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  1. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean again ends on a high note ..and there's plenty of anticyclonic weather through the run, especially for england and wales..looks predominantly pleasant but with some cold starts as many of us had this morning.
  2. Looking at the Gfs 12z operational, the generally uk based anticyclone is under sustained attack and gets pushed and pulled around a lot more than the 6z..and then it turns colder and very unsettled with a Northerly blast which is set up for further reloads beyond the end of the run..even some snow for the hills / mountains of scotland and quite a wintry feel to early october on this run! ❄
  3. Amazingly long lasting anticyclonic spell on the Gfs 6z operational and a pretty settled looking Ecm 00z ensemble mean even at day 10..it does look like a prolonged spell of mainly fine weather, at least for the southern half of the uk with pleasantly warm sunny spells and light winds but some further cold nights with mist / fog patches where skies clear and slight frosts at times, especially in rural areas.
  4. Looking at the Ecm 12z, high pressure gets pushed and pulled this way and that and we get a cold crisp start to October which would feel quite wintry, especially further n / e...winter is coming!
  5. Looking at the GEFS 6z mean it's not just the short / medium term which looks generally anticyclonic.. it continues well into early october the further south you are..so...plenty of fine pleasant days to come with sunny spells and light winds but some cold nights with mist / fog patches where skies clear and even a risk of slight frosts in places, especially in rural areas..any occasional changeable / unsettled weather tending to be restricted to parts of northern britain (scotland) as atlantic conditions brush around the top of the high but for many of us BENIGN sums it up after today.
  6. Another cracking Ecm 00z ensemble mean in the longer term IF you love high pressure and very pleasant surface conditions..indeed, after today, it's anticyclonic throughout across central / southern uk!..enjoy☺
  7. It's a great looking Ecm 12z ensemble mean beyond tomorrow IF you love anticyclonic weather..still going strong at T+240 hours..could be a prolonged settled spell on the way across at least the southern half of the uk!☺
  8. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean is also pointing towards an anticyclonic spell next week following a potentially stormy sunday..a generally fine late september looks increasingly likely for most areas, more especially further south.☺
  9. Looking at the GEFS 12z mean, high pressure is the form next week with a predominantly fine spell across most of the uk, especially further south but then signs of a change to atlantic weather around the turn of the month.
  10. Very good recovery after sunday's storm from the Ecm 12z with high pressure becoming the dominant feature, feeling very pleasant in the sunshine and light winds but with some chilly nights bringing a risk of mist / fog patches.
  11. Never posted in here before but here goes, the Gfs 12z operational shows tomorrow looking very cool and disturbed further n / nw (scotland & n.ireland) with bouts of heavy rain and gales, even severe gales to storm force for a time with gusts from 65/75 mph and over 100mph across the Grampians. Further s / e looks gusty / windy too but less so than further nw and mainly dry, brighter / sunnier and warmer with temps still into the low / mid 20's celsius for the south eastern half of england.
  12. Could be some extremely wild / wet weather this weekend, the Gfs 12z operational even indicates a risk of hill snow in scotland..nice to see the blue 850's on the map to give coldies a little taste of what's to come in the months ahead! ❄
  13. According to the GEFS 6z mean, high pressure is on the way next week, it indicates most of the uk would become settled, lasting longest further south through to the end of september / early october or thereabouts.☺
  14. Following the potential weekend storm the Gfs 6z operational goes on to produce a very pleasant anticyclonic outlook from around next midweek onwards.☺
  15. Great looking Ecm 00z ensemble mean next week onwards... If you love high pressure and very pleasant surface conditions!☺