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  1. Ok you know best. I’m just saying what I see !
  2. We had some moderate snow here in Crawley this morning. But looking at the Met radar there is not much more to come
  3. Well to say I am disappointed we have missed out here in West Sussex today in a understement. But loving the pics of all the deep snow you guys have had.
  4. Fingers crossed for us tonight in Crawley. On the Met office radar it seems south of us will do better but we can hope.
  5. Click on the warning at the bottom i.e Yellow warning of snow it will then display the text.
  6. Novice question the 2010 event was that from a Easterly ? Thanks
  7. Morning All, I am a complete novice compaered to most of you. How do you think Crawley West Sussex will do over the next few days. Cheers
  8. wintermaster

    Model output discussion - into 2018

    Thats stange because i live in Crawley and we had Lying snow in Jan last year.
  9. Sleet in Crawley That’s me done gutted !
  10. I’m in Crawley nothing to report I’m afraid
  11. I live in Crawley but work in Horley fingers crossed.
  12. I was 15 at the time living in merseyside our school was shut for a week. Best snow event I have ever seen.