the cell just south of Leicester on radar. Reminds me of the bow shape of the Manchester supercell last night.
  6. Pretty sure I can hear very faint rumbles here. EDIT: Can definitely hear them.
  7. Just had a torrential downpour here on the eastern edge of Basingstoke.
  8. About five minutes I had an unexpected long deep rumble of thunder from cells to the north and east. Listening out for more.
  9. My brother lives down the road in Flint, he says there's quite a bit of rumbling and flashing going on there at the moment.
  10. There's also a cell developing behind the one heading to you, between Crewe and Northwich, which has become electrically active in the last few minutes. Worth keeping an eye on.
  11. Good luck. By your location it was close but no cigar with the Ainsdale/Southport cell. Hoping you get a good storm soon.
  12. Looks to be quite an active cell in the Crewe area as well as the one that passed over Southport. I guess the radio is picking up strikes from both?
  13. I'm keeping an eye on the cell heading towards Chester and the Dee Estuary. Could pep up as its heading over the Cheshire plain.
  14. I remember these, the September 2016 and July 2017 ones stand out for me. The lightning was brilliant. The 2014 storm is noted, as you say, for the unusual direction it approached from. That had some cracking CG's with it though. There was another in 2015 too, I have video stills somewhere from that. That had some ridiculous anvil crawlers.
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