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  1. ...horribly gruesome. The NW team made the forum members suffer for days on end in their tiny little booths. No food, no water and absoloutly nothing for company. But then, as the members began to think they would never see the light of day again, something incredible happened....
  2. youre right about everyone seeming friendlier - i guess it just puts everyone in a good mood. adds something a bit special to the daily grind!! but youre right about the elderly - my grandparents hate it. the thing is now about 'community' people only seem to help people they know, if you dont know someone most people seem to just ignore them. which is sad
  3. well u know if i was u i'd stay in and throw a big party... well i know its new years day but u can never start planning too early can u only 365 days to go... but i went out last night, cost me £9.99 just to get into the pub!!!! and its usually free! so next year im going to have a house party.. i reckon theyre more fun too - so thats what im going to do!! and emma - youre fast on the guest list!! haha Happy new year to you!!!
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