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  1. Level 3 ESTOFEX Portugal Quote " A level 3 was issued for parts of Portugal surrounded by a level 2 covering also parts of Spain mainly for severe to damaging wind gusts and to a lesser extent for (strong) tornados and excessive precipitation." http://www.estofex.org/ Looks like the EX Huricane Leslie is still balling along. Looks like there will be damage.
  2. Dry summers, the ground is still deeply cracked here. Could lead to cold dry winters. Thats dry and shiver. in my oppinion. Look at 1976 for me in Cheshire, then.
  3. Just a few spots of rain last night here, 1 minute duration. Just enough to make my car look filthy with all the dust...Not going to bother washing it. Dryer than I have ever seen the Isle of Wight in the nearly 29 years i have lived here.
  4. Oh good, looks like a storm to the East of the Isle of Wight Will make it here in time for tea! Hope that's not the words of doom. I can see the top of it from here.
  5. The good model outputs noticed by , people who searched the Internet in the days before wikitube. ?
  6. Looking at the GFS the latest trend is lots of rain. Flooding will be the next weather headlines quite possibly. West country looks worse at first IMO. I threw my last snowballs of the Winter/Spring for the dog today, wishful thinking perhaps.
  7. Same here, still the odd flake of snow too. Looks like the military road blocked at the usual places again this time.
  8. Braught in extra, once the model outputs showed this lot 2 weeks ago. Been putting it out liberally by the tub full. Hot water tipped into the bird baths too. Freezing drizzle here no thaw whatsoever. Roads impassible off the gritted routes, 4x4 only on our road. Car frozen solid, house plastered in ice. Big fire roaring warm as toast.
  9. My car is covered in ice so are my house doors and windows I went outside into the garden and experienced an ice storm for the first time, the snow is frozen the daffodils are frozen and blown flat. Still no dripping so everything is still white, but glistening in the torch light. Amazing.
  10. Freezing rain here, everything is looking wet but it is frozen as the rain hits it. I have a plank of wood leaning on the shed, torch showed the rain hitting it, when I touched it it is ice. Be careful on the Isle Of Wight tonight. People North of me watch out for the ice.
  11. -4C in the early hours and [email protected] 1600 Now -0.5c. 8t is snowing moderately with frozen pellets which are noisy on the conservatory. The coverage is probably a few inches but it is blowing and drifting bare in places high in others.
  12. Stopped snowing here and no sign of any approaching on the radar. Not what the latest GFS is saying. Looks less in the mid Channel, but more moving NE over Channel Islands.
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