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  1. I honestly don't understand the negativity in here, both the GEFS / ECM 12z mean show a fantastic extended outlook, you would struggle to find a better Ecm 12z ensemble mean than what I've posted above which indicates a nationwide summery spell on the way..Even before then, southern areas will see 25c tomorrow and 26 / 27c on tues / wed across the s / se....I'm hoping the met office are right, if they are there's lots to look forward to in the weeks ahead for those of us who love summery weather!
  2. The Ecm 12z ensemble mean again turns into a fantastic run for summer warmth and settled weather.
  3. The Ecm 12z turns into a great run for all..much as the 00z did..lots of positives today!
  4. I'm really liking the Ecm 12z with an anticyclone building in later in the week when it also starts to warm up again following a cooler day or so and let's not gloss over the first half of the week which becomes very warm further south with plenty of sunshine...it's turning into a superb run!
  5. Another superb GEFS 12z mean longer term with lots of high pressure and warmth, becoming very warm further south and northern uk becomes fine and warm too..very good signs towards the end of June and into early July.
  6. Yes I agree the Ukmo 12z would be much better across southern uk post T+144 hours and let's not ignore the first half of the week ahead which looks very good across the south with very warm and settled conditions..the cooler blip later in the week looks just that..a blip.
  7. Yes it's an exceptionally good extended GEFS 6z mean for those of us hoping for a return of very summery weather with strong azores high / ridge influence, it would become very warm further south and even northern uk would see plenty of fine warm weather..fingers crossed!
  8. Another superb Ecm 00z ensemble mean longer term!
  9. I've never taken the CFS seriously..whatever it shows, in fact..I hardly ever bother looking at it..that's how highly i rate it!!
  10. You're absolutely right..the T+240 mean is a cracker..
  11. Really good looking GEFS 12z mean.. azores ridge domination with a good deal of settled and sunny weather..the south of the uk looks generally warm bar that cooler blip later next week..the warmest weather particularly across southern / southeast england..decent summer weather.
  12. The Ecm 12z actually looks good, plenty of high pressure / ridging and plenty of warmth further south, just that cooler blip thurs / fri but there should be a decent amount of sunshine for most of the uk..I've seen much worse in late june!
  13. Indeed, before the big freeze arrives later next week the Ecm 12z shows some very warm settled weather across southern uk..especially wednesday.
  14. The nights are at their shortest and it won't feel chilly in the late June sun..you've actually made a decent week ahead, at least for the south sound awful..congratulations!
  15. There's some really decent late June weather on the Gfs 12z, not only in the week ahead but the extended outlook too...as these charts show.
  16. Nice Ukmo 12z.. great to see high pressure in the ascendancy! Beyond T+144 would be even better as the 1030 mb high drifts east right over the uk.
  17. The GEFS 6z mean is dominated by azores ridging until well into low res so predominantly fine and warm sums it up, best across most of england and wales, especially further south..cooler for northern uk.
  18. A very good Gfs 6z operational for southern uk with predominantly settled warm conditions bar the odd cooler day in high res..next thursday for example but the warmth soon returns and stays until deep into low res..really it's all about high pressure / ridging building in and rebuilding in throughout with most of the unsettled weather mainly brushing across northern uk where it also looks cooler but even the north has some decent fine spells too.
  19. And here it is, the Ecm 12z which is head and shoulders above other output so far today..really summery charts here for southern uk with a lot of azores high / ridge influence..and northern uk eventually warms up...what a finish too!
  20. Yes indeed, what a run this Ecm 12z is turning into for southern uk in particular, plenty of azores / continental heights and some very warm weather too with 564 dam thicknesses...stunning charts and finish..going to post them shortly.
  21. The Gem 12z shows increasingly warm and predominantly fine weather across southern uk next week, especially for s / se england..much cooler and less settled across northern uk ( scotland / n.ireland)..there's a brief cooler blip further south much later next week before it again warms up considerably for the s / se..more humid too with a risk of thundery showers.
  22. The Gfs 12z operational also shows plenty of high pressure / ridging next week with the best of the fine weather further south but the most noticeable thing about next week is the temperature contrast from north to south with scotland / n.ireland varying anywhere from low / mid / upper teens celsius, coolest across the far n / nw compared to low to mid 20's celsius across most of england and wales, very warm upper 20's c for a time across southern / southeast england between mid / late next week.
  23. The Ukmo 12z shows plenty of high pressure ridging next week, especially across southern uk and early next week it's set to turn warmer and sunnier across the s / se, progressively cooler and more changeable further n / nw..that same n / s - nw / se split continues through to T+144 hours with the south doing well for fine and warm weather, the risk of a few showers but predominantly settled the further south you are.
  24. The Gfs 6z operational looks summery next week across southern uk with heights from the azores and the near continent extending across most of the uk with temps across southern britain into the low to mid 20's celsius and next thursday as high as 30c 86f across the SE..28/29c next friday too..with the temperatures shown there would be plenty of sunshine but also the risk of some thundery showers developing in response to the very warm temperatures and increasing humidity...it should be noted that northern uk is much cooler in comparison but still with some fine conditions at times.