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  1. You were right, perhaps the ECM is the right horse to back / form horse 🐎 🐴?😜...Or am I talking a load of old pony?🤪
  2. Just a quickie from moi, not wanting to sound pretentious or anything!🧐😜..looking at the ECM 12z op, high pressure does begin to build in during the later frames and temperatures start to recover by day 10...as for the GEFS 12z...on balance there’s still a decent signal that our weather could settle down during the first few days of November but the position / orientation of the anticyclone would make a huge difference to the surface conditions..actually I do sound pretentious don’t I?😉
  3. That’s a pretty amazing day 10 ECM 0z op today..almost gives you a warm glow just looking at it!🔥...564 dam on Halloween 🎃 would surely be very exceptional on the cusp of November?!!! 👻
  4. OK..last one from me for a while..some of you will be pleased about that I’m sure..hmm?...anyway, perhaps high pressure could gain a foothold longer term according to the GEFS 12z!..time will reveal all!😜
  5. Steve Is right, T+144 Ukmo 12h looks blocked....but if u want instant gratification..check out the Levi YouTube cam for your snow fix!!..and failing that, the Santa Claus village tomoz!!!!!!!😜
  6. Ok gang, do I want snaw?..of course I want snaw...but currently this is what the mods.. I mean the models show!....for the record, I hope the upcoming winter delivers, I’ve suffered, like every other coldie through the diabolical recent so called winters but I have a feeling..with solar minima and all. that winter 2020 / 21 will be somewhat better!...in the meantime, perhaps some high pressure could be ours in late autumn?!!!!😜
  7. Oh my...for sure the ECM 0z ens mean shows an unsettled extended outlook..but surely that’s within the scope of probability for the time of year..hmm..hmm.hmm?..anyway, this is still autumn..if you want winter, check out the Levi Finland cam..yeah it’s snowingggg..for the u k..winter normally starts on dec 1st!!!!🧐😜
  8. I agree with Matt, great to see the additional funny faces etc etc ..also nice to see a more settled end to Oct / start to Nov on the Gfs 6z op!🙂
  9. Honestly guys, I am a coldie despite what some may think 🤔 of some of my recent posts but I’ve just checked the longer term GEFS 12z mean and it shows this!!! Anyway..the hunt for cold 🥶 goes on and on but fear not, winter is still six weeks away!🤪😜🧐
  10. I was rather hoping the GFS / GEFS would have built on the idea of the 0z op with a risk of a good dump of snaw for parts of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 early next week but that seems to have diminished considerably, it would certainly have spiced things up next week talking about snaw in October!!!!..and who knows, with some uncertainty about exact low pressure tracks..perhaps we won’t be only discussing mild, wet and windy!!!!😁😜🧐...anyway, whatever transpires, winter is edging closer and will hopefully be a vast improvement on recent ones!!!!!!😉🥶
  11. Chance of some snaw next week on the Gfs 0z op!!!🧐😜🥶 ❄️
  12. I wondered why it was so quiet on here, of course, England are losing at football!😁..anyway, tonight’s ECM 12z ens mean indicates an increasingly unsettled (cyclonic) spell next week with temperatures close to average..and further ahead looks zonal (Atlantic driven) with temperatures recovering, especially further south.😜
  13. Looking 👀 at the GEFS 12z..,I certainly haven’t given up on a pleasant anticyclonic late October!..could be unseasonably warm to!!!!!😁😜🧐☀️...since the coldies have now taken over I expect plenty of sad faces..bring it on!!!
  14. Wow take a look 👀 at this from the GEFS 6z mean..anyone hoping for a long unsettled outlook MAY be disappointed..pleasant anticyclonic late October anyone?😉!!!🧐😜☀️
  15. If a few charts like these verify in late autumn, the daffodils 🌼 will be sprouting in late nov / early dec!!!😜
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