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  1. you need to leave the singing to your better half lol.
  2. Not sure what to make of Thursday are we going to be just on the wrong side of things again but its going to be a close one. Models can't seem to agree on track and temps so its difficult to predict may just have to wait and see.
  3. Just saw on the cold hunt thread they are discussing the front coming through a lot earlier tomorrow so it would be in central uk by 10am. I would think if it comes through wales early mporning we may do better than expected as temps wont have risen so much.
  4. Not sure we are going to see anything significant today and if we do where it is going to come from although the forecast disagrees do they know something we don't?
  5. If you have a netweather radar subscription change the locality to Europe and look at the size of that storm pics above don't show the half of it.
  6. Starting to wonder how accurate the radar is in situations like this it has shown nothing over me for the last hour yet has been moderately snowing the whole time. Andy you are only up the road from me and I guess seeing the same?
  7. Not only have they upped the likelihood but they have also brought the warning forward 2 hours from 14:00 to 12:00
  8. Worth remembering that the Aperge run rolling out now is yesterday's 18Z things may well have changed in the last 12 hours as there has been mentions of southward corrections of the low which may keep the colder air over us.
  9. IF you look at the bar at the bottom it is 2 different colours as the model is updating the darker colour is the 18z and the grey is the 12z
  10. I have to say (showing my age) that I remember 1982 and it was something else. I don't think any of the younger members on here have ever seen snow like it. The schools were shut for at least 2 weeks and there were announcements on the radio (CBC at the time before all the red dragon and capital stations) that parents were asked to stop their children riding their bikes across Roath Park lake as it was frozen solid. If we had an event anywhere near as bad as it was then I think a lot of people would be shocked and there will be major issues. 30cm sounds a lot but I lived in Roath at
  11. My opinion is you won't see a red until tomorrow morning if at all. Every red I have seen is just before the event starts when they are pretty certain of the outcome. Saying that I would expect the amber to move to being more likely on their matrix than it is now today.
  12. I have to say not been convinced by the GFS charts for a few days. GFS shows rain saturday and very little snow for the rest of the week while METO have extended our yellow warning through saturday and given us an amber for Thurs / Fri. I honestly believe there are still corections to be made to the track of the low and if I were a betting man would back UKMO in this situation.
  13. Jay meto forecast shows it starting around 9am rather than PM for Cardiff although light snow.
  14. Not sure the showers we are seeing on the radar are intense enough to make it to us with anything left to deliver. May liven up a bit overnight but its a long haul on an easterly to get snow all the way from the north sea.
  15. Cardiff is on the very edge of the warning area so not out of the picture yet.
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