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  1. Whales get no peace and quiet just look at all those tourists, Moby D!ck has had enough...
  2. Drone, the name could be changed please, it is crap.
  3. During solar flares there is likely to be package loss, I hope they are lucky.
  4. I don't I also said "Passion for change"
  5. There is a volcano somewhere called "Kick em' Jenny" I think, something like that, Seems to be better in principle than 87 Storm or 63 Winter, you know, just a number...., more memorable perhaps, we will see.
  6. I just read They have awoken ancient viruses :-- "we cannot rule out that distant viruses of ancient Siberian human populations could re-emerge as Arctic permafrost layers melt and/or are disrupted by industrial activities".
  7. Careful with the names we don't want to scare the children, how about tropical storm "BUNNIES"
  8. Slush puppies they taste great but the ice cream headache is very annoying, arrrrgh
  9. The Met office and the BBC are institutions, we grew up with them, passion for change all the time and modern austerity are removing our way of life so fast these days, glad I saw it all before they ruined the place.
  10. The engine suffered a catastrophic failure and caught fire, the people hurt were injured in the very quick evacuation. Not surprised everybody on one picture I saw were carrying their luggage...Selfish and stupid. Down an evac' slide with luggage, is bad behavior I say. Anyway glad they were alright in the end and glad the Engine was an American one.
  11. I closed all the windows last night first time since spring. Not usual for here in September, but still happens from time to time.
  12. This is a good thread question. I like the wilds of Wales and Scotland and what remains in England. But being a railway heritage, enthusiast I also like the urban/industrial old stuff too, so For countryside I'll go for Cornwall for my English county and for urban Ill go for whats left of Derbishire... For Wales Gwynedd for country and Rhondda Cynon Taff for urban/industrial... For Scotland Ross and Cromarty Countryside and Aberdeenshire Urban/industrial... Counties which have the best weather, for me all I ever want is usually what Kent gets regarding thunder storms and continental heat, for winter storms The Isle of Wight will do just fine For snow Ill always go for Derbyshire because I was lucky enough to have been there in the bad winters of the 70's and early 80's. Scotland is really best in winter I must admit when it comes to cold and snow though.
  13. I am just about to enter the squall zone again. Looks like it will have vicious winds as it is a thin line on the NW radar, sky going dark now...Eeeek Biblical for the third time today by the looks on said radar. August monsoon....
  14. I have just been on to Afton Down. I could here the rumbles and see the pink tops of the storms. The sea is flat but wind blown. Back at home and I can clearly here rumbling from the South now. The wind has become blustery, here on and off.
  15. Thunder and lightning here, big rain drops but not that heavy at all.