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  1. -5 uppers don't excite me at all, in winter and certainly not spring..it has to be a potent blast or bring on summer!
  2. The Ecm 00z doesn't really cut the mustard in terms of cold next week with -5 uppers which means max temps of 10-12c in early april..a bit colder for scotland...uppers of -10 / -15 are necessary in early April to deliver enough of a sting.
  3. The Gfs is still showing the arctic visiting the UK next week with snow for many
  4. Usually it's all too far east, this time the main thrust is further west..unusual, however, I am loving all this cold eye candy in spring following an utterly demoralizing exhausting winter..hope we can get lucky at least once until the chase begins again later in the year!!
  5. What's so amazing is the coldest uppers missed us to the west..imagine what a direct hit would have been like!
  6. And then comes the thaw and those 20 foot deep snow drifts start to melt..still, it was good while it lasted
  7. Winters coming..brace yourselves....tell your family, stock up on essentials, gird your loins..hunker down!
  8. Now that's what I call a Northerly blast, insane for the time of year it's showing!drifting snow, high windchill, ice days..calm down karl..zen zen
  9. Certainly tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean is trending more changeable / unsettled next week and it doesn't look mild, not that cold either but not mild like we are seeing this week..indeed, following a largely settled increasingly warm week and start to the weekend, it turns colder and less settled for sun / mon.
  10. Or Dec and Jan for that matter.. Anyway..looking at the latest models, certainly the gfs / gefs there's potential for a cold snap, maybe even reloading cold shots during the first 2 weeks of april..on the other hand, it may just be bog standard changeable / unsettled beyond this nice anticyclonic week.
  11. Indeed there is some snow activity, not just on the operational / parallel
  12. Well you and others are only describing what the models are showing..so it's not crap, the outcome may be crap though..as usual!
  13. If the gfs is right about next week we will have to don the gloves, scarf and woolly hats
  14. I believe there is a chance of either a polar / arctic maritime blast next week, if it's polar the risk of snow would be limited to northern hills but if it's arctic with -10 850's or lower, there will be snow around, not just in the north and on hills.
  15. The GEFS 12z adds some support to the operational / parallel arctic plunge next week.
  16. We've had 2 cracking Arctic shots on the Gfs so far today..00z and now the 12z and it's not really in the very depths of FI either, it's next week we are talking about and even today's update from exeter again mentions potential for colder interludes so a strong Pm / Am blast or two would be entirely possible given the fluidity of the upstream pattern beyond our anticyclonic spell.
  17. The parallel also shows a cold shot from the north but not as cold as the operational.
  18. It's interesting to note that the warmest day this week on the Gfs 12z operational isn't friday..it's now saturday when 19 to possibly 20c could be squeezed out across parts of the s / se.. but by sunday it's much cooler or indeed colder across the board.
  19. Can't believe I missed P7..and P11..I blame model fatigue..and both of these show snow!..I really need to improve don't i
  20. Looking through the GEFS 6z there's some interest in terms of flirting with arctic air and also something much warmer from the south..oh and everything inbetween!
  21. Impressive stuff for april on the Gfs 00z operational and now the 6z parallel, it's shameful we can't get charts like that to verify in winter, truly pathetic our climate!
  22. Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that the 6z has ditched the screaming Northerly that the 00z showed and shunted it much further east with high pressure instead..par for the course coldies isn't it? Ends chilly though, great synoptically but wrong season dammit!!
  23. Holy cow, 510 dam in early April on Gfs 00z operational and a snow fest..I kid you not!!..anyweather..take a bow..hold on though, it hasn't happened yet!!
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