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  1. I'm back, don't know who that other person was..looking forward to a stellar 18z!!
  2. Amazing how things have changed, on this morning's 00z it looked like a prolonged freeze and now it could all be over by this time next week..anyway, more runs needed i guess!..still, some disruptive wintry weather incoming and who knows what the 18z / 00z will show?..with a bit of luck..a prolonged freeze!!
  3. So...it may only be a short-lived freeze or just a model wobble but clearly there is currently a less cold / milder trend from next weekend onwards from the s / sw.
  4. Big change in the Ecm 12z ensemble mean compared to the 00z which locked the cold in for the foreseeable future. The latest mean is similar to the operational but less progressive with the deeper cold lasting longest across the far north and progressively less cold further south but with low pressure to the southwest calling the tune!
  5. Quite a rapid thaw on the Ecm 12z next weekend..I wouldn't panic just yet though!..wait for the ensembles
  6. Next week's freeze is in the bag, let's be happy about that!..the Ecm 00z prolonged the cold potentially way past day 10..let's hope the 12z does likewise!
  7. Just been through the GEFS 12z and there is plenty of support for most or all of the uk to still be in the freezer by T+192 hours (sunday)..there are some strong reloads from the NE and only a few milder solutions like the op..could have been a lot worse but the majority keep the uk locked in either cold or very cold air with further snow!
  8. Let's just think about how lucky we are, for a while earlier this week it looked like the high would be much further south which would have meant most of the uk just being benign with sunny spells and night frosts with only the south involved whereas now we are ALL facing the full fury of the siberian beast..cross model support!
  9. By that time the uk will be paralysed by snow, ice and severe penetrating frosts..Here comes the Beast on the Gfs 12z and it's very hungry!
  10. Here's a sample of the GEFS 6z which supports prolonging the upcoming severe wintry spell through next weekend and beyond which also goes along with the latest view from Exeter!
  11. Well it's certainly talking the talk on the latest model output and I expect that to continue and I believe it will walk the walk and deliver something truly wonderful to remember for long suffering netweather coldies!
  12. I have to say, the very progressive Gfs 6z op looks very unlikely, the GEFS / ECM mean keep the cold entrenched with the risk of further snow..I expect the very cold block, once established will be very reluctant to give any ground!!..great times ahead!
  13. The Beast from the East is now well inside the reliable timeframe..tick tock!! According to the Ecm 00z ensemble mean it's going to be one hell of a siberian beast..this is so friggin exciting!!
  14. Interestingly, that's similar to the GEFS 6z mean I posted on previous page, much less progressive than the op with cold continuing much longer..I expect great things from this siberian beast!!
  15. No sign of spring on the GEFS 6z mean, next week becomes extremely wintry nationwide and even beyond it stays cold / very cold, especially further north..lots of snow on the way and absolutely bitter cold..I'm not complaining!..I'm a very happy coldie!