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  1. Nice 6z weather bomb!..hopefully see you again next year.
  2. Hi gang, sorry I'm not posting at the moment, my dad is seriously ill so I'm sure you will understand. Looking at the latest models, nothing particularly wintry on offer but we all know that can soon change...anyway, I will keep an eye on the models and merry Christmas to everyone.
  3. Not posted since Sunday but this is what I'm hoping for..this is winter isn't it?...I want snow dammit!!!!!!!!❄
  4. Winter just wouldn't be Winter without at least some cold air from the north so I dearly hope the Ecm 0z operational has this nailed...in which case I would definitely buy this for a dollar!!!! $
  5. Looking at the Ecm 12z operational @ day 10...if I was in the far NE I'd buy that for a [email protected]$$$$$
  6. I got these from the Gfs 6z operational ...hiccup..nae bad innit!❄❄❄
  7. I made a mistake, I've been drinking..I meant the mid range onwards!!!.I'm not the brightest tool in the box but I certainly see encouraging signs from the models so far today from a coldie perspective!!
  8. I love the shameless cold ramping, I really do...looking at the GEFS longer term I can kind of see where it's coming from!
  9. Just been looking at the GEFS 12z postage stamps between christmas & new year and there's certainly increased snow potential!❄❄
  10. Looking at the Gfs 0z operational there's certainly some snow potential during the coming days / nights..even Christmas day shows snow!❄
  11. The longer term Ecm 0z ensemble mean is cooling on the idea of the euro trash high bringing a benign mild christmas..it looks wetter..if it can't be cold, at least let it be wet!!..
  12. Looking at the longer term GEFS 6z there is certainly some wintry interest around Christmas time..oh I love P14 !!!!!!!!!
  13. Time for some reverse psychology..wow what an amazing Ecm 12z operational ...I really hope it does turn much milder!
  14. Looking through the GEFS 0z there is some hope for coldies on the cusp of christmas, it's NOT the form horse by any means but so what!!..it's a possibility!!!!❄
  15. Just a quickie from moi...Looking at the GEFS 12z mean it's a very unsettled (disturbed) outlook with temperatures predominantly below average across northern uk, cold enough at times for snow across northern hills / mountains but temps closer to average further south.
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