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  1. Again there is some wintry weather on the GEFS 12z towards mid March which is the timeframe of particular interest going by the met office 're mid to late March having a chance of being cold with snow / ice and widespread frosts..P5 would suit me!
  2. That's more like it! Again mid March range but the Gfs 12z ties in with the pros current thoughts 're this period, mid / late March snowfest is not out of the question.
  3. There are a few GEFS 6z perturbations similar to the 6z operational. As I said before, there must be other models (seasonal / monthly) showing more support for cold and snow in the mid / longer range or the pros wouldn't keep mentioning it every day..anyway, I haven't given up on a proper snow fix..even late April has been known to produce a few feet of snow..1981!
  4. This looks good for mid March on the Gfs 6z and before someone says it's over two weeks away and pointless..there has been no downgrade from Exeter, so cold periods with snow are still in their thoughts which must mean GloSea 5 and or mogreps is painting a potentially wintry picture further into March.
  5. The Gfs 18z shows a very pleasant early taste of spring during early / mid March..a long southerly draw from north Africa!
  6. Wouldn't that be wonderful..hope this forum is buzzing again soon! I'm finding the model watching a lot more interesting than I have for most of the winter which for most of the time was like watching paint dry!
  7. Interesting Ecm 12z with a colder first half to the week with wintry showers and night frosts, then the cold air retreats north as complex slow moving trough (s) move across the uk and temps recover for a time but then once it's finally cleared away to the E / NE the cold air (still in situ across the far north) spreads south again as a ridge extends southwards from iceland and at the same time, the azores high ridges NE and they merge at T+240 which looks chilly and increasingly anticyclonic with pleasant sunshine and frosty nights..plenty going unsettled spell but ends on a high note. :- )
  8. Nice spell of spring-like anticyclonic weather in the extended range on the Gfs 12z..very pleasant in the sunshine.
  9. The Gfs 12z shows snow around later tomorrow, especially nw england, wales, ireland..even southwest england! Overnight it turns frosty with icy patches.
  10. Sorry but its not pointless, if you had read what I said about the charts I posted tie in with the hints from the pros at Exeter regarding mid / late March..all to play for!
  11. Casting the net out further into March, there are some wintry signs from the GEFS 6z which would tie in with the met office hints at cold outbreaks with snow in places during mid / late March which to me is exciting considering how insipid the last three months have been..this isn't the time for coldies to throw in the towel with charts like these!
  12. Yes tomorrow looks an exciting day weatherwise with some big wintry showers and surprise accumulations, beautiful cloud the boring MLB dry, dull dross we had for most of the winter!..enjoy!
  13. The GEFS 6z mean shows a generally unsettled outlook for the next few weeks although just for a time, high pressure tries to ridge up from the south but on balance, doesn't looks like typical early spring weather with the lowest temps in scotland and closer to average further south..hints of a possible cold snap later with mid atlantic ridge and scandi trough.
  14. The Gfs 6z turns more spring-like temperature wise during low res as winds become more southerly in direction pumping milder air up from southern europe / azores.
  15. The Gfs 6z shows some wintry ppn during the coming days / night's, especially further north and with elevation although later tomorrow there is even a risk of snow in Ireland, Wales and the southwest.