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  1. Stunning day and stunning period of weather. Those that call this boring need their heads tested. The flip side is the worry that AGW is indeed in full swing. 21.2C in Kew Gardens seems to be the record breaker so far...
  2. Disagree - boring is wind and gales. Sunny, warmish and dry - close to perfect - can it last for the next 8 months?
  3. Every season is getting warmer. Those who can’t acknowledge that obvious fact are in serious denial.
  4. 240 is as good as it gets. Euro ridge sinking south seems to be the trend.
  5. Even though the ECM operational gives us a glimmer of hope, the EPS continue to say no to cold and trending even worse...
  6. A slightly better ECM run this morning. Cold gets into Poland at least!
  7. Well, the ext EPS shows settled mild weather (euro ridge) If we can't have snow then let's have some dry warm(ish) weather.
  8. You nuts? Most of us love warmth. Maybe book a holiday in the North Pole when we get our summer heat.
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