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  1. Heavy wet snow between canterbury and herne bay,temps down to 0c ,on coast 2.3c
  2. Hi looby....might get something shortly....great day to move my daughter in law into her new place..
  3. Same here in Herne Bay,but flakes now getting a little bigger...but I am now at sea level so may not get what was falling up at the university a while ago.
  4. Roll on the snow.... this forum is starting to sound like the mod lot! shall we get back to those friendly nights of informative and good natured posts,perhaps the snowless winter we had to endure last time has dulled the spirit so as I said...ROLL ON THE SNOW.
  5. Temps here dropped from 12c to 8.8c in 2 hrs,thin high cloud overhead but big bank of stormy looking cloud in the distance.
  6. Daniel that old regular poster would not be Mr Rampkin would it?
  7. Herne Bay I hope,wishful thinking,after coming joint last along with everyone else in kent !in the snow cup I would like to see some of the white stuff.Anyone with a dp for my area?my weather station has gone off line,I think it may be in next doors garden!still windy. 1.2C
  8. After all the gales we had last winter I found more things in the pond this morning!full sized yukka with 18 inch ceramic pot,bucket of fish food,bird feeder,and the list goes on,must say the pond water is now blooming cold,still windy and 4c.
  9. Currently just under 5c here on the north kent coast,very gusty with light rain.
  10. Down to 2.2c now!think I will be scraping the car at 5am....note to self....get up earlier...good idea but not to sure I will be so keen when the alarm goes off...
  11. Nice to see your post John,thought something had happened as so many of the regulars were not posting,now we can all settle down to a winter of good posts and plenty of snow.....well one out of two isn't too bad!!but even a few flakes will be better than last year. Roll on the snow depth league!!!
  12. We seem to be missing some of our more regular posters,are they just waiting for the first flakes of snow? Missing my late night fax reviews JP!!!
  13. When is the first Snowmeggedon going to be reported in our favorite papers? Just hope we get a few flakes this year!Roll on those heady nights of mass street light watching and frenetic reporting. So is that super dooper snow depth spreadsheet being revived after it died last winter?It was so typical that all that hard work by a few ended up not needed.So I am dreaming of a white Christmas,ops sorry it should have been white Winter.
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