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  1. Could we see a cold spell with a risk of snow before november?...looking at the GEFS 00z..There is potential!
  2. Another Gfs run showing an Arctic blast with snow, ice and frosts towards the end of october..hope the 00z is right!!..Great model watching!
  3. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean is strongly influenced by high pressure / ridging so predominantly fine weather but if the high drifts far enough west into the atlantic it would open the door to something colder and more unsettled..possibly even wintry from the NW or N towards the end of october.
  4. Most of the Ecm 12z for most of the uk looks anticyclonic with some warm days for the time of year but also some cooler / colder days and nights as the position / orientation of the high changes.
  5. Looking through the GEFS 12z postage stamps..some of them look on the wintry side with a risk of frosts / ice and snow towards the end of october..this would be very good news to my fellow coldies!
  6. The GEFS 12z mean indicates a colder and unsettled late october with a NW'ly / N'ly airflow so there could be a wintry flavour to our weather before november!☺
  7. The coldie in me is really hoping for a very cold shot at the end of october and the Gfs 12z operational has a go but doesn't quite deliver on this run but the general trend is still encouraging if it's colder more seasonal weather you're looking for now.☺
  8. Hope we see many more charts like these in the coming days, weeks and months!..we've had more than enough benign warmth..time we had some cold!
  9. There was snow in SE England..among plenty of other places in late october 2008...if you were referring to my post (s) all i'm saying is the Gfs has been indicating a cold shot from the arctic around the last few days of october on and off for a while now and the GEFS 6z mean supports it too..following all the record warmth this autumn so far, I think it would be very nice for coldies to get a very early taste of winter!☺
  10. The GEFS 6z mean clearly shows this, really strong support currently for a cold plunge from a polar / arctic maritime source towards the end of october..looking at the postage stamps..some snow too, especially for the north...maybe some wintry weather before november could be ours!!❄❄
  11. Let's hope the Gfs is right about an Arctic blast at the end of October and then it will be Hats on..and scarf..and gloves!
  12. Looking at the Ecm 12z we may not be finished with unseasonable warmth yet, next saturday looks potentially very warm again depending on sunshine amounts but then a cold blast glancing blow for the N / E and beyond day 10 perhaps a more widespread polar maritime shot would sweep down across the uk from the NW.
  13. Another Gfs run showing an arctic shot towards the end of october..could some of us see snow before november?..don't rule it out!
  14. Looking at the GEFS 6z mean, following a changeable spell out to next midweek, there are then signs that high pressure could build in across southern uk with a spell of predominantly settled weather further south but then towards the end of october, the postage stamps show we can't rule out the possibility of a cold shot from the NW / N with a risk of snow on northern high ground.☺
  15. Looking at the Gfs 6z operational it's not bad at all after the next few days, high pressure / ridging becomes more influential next week, especially further south bringing a predominantly fine spell with just a little rain, mostly further north. There is a colder showery NW'ly flow during late october but overall it's a decent outlook for most of the uk..according to this run!☺
  16. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean indicates a north / south split developing with most of the unsettled weather across northern uk and the best chance of fine spells further south.
  17. The GEFS 12z mean indicates a generally changeable outlook but on balance, the south has more high than low pressure, ergo more in the way of decent pleasant spells across southern uk between occasional atlantic systems with the north tending to catch most of the rain / wind but even the north having some fine weather at times. There would be some cold nights with a risk of frost, mist and fog patches during the quieter spells but with pleasant sunny spells where it clears up.
  18. The Gfs 12z operational is neither settled nor unsettled..it's changeable with some fine pleasant high pressure / ridging interspersed with some low pressure bringing rain, cold enough at times for a risk of snow on the scottish mountains and some overnight frosts with mist / fog patches during the quieter spells.
  19. The GEFS 6z mean also indicates increasing high pressure / ridge influence next week and beyond, especially further south, not looking anything like as unsettled as recent runs showed!☺
  20. A much more settled look to the Gfs 6z operational with lots of high pressure / azores ridging, it's not really until the end of the run when there is signs of change..so, on this run there would be predominantly fine conditions with variable cloud amounts and pleasant sunny spells and some cold nights with a risk of mist / fog and frosts.
  21. Charts to warm the cockles of a coldies heart from the Gfs 00z operational..turns into a thing of BEAUTY!!!
  22. The Ecm 12z is a generally unsettled run, especially further north. There is plenty of low pressure separated by weak transient ridging and saturday is the last of the very warm days, beyond that looks much more chilly with only short-lived milder interludes.
  23. Wow what a wintry late october on the Gfs 12z operational..yes it's deep FI but it's also a recurring theme so hopefully it's on to something!..snow in october would be fantastic!!
  24. The GEFS 6z mean indicates a pretty unsettled outlook, especially further north. There is some ebb and flow of the azores high / ridge and lower heights to the nw / n further ahead but next week looks widely unsettled with lows frequently moving in off the atlantic and looking through the postage stamps, there is some snow potential for higher parts of the north at times and for it to be cold enough at times for frosts during the quieter interludes between atlantic systems and perhaps more so across the south because the south has a higher chance of longer calmer periods beyond next week whereas the further north you are looks breezier / windier and more unsettled generally.☺