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  1. Interesting to see the Amber warning extended from 6pm today to 10am tomorrow morning. Clearly potential for further decent accumulations for many of us! Great seeing everyone’s snow pictures. Easily the best snow since 2010 here.
  2. Fair bit of snow in Prestonpans, I’d say somewhere around 15-20cm. Roads are bad but passable with care here. Unsure what it’s like on the A1 though.
  3. Hope your all looking forward to our upcoming Snowy spell! I don’t often post in here but I’m a long time lurker and love reading the forum! Great to see the majority of us should see some of the white stuff this week. Can echo @Paul Martin comments earlier about missing the showers, didn’t snow here in Prestonpans for 3 hours or so. However I’m assuming there must have been a subtle change in wind direction as we have been hit with two heavy snow showers in the last hour that’s left a beautiful covering of a few cm’s on all surfaces! Winter Wonderland and this is only just the start!
  4. Definitely looks good for you! TV forecast looks good for us here on the coast too, showing snow but BBC weather app adamant it's going to be rain. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised and it does actually snow.
  5. Wind really picking up here now. Really gusty out there. We're in a top floor flat so should be fun. Gertrude was the worst we've had this winter, wonder if Henry will top it.
  6. Light covering here at sea level. Hopefully catch some more later.
  7. Hi, Thanks very much for the information! I would be hopeful some snow cover could be retained up there at 600m but as you say it depends how mild the weather becomes. Fingers crossed the breakdown continues to be delayed, at least till after next weekend. I will take a look at those links and bear your suggestions in mind for our trip, a visit to the loch sounds like a great idea!
  8. Hi All! I'm a long time reader of this forum although not much of a poster. Great to see so many of us get some snow over the weekend. Here in Prestonpans we have been pretty unlucky. No lying snow all Winter despite other parts of East Lothian receiving a few coverings. Got a slight dusting yesterday but were too far East and missed the heaviest of the precipitation, typical! Still, the seasonal weather is definitely a bonus! On another note, I am heading up to the Glen Clova area this weekend and have been hoping there would be snow but it's not looking good! Do any of you know the area at all? I've never been and was wondering if there are walks in the area that go up to a decent height where it's likely there would be snow on the ground even if there's none in Glen Clova itself. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks
  9. Snowman09

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Anyone else spot the odd extension to the snow warnings for today into tomorrow to cover the Central belt and Western side of East lothian?
  10. Snowman09

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Radar suggests we have something falling from the sky but I can confirm the radar is lying!
  11. Snowman09

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Chucking it down here now. Long may it continue. Easily the best covering for a few years here even if it is only a cm or two.
  12. Snowman09

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Can confirm said blob just reached Prestonpans and ground turning white straight away!!
  13. Snowman09

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Nothing here yet but reasonably confident of at least a covering later given the reports. Be good to see those of us who haven't had a covering yet this winter get something.
  14. Snowman09

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Appreciate your very informative posts LSS. You seem confident of any precipitation being snow down the eastern side over the next few days. Do you envisage any marginality at all here from now until Monday? Notice the met indicate possibility of rain/sleet. Be good to take a hit from one of these potential snowfalls over the next few days. Currently 1C here and dry. No snow to be seen thus far.
  15. Snowman09

    Scotland - Weather Chat

    Dry, clear and freezing here at the moment. No snow yet but hoping we will see some over the next few days.