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  1. Heavy snow again in Maidstone, already 25cm on the ground here and a few cm on the car which was cleared at 4pm. Could be waking up to near 35cm at the rate things are going, honestly can’t remember a snow event like this in Maidstone!
  2. It concerns me the large variation with the BBC forecasts, they broadcast to the public and people follow them like they are gospel. The met office who used to supply the forecast data is showing quite a lot of snow here whilst BBC aren’t showing much. If Met Office have got this right then how can the BBC be trusted to inform the public whilst continuing with MeteoGroup?
  3. Depends if you are a Maidstone United fan or not! I live in a world of disappointment!
  4. You might feel the need to swear but it don't mean that we want to read it. This isn't a chat down at your local.
  5. Going away from the talk of snow for a moment. Rainfall totals so far this month becoming a concern. Here in Maidstone we've had 75mm since the start of the month. River levels earlier today were looking worryingly high and with some heavy rain overnight, the risk of some flooding is becoming real. I remember the floods of Christmas Day in 2013, the weeks building up to the rivers burst I don't think we had much shy of 100mm, so we are closing on those figures again.
  6. Hi Paul, That's brilliant. I'll keep an eye on my inbox for your email. Thanks Rob
  7. Hello! I got an email reminder about my NW extra account expiring this week, I looked at the prices and saw there was a half price sale. I was at work at the time so couldn't renew. I went to renew today and saw prices were full again. What date did the sale end? I didn't see one advertised and am gutted to have missed out on some savings as money is very tight! Rob
  8. 0mm reocrded in April 2011. Must be a record?

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Not unless its possible to get a minus amount of rainfall? lol

  9. Are we expecting any activity from Yellowstone yet?
  10. I'd much rather have the 20c+ we have today!
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