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  1. Probably one month too early! But decent nevertheless.
  2. I think it's not too bad for a north-westerly in late November - let's see how it pans out.
  3. Could be the last 16C before March 2018. Enjoy it!!
  4. Chin up folks - It's only mid November! The medium range output is not the usual raging PV over Greenland - we will get a few more opportunities over the next few months.
  5. Welcome to Winter 2017/18 but chin up, sometimes FI charts do come to fruition! PS - I count FI as anything after day 6.
  6. The JMA long-ranger is relatively positive in my book. http://ds.data.jma.go.jp/tcc/tcc/products/model/map/1mE/map1/pztmap.php
  7. The GEM has also flipped to a cooler scenario. It's all about the how a series of shortwaves behave. For once they may be our friends...
  8. UKMO close to a very good chart at day 5
  9. UKMO day 5 looks ok-ish. We just need that shortwave to eject quickly SE. Not sure how the other low in the Atlantic will behave but it looks to be a NW-SE axis.
  10. Indeed - significant differences at only T+90 hours.
  11. This battle may be lost, but we keep fighting. We will never surrender to the mildies!
  12. ECM run is decent - keep the faith folks!
  13. It's German - must be good! I will scrape any barrel if I have to!!
  14. The ICON model seems to eject that pesky shortwave SE from day 5 onwards - this is what we want I guess?
  15. It's mid November folks and to be honest sustained wintry is unlikely to occur until mid December (2010 was the exception). It's all about getting the building blocks in place. There will be ups and downs but keep the faith coldies!