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  1. Looking into early August I wouldn't rule out another plume, the GEFS 6z certainly hasn't !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Here's the ICON 6z..Thursday scorcher, heat record should go, Friday hot further s / e and warm uppers persist through the weekend further e / ne... As for today, 35c is possible for the SE, 32-33c tomorrow and then 36-38c on thursday, still around 30c on friday further east / southeast...shouldn't forget the intense humidity, hot nights and thunderstorm potential tonight!
  3. Looking at the GEFS 6z mean, there's very good support for Friday to be hot across the eastern / southern half of england, not as hot as thursday but still a good chance of 30-31c which is still hot!!
  4. Looking at the Gfs 6z operational there is a chance of 37-38c across parts of London and the SE on thursday and low 30's celsius on friday..saturday cooling down to the low to mid 20's c and then warmer again on sun / mon with temps back into the upper 20's c further s / se.
  5. Looking at the Gfs 0z operational, Friday could hit 32c 90f across the SE following the 37c 99f on thursday!!!!! Just a few days ago there was support for cooler / fresher air right across the uk by wed night or thursday morning at the latest!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The Gfs 18z operational is going for 36c in the SE on thursday and again there's a small area within the main heat zone which could hit 37-38c which would of course beat the Heathrow July 2015 record which I believe is 36.7c?....impressive cape, ripe for T-Storm development!
  7. Gorgeous Ecm 12z ensemble mean chart for thursday!!!.. Hope we see more of this next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...smokin!!
  8. Indeed, decent Ecm 12z ensemble mean, fantastic mean for most of this week!!!!!!!!!!!..at day 10 it looks like a north / south split with lower heights to the NW and the azores ridge nosing in close to the south...enjoy this week though..it's a classic!!!!!
  9. Probably mid 20's c..warm enough for most and certainly above average..more warm or very warm weather next week too, and humid with a further risk of thunder and showers with sunny spells.
  10. I concur, even into next week..it surpasses my wildest dreams, no cool green snot within sight!!!!!
  11. Does it really matter if it's 36c instead of 38c?..most of the uk is going to be lower than that anyway!!!. I'm just delighted with the westward corrections prolonging the hot spell!!
  12. Compared to what the models were showing a few days ago, if you're a heat fan these upgrades today are sensational, the Ecm 12z operational still looks hot across the east on friday..as for thursday..gonna be hot, hot, hot..smokin!!!!
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