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  1. Agreed, it makes a very welcome change to see all parts of the uk basking in glorious sunshine and temps into the 80's F, hopefully it will happen again during the summer.
  2. Well, some of us almost got to 30c 86f today, what a beauty and looking ahead to next week, as scorcher mentioned above the Gfs 12z doesn't look bad at all from midweek with fairly high pressure bringing plenty of fine pleasantly warm weather, especially for the s / e with temps into the low 20's celsius range..very reasonable.
  3. It's actually not a bad outlook for the next few weeks, staying generally on the warm side further south and humid at times next week with a risk of thundery outbreaks between warm sunny spells but with a fine spell between tues-thurs. Generally less warm and more unsettled across northwest uk but not a washout by any means. Further ahead there are still signs of a settled and warm / very warm spell during mid June, especially further south under high pressure In a nutshell, the best conditions further s / se.
  4. The Gfs 6z also shows some fine and warm weather at times, especially further south / east with temps into the low to mid 20's celsius.
  5. It doesn't get much better than this, like high summer today..lovely.
  6. Amazing weather, enjoy the heat today and tomorrow..hopefully June will bring more spells like this!
  7. Gorgeous summery charts on the Ecm 12z..not distant FI day 10 fantasy..its tomorrow and Saturday! Temps soaring into the 80's F with hot sunshine followed by an increasing risk of T-Storms on sat and overnight into sun..It stays warm and humid in the s / se through sun / mon too with a risk of thundery showers and some warm sunshine too followed by a ridge building NE with plenty of fine and warm weather returning to the s / e, at least for a time..and all this before summer even begins!
  8. Looking further ahead to next week and beyond, the GEFS 6z mean indicates plenty of fine and warm weather across southern uk under ridging with most of any unsettled atlantic weather generally across north / northwest uk but even those areas would have some pleasant spells too. In the meantime, the hot settled spell will last into the weekend before a thundery breakdown followed by cooler, fresher and brighter conditions spreading across the north and west with sunshine and showers but the south / southeast are likely to remain warm and humid on sun / mon with sunshine and heavy showers / thunderstorms.
  9. Well it certainly feels like summer has come early..enjoy the sunny increasingly hot weather during today, tomorrow and into saturday.
  10. It's already worth remembering Cracking spell, hot and sunny for the next few days then thunderstorms risk increasing from Saturday.
  11. This looks like an impressive hot spell by late spring standards. Yesterday reached 26c in the SE and today could reach 29c in the SE and parts of the w / nw..widely mid 20's celsius. Tomorrow even hotter, high 20's c and Saturday hotter still..Enjoy
  12. It just goes to show how lucky we are to have this summery spell right in front of us..we should enjoy it and not worry about next week.
  13. Agreed, there have been some misleading comments this morning saying there is and never was any chance of 30c+ but clearly there is.
  14. I can't understand the downbeat mood, temps today widely at 22c and possibly 27c for the southeast..tomorrow widely 25-27c across England and Wales with long spells of sunshine and even warmer on Friday with a hot day on Saturday, still indicating 30-31c for favoured spots ahead of a thundery breakdown from the w / sw late sat and overnight into's still late spring!
  15. Summer has arrived early, increasing sunshine and warmth during the coming days and becoming very warm / hot for fri-sat and more humid with a slow thundery breakdown from the west..nothing to moan about in my opinion!