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  1. The Ecm 12z gets us so so close to MEGA COLD..just shows we are well in the game for the weeks ahead!!
  2. The GEFS 6z mean looks generally rather cold and changeable / unsettled throughout, some less cold interludes but also potential for some very cold weather, especially further north. There would be at least some sleet and snow and not just on northern hills but the highest risk would be with elevation and further north..also frosts and icy patches aplenty..a wintry update just released too!!
  3. The Ecm 00z ensemble mean looks pretty cold throughout, some days colder than others but nothing I would call mild is on the horizon!..there should be at least some wintry ppn at times and overnight frosts / icy patches.
  4. Ditto At least we are not looking at a mild outlook, the GEFS 00z mean doesn't indicate anything mild, just less cold at times with an increasingly zonal set up with northern hills / mountains doing well for snow.
  5. Just looked at the GEFS 12z mean and to me it indicates predominantly cool / cold zonality with occasional milder interludes but more emphasis on colder towards the end.
  6. If anything, tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean ends even better than the operational !!!..what a fantastic finish with the following days putting us well and truly into the freezer!!
  7. Superb end to the Ecm 12z but now I want to see days 11..12..13 etc!!!
  8. The GEFS mean is still trending much, much colder through late January with widespread moderate / severe frosts, ice days and an increasing risk of snow..no downgrade that I can see from the 6z !
  9. The GEFS 12z mean is taking most of the uk close to or into the freezer in the mid and especially longer term..not standard fayre in my book!
  10. I showed the peachy T+240 Ecm 12z ensemble mean on previous page but let's not forget next thurs / fri which show arctic air flooding south!..and to think the real excitement may come during the following week (s)!!!❄❄❄❄❄❄
  11. This is a Bobby Dazzler Ecm 12z ensemble mean day 10..even better / colder than the 00z!!
  12. As day 10 Ecm charts go, this 12z is a peach..surely a recipe for snow..I think winter is definitely on the way!!!
  13. If we're not heading into the freezer it's certainly a very cold fridge!....overall great output today in the hunt for cold..and snow!
  14. Wonderful GEFS 6z mean in the mid / long term..becoming very cold with ice days for many and sharp frosts with plenty of snow potential as it looks mainly trough dominated...can't help getting excited by this!!
  15. The Ecm 00z ensemble mean The Ecm 00z day 10 ensemble mean is cold..but not dry with a trough over the uk..so a risk of snow