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  1. Ukmo 12h is a cracker, look at these uppers next week!..it's not just Easter that looks very warm
  2. At the end of the 6z operational i spy with my little eye another Northerly brewing way to the north which will go the way of the pear like all the others before it...
  3. There's plenty of warm / very warm potential on the GEFS 6z for next week, the mean indicates a southerly air flow originating from southern europe, even north africa, becoming more humid too with an increasing chance of thundery showers..even the start of may could be warm and fine.
  4. The 6z op stays warm next week, somewhere would reach 21c or higher..that's very impressive for late April if it happens..increasing risk of thundery showers as it becomes more humid from the south.
  5. For many it's looking good, really good according to the Gfs 6z operational for easter.. a taste of summer in mid spring..what's not to like about that?
  6. Looking at the Ecm 00z ensemble mean, the warmth goes on, and on, and on..speaking of warmth..Easter looks very warm!
  7. Tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean suggests next week will continue with above average temperatures, it's very noticeable how less unsettled next week looks compared to what the models were showing yesterday..and warmer!
  8. There are a surprising number of arctic shots on the extended GEFS 12z in very early may but I've had enough of phantom cold from the north that never makes it closer than T+300 hours..I fancy this instead, given how the models are looking, I would say it has a decent chance even at that range!!
  9. I think those who cannot be named deserve some praise, from a while back they were calling a warmer second half of April and looking at the current model output that's exactly what we are seeing.
  10. Another amazing Ecm run with warmth holding on further east before heading west again..doesn't look like april will be a record cold month after all!!!
  11. No sign of cool atlantic air invading on the ukmo 12h..gorgeous easter weather and it stays warm into next week and probably increasingly humid with a chance of thundery showers..trough stalling and disrupting against the block to the east..could be some meteorological fireworks next week.
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