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  1. For the most part, northern UK has the worst of the cool and unsettled conditions on the Ecm 12z as they are closest to the trough apart from next midweek when a deepening depression zips in from the atlantic bringing a spell of wet and windy weather to all areas. Towards the end of the run a ridge of high pressure builds in across southern UK with a spell of fine and pleasantly warm weather. The general set up in the coming days is sunshine and showers, some heavy with hail and thunder and merging at times to give longer periods of rain with the windiest and coolest weather across n.ireland and western scotland, away from the showers further south / south-east it will feel warm in the sunshine and generally lighter winds..it's certainly not all bad!
  2. Another upgrade, the GEFS 12z mean shows stronger support than the 6z for the Azores high to build in during the period between early and mid august..I'm just trying to bring some hope that august won't be a cool unsettled write off!..I don't think it will be! to me there are signs that we will see some warm anticyclonic conditions during august, especially further south.
  3. Good news from today's update which is an upgrade on recent days and indicates increasing signs of high pressure and rising temperatures, at least for southern uk not far into august and the GEFS 6z mean also shows signs of the Azores high ridging towards southern uk during the same period. In the meantime it looks like staying generally unsettled but tending to be coolest and windiest across north-west uk..and then hopefully becoming more settled and warmer from the south as we go further into august.
  4. Well, I am encouraged by the GEFS 12z mean 're early / mid august which shows signs of the Azores high becoming more influential again so I thought I would post these 12z perturbations which show all is not lost for some anticyclonic and warm or very warm august weather..we just need to hope the current generally cooler and unsettled spell won't last too long..I know some will be happy for it to continue for the rest of this summer but most of us are hoping charts like these, admittedly deep FI charts at this stage, could be giving us a glimpse of summery times still to come!
  5. Yes man with beard its tough at the moment but if we can hang in there, I'm still seeing tentative signs from the GEFS 12z mean of the Azores high / ridge building NE towards southern UK during the first half of august so there is hope we could see summery weather return after the current changeable / unsettled phase..at least for the south..also Exeter still hinting at some signs of high pressure and rising temps too in their extended outlook..now I've used up all my positive energy for the day..think I need a lie down now
  6. I haven't had any time to comment today but the Gfs 12z has a better low res, at least for southern UK due to some ridges of high pressure bringing at least some fine and warmer spells. Fingers crossed that August will produce at least some warm anticyclonic weather to look forward to at some point!
  7. Yes I've just placed an order for P2 GEFS 12z..should arrive on august 5th
  8. Looking further ahead, there are hints from the GEFS 12z mean of the Azores high ridge building NE towards southern UK during the early august period with a chance of a warmer more settled period for the south at least.
  9. The current model output is making me feel like we have skipped the last days of July and the whole of august and just fast forwarded into September / October. I feel so sorry for UK holiday makers in the height of summer facing a powering up jetstream.
  10. LOL yes, Ballance is rubbish, he should never have been brought back. England need to rebuild with new talent as the current bunch are spineless and collapse in a heap too often..something the England men's team is famous for! they could learn a lot from the far superior ladies team.
  11. I mentioned hints of high pressure next month and the GEFS 6z mean shows that with some support for anticyclonic / ridging close to or over the south of the uk towards week 2 of august..I'm looking for crumbs of hope / comfort.
  12. No real change to the overall set-up..i.e staying changeable with some potent atlantic unsettled spells bringing strong winds and bands of moderate / heavy rain across the uk interspersed with clearer / brighter showery conditions with hail and thunder. The south / south-east are likely to have the best of any short-lived warmer drier intervals and the north-west the most unsettled conditions. Temperatures generally ranging from cool to average across most of the uk..still hints that high pressure could build in at some point during the first half of August.
  13. Congrats to England ladies on winning the cricket world cup again, 4th time I think?..The men on the other hand are cr*p!.
  14. And this is the perfect place to moan, at least I thought it was until this morning
  15. There is also support from the GEFS 12z for high pressure to build in during early August with increasingly warm, dry sunny weather across the uk so the op isn't alone..and there are others which show ridging too..hopefully a growing trend! I'm not even bothered about anything hot.. anticyclonic warm and sunny would suit me following a changeable generally less warm spell.