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  1. I'm waiting for code white Really great 18z with colder uppers (T850's)...Fingers crossed the momentum continues for a NATIONWIDE real taste of winter next week onwards.
  2. Holy ice cubes, Quick..to the ensembles robin!.. silly me, it is the Ecm 12z ensemble mean.. and it shows arctic air flooding south from next tuesday onwards, really impressive mean tonight for a sustained cold outbreak with high pressure to the west and low to the East / Northeast!
  3. For anyone who hasn't seen the Gem 12z run, here it is in all its glory and it certainly ends much better than the Ecm in terms of prolonging the cold unsettled outlook considerably with reloading cold shots from the NE..looks great!
  4. Has the gem ever come off though?..first time for everything I suppose☺😀😄
  5. Makes a change from casper the friendly ghost looking northwest at T+96 yesterday evening As for tonight's Ecm 12z, plenty of cold weather, some days colder than others next week with a risk of snow in places and frosty nights where skies clear..nothing mild showing, just a little less cold at times , next monday for example but generally winds coming down from the N / NE...I will take this over the usual mild mush anytime ta very much!
  6. Absolutely no sign of a return to anything mild on the GEFS 6z mean which shows a cold and showery N'ly airflow for most of next week with wintry showers and frosty nights followed by high pressure becoming more influential from the west with plenty of crisp bright chilly days followed by overnight frosts and probable fog as winds become generally lighter..there is the possibility that high pressure will stay out to the west in mid atlantic ridging north to greenland with lower heights persisting to the east / northeast with reloads of polar / arctic air...
  7. I certainly don't see a straightforward path to sustained cold nirvana either Tamara as this is the uk and nothing involving cold is straightforward. . great post as usual by the way What I do see is more wintry potential at this time of year compared to recent years with at least some cold outbreaks of polar / arctic maritime and perhaps continental arctic too with more in the way of cold air than mild..this coldie finds the latest models / update from Exeter very encouraging compared to the usual relentless mild dross the uk gets!
  8. To be honest, it's about as good as coldies could hope for with what sounds like being a generally meridional pattern with winds predominantly between nw'ly / ne'ly drawing polar / arctic maritime air down across the uk with wintry ppn including snow, especially across hills and further north plus plenty of frosts and icy patches..great model watching..for coldies!I love the words blocked and cold
  9. Plenty of cold clean crisp arctic air on the 00z models which is great to see, just a less cold wetter day on Monday then turning colder again..life is good for coldies..what a pleasant change that is!
  10. No complaints from me having endured 13 / 14c this week..the Ecm 12z turns into a cold run with a nice reload towards the end and I see no reason why it can't upgrade the cold on subsequent runs as per gfs. This is a nicely evolving situation for netweather coldies!
  11. Ecm 12z looks darn good to me, good as in cold with wintry ppn and night frosts / ice..Not good if you love mild mush..I'm very happy with this and the earlier Gfs run..a cold end to autumn / start of winter..tar very much!
  12. Before we even get to the potential fun and games shown on the Gfs 12z next week, the next few days look a lot more seasonal with cold frosty nights and plenty of sunny spells and crisp feeling days with wintry showers to exposed parts of the w / nw with snow on hills. If the Gfs is right about next week it will be like the update from Exeter which is increasingly wintry next week..Fingers crossed!
  13. Tomorrow and the weekend is expected to be significantly colder than recently with good spells of sunshine inland but also some showers, mainly to exposed western and northern coasts and w / nw higher ground, wintry on hills and overnight frosts. Next week is set to become even colder with more of an arctic chill bringing increasingly wintry showers, some prolonged and heavy and most frequent to exposed northern and eastern areas, cold enough for sleet and snow, especially on hills and cold frosty nights with icy patches where skies clear..pretty darn good for the last week of autumn into the start of winter tar very much!
  14. Plenty of snow on the Gfs 00z to bury the early season daffs!
  15. Indeed it is..Another generally positive day and night for coldies from the models..some of us will see snow from this colder spell..hopefully the appetizer before the main course (winter)