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  1. Looking at the radar, there’s still a good few hours to come as well!
  2. Just looking at the radar and that glut of precipitation that’s over the south seems to have stalled somewhat - it doesn’t seem to be shifting much further north past Nottingham - is that the stuff that’s meant to be coming up to us later today?
  3. I’m confused - according to both Netweather radar apps, I have snow/precipitation right over me now, yet no falling snow at all? Am I reading it wrong?
  4. Any ideas as to how much will fall in the CleckHuddersFax area tonight...? #imby
  5. Yes, but clouded over about 10mins ago and now snowing heavily again.
  6. Amber warning? What a joke. Doesn't even warrant a yellow warning for the vast majority across the county by the sounds. It is still coming down but very, very gently with teeny tiny sized flakes, almost graupel. Sky looks as though its getting brighter as though its going to stop snowing very shortly. I'm all for Spring coming now - fed up of getting my hopes dashed.
  7. Stopped now. Hopefully some more will pep up a bit later...
  8. Snowing lightly here in Skelmanthorpe. Radar looks good for next couple of hours at least, unless something screwy happens when the sun rises...
  9. All of Yorkshire or just the more easterly regions?
  10. All of the snow symbols have disappeared for both Sunday night, all day Monday and all day Thursday from the Met Office for my area. Tuesday is stop and start with Wednesday now being the most promising day. What a damp squib. ?
  11. Yep, I hear ya. Anything north of Leicester Forest is unchartered terratories as far as the Mod thread is concerned! ???
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