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  6. Thankyou. Given my camera was on the kitchen windowsill, stacked up on two boxes of cat worming treatment, a spatula and a coaster just to get it to the right angle, and the storm was 40-50 miles away, I think I did ok. Still need to give the camera a good clean though.
  7. 130 photos taken this evening. Have attached the ones I consider decent enough to share. Apologies for some of the scratches and marks on the pictures; my camera body needs a damn good clean. The last one is my personal favourite.
  8. I've been in an ideal position to see the backbuilding on the cell and the structure and speed of development has really been impressive. Though I'm still taking photos the lightning has all but stopped in the last five minutes. Almost like someone has turned off a switch.
  9. Easiest lightning photography I've ever done. The long distance has meant experimenting a little more but have some decent photos of lit up clouds and all.
  10. It's really pepped up in the last 5 minutes. Lots more cc lightning. So annoyed I have to wait a bit longer to start some photography; the cloud structure is fantastic.
  11. From here there's a lot of CC lightning. I'm waiting for 20 minutes until it gets dark enough at trying some long distance lightning photography. The cell seems to be developing on the southern edge according to radar whcih is concurrent with what I'm seeing here. ]]
  12. I can clearly see the Aylesbury storm flashing away to the north from here. Quite amazing to see as I watched the CB form within ten minutes.
  13. My hometown is Flint, so not far from you. Have heard from a friend there that there's thunder in the area.
  14. Yep. Got a cracking visual from here despite the distance and they're exploding in size.
  15. I'm watching the same anvil. Since I took a photo of it 5 minutes ago it's doubled in size, and another CB has formed right behind it. Lots of convection getting going to the north; nothing south of me.
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