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  1. Morning all, Of course this post makes good sense but for me misses the essence of this forum and particularly the MOD thread when we are in sight (or think we are) of exceptional cold and snow. That is the amusement that can be gained form watching the irrationality of it all unfolding before your eyes. Intelligent people dealing with a the most analytical aspects of a complex and often chaotic subject. The clash of science and emotions. Head and heart. I love it. Our willingness to commit to the models in unrealistic timeframes. Chopping and changing between loving and hating them
  2. Indeed...In Clevedon, North Somerset we meausure our snowfall over the past 2 years in minutes it was visible on the ground rather than cm !! 90 mins so far this year (On Sunday morning) Models giving us some hope for the next 14 days at least
  3. Morning all, Exciting times for Model Watching. It's great to have so much to discuss after a run of winters with so little really (barring FI dreamcasting) But, my only caution would be that the enthusiasm to be the first to spot trends and new factors effecting output can lead to many mis-leading posts. This is what exaggerates what is already a roller-coaster ride for us all. Science is better for review, reflection and patience.....not natural partners of on-line forums I know but we can all try. Russ
  4. I've been lurking on here for a dozen winters at least now and enjoy all the sensible contributions. I have seen 'noisy' contributors come and go. I have seen many flavours of the season in terms of critical analysis but the fundamental principles of forecasting remain. Over the years I have been more enthralled by the psychology of the contributions than the the meteorolgy and that requires the site to be populated by members with different views and different experiences. Please don't feel the need to leave based on your 'analogue' analysis. Good luck and Happy New Year Russ
  5. Consistent with Netweather's own radar. Could be a dusting later tonight https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar
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