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  1. I think the heat is due to peak on sun / BH mon at around 28 / 29c for the hottest spots and then drop back slightly into the mid 20's celsius range...still fabulous considering it's not even summer yet..plenty of sunshine, even for eastern coast's and some thunderstorms dotted around too, mainly for the s and w...perfick summer weather..in spring!
  2. Exactly, no downgrade..indeed, the Ecm 12z upgrades the heat and the Gfs 12z becomes very warm too, locally hot further south with temps into the 80's F...superb output for summery weather with plenty of sunshine and some storms too, mainly further south.
  3. The Ecm 12z is a peach of a run if it's summery weather you're after, plenty of sunshine, increasingly very warm nationwide and becoming more humid across the south with an ongoing risk of homegrown thunderstorms breaking out, especially for the south where additionally some would be imported from France but a lot of dry and sunny weather too..turning cooler across the far north by the end of the run but staying very warm for the majority..some great weather for the rest of may!
  4. They haven't backtracked at all, tomorrow's high in leeds is expected to be 20/21c, 23c on thursday, 16c on friday with a risk of thundery rain and then becoming settled with temps into the low 20's c before soaring into the mid 20's celsius during next week!..the models look great..for most if not all of the uk!
  5. They deserve it, most of the year it's cool, wet and windy up there!...anyway, the general pattern for the rest of May and into June is very blocked / pleasant with high pressure to the NE, inland areas should see plenty of warm / very warm sunshine with any mist / low cloud that does roll inland soon burning back to the north sea coast as the very strong late May sun gets to work on it!..further south it looks like becoming very warm or hot with temperatures into the 80's F and further scattered thunderstorms.
  6. Ditto the Ukmo 12z..looks very blocked and pleasant under high pressure influence to the NE, lower heights across France with an ongoing risk of thundery showers, mainly for the south but for most of the uk it looks largely fine with plenty of warm / very warm sunshine.
  7. More very good news, the GEFS 6z mean is very summery throughout with no sign of cool atlantic dross returning this month..or indeed early in June either!
  8. Only 24c!...lol it's not even summer yet Anyway, the Gfs 6z has a very summery look to it almost until the end of the run which takes us into early summer
  9. Early June looks cold on the Gfs 00z too!
  10. It would be great to have the storms at night and hot, dry and sunny days..and the set up the Ecm 12z is showing would mean some would get that while others wouldn't but really it's just wonderful not to see any cool unsettled atlantic dross and instead an anticyclonic / continental combo with sizzling sun and a risk of storms..win win for the majority!
  11. Phew what a scorcher the Ecm 12z turns into and it's not even summer until T+252 hours..sensational charts for spring, especially when the winds go SEly / Sly!..very continental with plenty of very warm / hot sunny BBQ weather on this run!..a risk of T-storms at times too
  12. Fun getting hot and sweaty and soaked from torrential deluges and dodging lightening strikes..can't wait!...stunning summery model output though and hopefully plenty of dry, very warm and sunny to go with it!!!
  13. There's been some interesting cloud formations and thunderstorms today with much less impressive cape levels for parts of the south and for the south, the risk of thundery showers continues for the rest of this week before intensifying over a much wider area of southern uk from sunday and well into next week if the Gfs 12z is right...really summery charts..hope it continues!
  14. I was going to have to look for a magnifying glass to see that but thankfully cheesepuffscott posted!......stunning output today, hope it verifies.
  15. Lovely looking Ecm 12z ensemble mean tonight, summery from start to finish with power to add well beyond day 10...generally pleasantly warm settled weather with lots of strong late May sunshine..a risk of isolated thunderstorms across the south during the week ahead with continental inflow, overall it's a superb summer-like anticyclonic looking mean for late spring..nationwide with the jet pushed well to the north, up near greenland, iceland and northern scandinavia...hopefully there will be plenty more charts like these during the next four months!