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  1. Just a slight dusting here. Alot of heavier showers seemed to pass to the north or south. That's just the way it goes.
  2. Slight dusting of snow here in Derby this morning. Still windy, and looks to be plenty of fast moving showers around.
  3. Really light snow here, can see it under the street lights, nothing to speak of settling though. Strong howling wind too.
  4. Quite heavy rain here in Derby. Doesn't feel cold enough for snow to me, but perhaps the temperature will drop as the day goes on. Always seems odd when that happens as usually this is the coldest point of the day.
  5. Dry here in Derby so far. Just have to see what happens, we can't control the weather.
  6. Moderate steady rain now in Derby. May turn wintry after dark. Whether it does or not plenty of ice tomorrow!
  7. Light drizzle just east of Derby. Slight breeze and car says temp of 3.5c. Has felt cooler the last hour or so compared to this morning.
  8. Its the highest village in the country in Peak District between Leek and Buxton. If it doesn't snow there, nowhere will get snow!
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