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  1. The final value is 9.8C (corrected up for a change!). https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/cet_mean_2018
  2. Indeed. Minimum of 1.3C here in Raynes Park.
  3. You nuts? Last week was glorious, this week cold and sh*te.
  4. 28.3C at St James Park at 14:00 - will the April record go?
  5. Touching 27C here. 80F will be broken somewhere in Greater London for sure...
  6. I can report that sightings of a strange round yellow thing have been observed above the skies of Raynes Park this evening.
  7. ECM Control looks tasty - channel low at days 6-7. Possibly a foot of snow in the capital (yes that's a ramp!).
  8. ECM significant snow across central areas Tuesday night into Wednesday.
  9. Yeah - it was a case of close but no cigar for south London. The December event was awesome for North London northwards - probably the big snow event for the region.
  10. Feel your pain and many on here have echoed your sentiments. It’s been a 5+ year for lying snow for me so yes it’s been poor. When will a winter deliver heavy and widespread snowfall for the SE?
  11. On my way to work in Central London from SW London. Looks like a general 1-2cm cover. As I said yesterday, a very poor return compared to just about every other region in the UK. Just goes to show how unlucky we have been with this mini-beast.
  12. Another 1-2cm this evening though it really struggled to settle on roads/concrete. People have mentioned much higher ground temperatures due to the relatively warm previous week as the primary reason for this - can folk confirm this? Anyway, temperatures on the rise here and legitimate melting of the snow is now occurring. A good cold snap (both beasts) - best since January 2013. 0.3C