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  1. A better Ecm 12z run compared to the 00z where the atlantic eventually bulldozed through..there is more of a battle with the anticyclonic block to the NE putting up a good fight against the atlantic!
  2. The Ecm 00z builds on last evening's 12z with an increasingly pleasant anticyclonic late september which would hopefully last into next month with a large blocking scandi high becoming the dominant feature..fingers crossed!
  3. Late September will be very pleasant with high pressure in charge nationwide IF the Ecm 12z is right.
  4. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean looks as good, if not better than the earlier operational beyond the next week or so with a strong blocking scandi high / ridge becoming the dominant feature bringing very pleasant conditions nationwide..hope it's right!
  5. The Ecm 12z shows much better weather next week for most areas compared to this week with a ridge of high pressure building in bringing plenty of fine weather with sunny spells and lighter winds, especially further s / e with just more north-western parts of the uk having some Atlantic weather pushing in for a time following a fine spell early next week and looking ahead to day 10 and beyond it continues largely fine and benign across the uk with variable amounts of cloud and sunshine followed by chilly nights where skies clear with mist / fog patches..the friendlier face of autumn compared to the wet and windy conditions!
  6. The GEFS 12z mean, especially longer term is looking increasingly settled with benign autumn conditions under high pressure with light winds, pleasant sunny spells but with cold nights under clearer skies with mist and fog..mists and mellow fruitfulness through the extended outlook if this is right.
  7. The Gfs 12z gives us a nice ridge of high pressure early next week so some fine weather for a time, especially further s / e which is then briefly interrupted from the w / nw during the midweek period before our weather then becomes very anticyclonic for a while with a decent settled spell of autumn weather across the uk with light winds, variable cloud and plenty of sunshine with pleasantly warm temperatures by day but with cold nights where skies clear and an increasing risk of mist and fog patches. In the meantime, low pressure is very much in charge with a cool and breezy mix of sunshine and blustery showers, some heavy with hail and thunder. The weekend looks similar but at least the winds are set to become lighter and the trend appears to be for more in the way of sunny spells and less showers.
  8. I'm not counting on it, just saying it would be nice that's all :- )
  9. The Gfs 6z eventually becomes very anticyclonic..mists and mellow fruitfulness springs to mind, that would be a lovely spell.
  10. The Ecm 12z shows a gradually improving picture by next weekend as winds become lighter and pressure rises across the uk and that process continues into the following week as the azores high ridges in strongly across the uk with increasingly fine pleasantly warm days and sunny spells with chilly nights bringing a risk of mist / fog patches forming as you would expect as we head further into autumn.
  11. The Gfs 12z shows an unsettled week ahead with low pressure in charge, fresh to strong winds, especially midweek and a mix of sunshine and showers, some heavy with hail and thunder but then comes a change during next weekend as high pressure gradually builds in with drier and brighter days and feeling warmer in the sunshine and lighter winds but chilly nights with a risk of mist and fog patches forming and still a risk of a few showers with breezier conditions across the southeast for a time but generally fine for most of the uk. It then briefly becomes more changeable later the following week, especially across the north / northwest but high pressure again builds in strongly across southern uk later in low res with increasingly fine and sunny pleasantly warm days / chilly nights under clear skies with mist / fog and perhaps a touch of frost, especially settled across england and wales.
  12. The Gfs 6z turns into a more settled run beyond the very unsettled autumnal week ahead with high pressure becoming much more influential, especially across southern uk where the best of the weather would be..and unlike the 00z which brought a very early taste of winter to northern uk by late september with arctic air drawn south, the 6z shows winds becoming southerly, sourced from southern europe / north africa with temps trending well above average..indeed, very warm and increasingly humid further south with a risk of thundery showers and warm air bathing the rest of the uk too.
  13. I found some snow and frost in the north at the end of the Gfs 00z..hopefully a sign of things to come as we go deeper into autumn and then into winter!
  14. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean indicates a marked improvement in our weather from mid month onwards, especially across the southern half of the uk with high pressure gradually building in from the Atlantic and becoming the dominant feature bringing increasingly pleasantly warmer days with sunny periods and light winds but with chilly nights under clear skies with mist / fog patches and a risk of a touch of frost.
  15. Following the generally cool, breezy unsettled conditions for most of next week the Ecm 12z shows a wonderful recovery later with high pressure building in with increasing day time warmth and sunshine from towards the end of next week onwards, especially further south.