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  1. I'm running out of superlatives, another stunning Ecm det...yet another hot reload, it's a very special summer this..long may it continue..until mid Sept at least!
  2. The Ecm 12z turns on the heat pump again, potentially high 20's / low 30's celsius again later in the run..what a summer this is!..very hot and humid continental feed later, I'm thinking sunshine and a risk of thunderstorms at times...Beautiful charts!
  3. It really all depends on sunshine, you can have +15 850's but if it's a cloudy day you may only see 20c at the surface but in the right conditions you could be looking at 30c +
  4. if the 850's are around +10 expect something like mid 20's c depending on sunshine but if they are nearer +15 uppers, something like high 20's to low 30's c can be expected, again, depending on the sun being out for a reasonable length of time.☺
  5. The GEFS 12z mean turns into a beauty again, especially across the southern half of the uk in the mid / longer term with more hot weather through to at least the end of July..the week ahead looks very decent too..compared to how it was looking recently!☺
  6. You're right, the so called unsettled week ahead isn't unsettled at all, plenty of ridging shown here on the ukmo 12z bringing predominantly settled and sunny conditions, tomorrow looks a scorcher again for the s / se..risk of isolated thundery showers being sparked by the high temps and humidity..tues fresher with sunshine and a few heavy showers, again a risk of thunder but isolated then largely fine and becoming very warm again..london for example probably 29 / 30c tomorrow then 25c on tues but then back up to 26 / 27 / 28c etc from midweek through to next weekend!!.☺
  7. The extended GEFS 6z mean is increasingly warm / hot..especially across southern uk with plenty of fine sunny weather with heights from the azores to scandinavia, potential for hotter more humid thundery conditions from the near continent..I dearly hope the second half of this summer is something like the first half..already a memorable summer for the right reasons!!..plenty more to come..it's only half time..summers coming home!☺
  8. The Gfs 6z operational shows plenty of warmth / heat, especially across southern uk, it also indicates plenty of fine weather and most of the precipitation is in the form of showers, most of which would be heavy and thundery but very hit and miss...so, this predominantly wonderful summer looks like continuing with lots more to look forward to as we reach the mid point.☺
  9. Funnily enough, the Ecm 00z ensemble mean looks better.... hotter at days 9 / 10 than it does today when 31c is likely across the SE and 29 / 30c tomorrow...this is a great summer, hopefully the heat will return following the fresher blip..it looks like it will!☺
  10. I'm sure I said this yesterday at around this time but the Ecm 00z hots up again later following a short fresher blip.☺
  11. I think the Ecm 12z ensemble mean is showing encouraging signs further ahead with more azores ridge influence returning..there's plenty of other encouraging signs from today's output, the Gfs / Ecm 12z operational's just two examples.☺
  12. No I think nearer upper 20's c at least for the s / se but probably mid 20's c further n / w..anyway, nothing wrong with mid 20's is there?..loving this summer so far☺
  13. The Ecm just gets better and better, what a magical 12z run this turns into..even better than the 00z and back into the glorious weather we have now..what a summer this is..and much, much more to come!..a summer that keeps on giving and that I'm delighted to keep taking!
  14. Longer term, the GEFS 12z mean is heading in the right direction...increasingly warm and more settled again for the south with heights extending from the azores to scandinavia and potential for hot continental incursion (s) ...so, hopefully the less settled and less hot spell next week will just be a blip and we can soon get back to the kind of weather we have now which has largely dominated this exceptional summer so far!☺
  15. Well..I liked the Gfs 6z but I like the 12z even more..hope it's right about this!☺