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  1. This is great to see from the Ecm 12z..quite a high windchill factor there and hopefully even more short term favourable tweaks to come which would mean better prospects in the mid / longer range!!
  2. As I've been saying, next week looks interesting, don't write this off coldies..there could be some nice surprises in store!
  3. Cheers mike, you have been brilliant this year, hats off to you..yes, the models thankfully look interesting for us coldies in the run up to crimbo..and beyond hopefully.
  4. Indeed snowray, I'm using my instinct here..the models just don't look like delivering the usual default mild cr*p we are so used to..I wouldn't even be posting if I didn't think coldies are in the game for something before crimbo!
  5. We have a battle on our hands folks, some of us could see SNOW in the next week or so..I'm really pleased with the early winter pattern, so often it's dire mild cr*p at this time of year but this feels different..although I'm technically drunk as i type this something feels different about coldies prospects this winter..fingers crossed!
  6. Merry Christmas Netweather from the Gfs 6z operational...yes I've been drinking!
  7. Looking at tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean there is deeper cold flirting close to the east next week..could yet be a very interesting period coming up with the first Battleground of hopefully many this winter!..I didn't get where I am today by giving up on cold potential!
  8. Potentially exciting knife-edge stuff next week, if the atlantic influence is being overestimated, it could be very thrilling..and so early in the season!..let's hope this will set the tone for the next 3 / 4 months!!
  9. Whatever the individual operational runs are showing there's a Battleground set to develop next week between the atlantic / scandi block with fronts struggling to push east into some cold air..recipe for rain to turn to sleet / wet snow!!..very good to see this so early in winter!!
  10. As CJ used to say..I didn't get where I am today by posting charts that will verify..it's fun though!
  11. Just checked the models, I'm seeing lots of trough disruption so far today..could be a very interesting period coming up as the atlantic does battle with the scandi block..some of us, especially higher up could see some wintry ppn..even some snow!
  12. Looking at the Ecm 12z it's a Mexican standoff between the Scandinavian block and the atlantic, I see lots of potential for trough disruption and some rather cold air in the mix so a chance of some wintry precipitation but especially with elevation...fascinating watching this unfold and to think there's several months of wintry potential for coldies to look forward to!..it's only just begun!!
  13. In a nutshell, it's a finely balanced outlook, not seeing a full scale unsettled period, there should be some frosty icy nights, especially further e / n...not seeing any mild sw'ly trash which pleases me the most!...I feel it won't take much to tip us into a proper wintry pattern.
  14. I would much rather see cold zonality that the extended Ecm 00z ensemble mean shows than mild benign or sw'ly zephyrs cr*p..
  15. At least the Ecm 00z shows cold zonality later on with 526 / 528 dam which is much better than sw'ly zephyrs!!!
  16. Looking at tonight's extended Ecm 12z ensemble mean..to me that is pretty chilly and increasingly unsettled so potential for a wintry mix, especially at elevation..not mild sw'ly mush!
  17. I'm not seeing anything mild as such beyond the next few days, temps becoming generally below average sums it up so feeling seasonal and there is potential for some trough disruption further ahead with a rain, sleet and snow mix...could be worse!
  18. Indeed, looking at the 12z you can clearly see why exeter call it finely balanced..thoroughly enjoyable model watching for sure..hope cold wins!
  19. To me it's a real battle between the scandi block and the atlantic..fascinating watching this unfold and obviously i hope cold wins!!!!!!
  20. Yes I came back because I got a lot of concerned messages, some lovely people on netweather..glad I did come back, the models look fascinatingly poised going forward.
  21. I don't agree, I think it's finely balanced and could easily tip back in our favour..looking forward to the 12z runs!!
  22. No downgrade in longer term outlook..i.e predominantly below average temperatures, at least further east and south...so, some wintry weather is on the menu at times in the weeks ahead!!
  23. The Gfs 6z looks a lot more wintry..and close to Christmas too..Lots of knee jerk reactions earlier...I'm quietly confident there is some wintry weather on the way before crimbo!
  24. Carol Kirkwood says it's going to snow next week, that's good enough for me!! The models still show it turning colder next week compared to this week's mild dross!!
  25. It's turning much colder next week according to the latest models with frosts and for some..snow showers..as a coldie, that suits me sir!!