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  1. Unexpected change in fortune for Brum and West Mids overnight. Wind direction has changed the alignment of the streamer. Probably a few 2-3cm now. Funny that it has coincided with Met app dropping snow symbols from automated forecast!
  2. Looks like this will fall well short of expectations for the Brum area. The alignment of showers just didn’t favour us today. But doesn’t sound like much accumulation in region anyway. Let’s see what tonight brings. Nonetheless that wind has a real bite. The streamer is quite defined now covering S. Leicester into Coventry and south Warks. Should be a good covering from now on here. Good for them as they have missed out most the winter!!
  3. Looking at the radar, looks like most places Birmingham north should be waking up to at least a covering if the light flurries continue to push through on that howling n.easterly wind. Already a noticeable dusting on the street /pavements in west Brum. expecting showers to have more oomph tomorrow 🤞🏼 Looking good.
  4. This does have the feel of some of the classic easterlies of the past. They always started with the lightest flurries, leaden skies, and a biting wind. You can feel the chill embedding in now. Let’s hope the position of these streamers vary enough during Mon to Wed to give every part of the Midlands accumulation. 🤞🏼 But for once this winter the East Mids is favoured over the west.
  5. It has turned to snow here. Will need to increase intensity to start making a pitch though!
  6. Would disagree. Seems to be maintaining intensity as it approaches.
  7. Precipitation arrived as rain here at 195m in West Bham. But turning sleety. Expecting it to turn to snow very soon.
  8. Agreed, we need wait for the high res models to start picking up the distribution of shower activity or streamers or not as the case could be for Monday onwards. But currently this is looking more very cold and dry rather than very cold and snowy. The good news is any snow that does fall won’t have trouble settling.
  9. I think the announcement is that the Dutch media have announced a name for the winter storm, Storm Darcy, which will will hit the Netherlands and northern Germany over the weekend hardest, and possibly a small corner of SE England too 😆
  10. Any where south west or west of Bham city centre is great for elevation 170m+ generally. It has made such a difference so many times in past.
  11. Can’t decide whether it wants to sleet or snow in Bearwood. But I am sure the undercutting colder air will turn it to snow soon. It’s a real shame, as if it was just slightly colder in the lead up to this event it could have been another Feb 2007
  12. It’s the final push through the West Midlands. That easterly wind has really picked up and is blowing the snow about. About 10/11cm here. Very Jan 2013 ish
  13. Given your contributions to this forum, you have deserved it Sheiky!!!
  14. Getting heavier in Bearwood. Looking good for a few more hours.
  15. The warning seems to suggest the intense snowfall will remain in the north Midlands. But as it pulls away the rest of us feeding off scraps.
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