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  1. Getting that inherent 'end of winter feeling now' - I think the three meagre snowfalls of the last 2 weeks will be all I will see for this area at least this winter. Absolutely nothing in the near range in prospects either. Not a great winter for me, but not snowless like 13/14, 14/15, 15/16, 16/17 } 4 consecutive years where I saw no snowfall albeit I was living in a different location each time.
  2. Well no snow delivered today as expected. And Thursdays 'event' will bring nothing here. This winter is almost, if not as, bad as 16/17 for this location. Truly pants.
  3. Absolutely nailed on my prediction for today. Rain and a brief sleet shower is all we have just as I predicted. All the talks of 'something significant' etc proving to be the usual ramping nw nonsense. Something significant set to come in 7-10 days though lol.
  4. Nothing here just as expected, surprise surprise snow has passed to the south as usual.
  5. I haven't made too many friends on the north west regional thread having predicted a downgrade in Tuesdays event which was set to hit the region and the cold period that was speculated to follow. BBC seem to be going with the Tuesday band not being anything significant which was our regions best hope. Disappointing but not surprised, it has happened so many times over the years!!
  6. On a positive note does anybody know what the certainty is on the Tuesday event and wether the snowfall will be significant? My understanding is were looking at a couple of cm's on low levels across the region.
  7. OK point taken and I will certainly take your comments on board, I truly hope you are right - I guess what happened to me last year will never really leave me..... Looking to Tuesday now.
  8. Not expecting much on Tuesday for my part of the region anyway (the north west is a big ole place), I am expecting a complete massive let down as per every predicted snow event. Please do not shoot me down like usual just because I am not forecasting 6 feet of snow and 3 months of blizzards.
  9. Now moderate rain, no snow cover whatsoever, it is below freezing. A pretty disappointing day which as usual had loads of potential but brought nothing.
  10. Hope your right mate but I am not optimistic at all, there certainly wont be any significant snowfall - perhaps just a touch of wintry-ness.
  11. Same here in Ambleside mate! I disagree that it bodes well for next week - I think the best we will get in our parts is 1 - 2 cm. If anything at all.....
  12. Excellent post and an interesting read. As much as I would love to see that happen I would put it in the chances of <5%
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