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  1. Great looking Ecm 12z ensemble mean tonight if you're a coldie..
  2. That's a prolonged cold spell that develops on the Ecm 12z with the cold becoming entrenched..hope it's right!..very early taste of winter incoming!
  3. I don't look at it that way..I say grab it whenever you can..what we are seeing is a first chance of snow in october since 2008!..enjoy the model rollercoaster in the months ahead.☺
  4. The GEFS 12z mean + postage stamps tell a wintry story..!!
  5. The Ukmo 12z shows a much colder spell towards the end of next week with arctic winds bringing a wintry cocktail of weather down across the uk..really excited about our first cold blast of the season!
  6. That's a cracking Ecm 00z ensemble mean for next weekend..all coldies will be happy with this!..I think some of us have a very good chance of seeing snow falling before the end of october for the first time in 10 years!!
  7. Looking at the GEFS 6z mean / postage stamps..winter is coming guys..expect frosty nights, icy stretches and a risk of snow just about anywhere for a time but more especially further north at elevation BUT a sharp wintry arctic shot / shock is on the way!!..I can't wait!!☺
  8. By late october standards, the Gfs 6z operational looks very wintry with frosts becoming more widespread, a risk of icy patches and showers becoming increasingly wintry with snow in places, even across the south..looking good!
  9. Dare I say an arctic northerly appears to be in the bag for next weekend..hoping it's as severe as it is possible to be for the time of year..something similar to the end of october 2008 would do nicely!!!!!
  10. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean indicates next weekend feeling wintry with frosts, ice and for some of us... S N O W..love the word snow
  11. Charts to warm the cockles of a coldies heart from the Ecm 12z with our first cold blast looking very likely later next week..can't wait for it to get here..some of us could see SNOW before the end of october, the last time that happened was 2008!!!
  12. Nice Northerly setting in from the arctic @ T+144 hours on the Ukmo 12z..next weekend would become even colder..add to this a great update from exeter and this is a very good time to be a coldie considering winter doesn't even start for another five weeks!!
  13. All I have to say about these charts from the Ecm 00z ensemble mean is.....B A N K!!
  14. Looking at the Gfs 18z operational this time next week and that weekend would feel like winter!night all.
  15. Direct hit on tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean..lovely jubbly..or perfick!!..I'm ready for some cold!!!