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  1. I have high hopes for May, it looks like it could be a largely summery month with plenty of warm / very warm anticyclonic weather. The GEFS 6z mean looks very encouraging and the latest update from Exeter is fantastic..fingers crossed.
  2. Here comes the cold blast on the Ecm 12z, safe to say tues / wed will be a lot colder than monday in the south with sunshine / wintry showers.. there is a chance of temporary lying snow, especially on hills and tomorrow could be very wintry across parts of scotland with heavy snow. Frosty nights to come echo of winter during the next 2 / 3 days from the arctic.
  3. It's tomorrow's weather..looks wintry ooop north
  4. Indeed, a spell of heavy snow is expected across northern Scotland warnings have been issued. Looking at the Gfs looks snowy up north tomorrow.
  5. It's late April but there are still snow warnings! A wintry snap on the Gfs 6z with sharp frosts and echo of winter is on the way.
  6. In a nutshell, the first half of the new working week becomes unseasonably cold from the north with wintry showers and night frosts with temporary lying snow at times, especially on hills and further north.
  7. Amazing contrast from north to south tomorrow on the Gfs 00z, pleasantly mild in the south and bitterly cold across parts of scotland with heavy snow!
  8. The Ecm 00z shows a cold snap incoming from the north , especially for tues / wed with sunny / clear spells and wintry showers, widespread night frosts with icy patches and a chance of temporary lying snow here and there but more especially on hills and further north.
  9. Yes you're right about June, snow stopped play during a cricket match on June 2nd 1975 at Buxton and then there was a hot summer..can't remember when it last snowed on Christmas day though. Anyway, cold snap on the way..18z rolling
  10. I love the uk climate, warts and all. It's full of variety. Some of us could see snow falling between Mon / Wed, colder in late April than it was at christmas.
  11. The Ecm 12z becomes much colder from the north for a time next week with showers becoming heavy and more wintry with hail and thunder, cold enough for sleet and snow in some of the showers, especially for northern hills with temps dropping like a stone during showers but then recovering in the sunny spells between and cold nights with frosts and icy patches following late showers but during mid week the arctic maritime flow is cut off and temperatures start to recover. Following a brief ridge it becomes more unsettled from the north Atlantic with the northwest of the uk catching the most unsettled conditions whereas the s / se generally improves by T+240.
  12. Yes its amusing isn't it, we may catch a wintry shower and also get Sun burn.
  13. Lol yep, never even saw him lurking..a bad sign..anyhoo, longer term signals are more promising with warmer temps and higher pressure during May.
  14. Looking into May, the GEFS 12z mean shows a pattern change to much more benign pleasantly warm anticyclonic did the 6z, could be a largely blocked and nice last month of spring.