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  1. Two consecutive 35 degree days forecast for Melbourne on Monday and Tuesday, if it comes off it will be the earliest 35 degree day in the year by about a week , and the first ever two consecutive 35 degree days in October.
  2. Looks like an early season heatwave is on the way for south east Aus. Bom going for up to 4 days with temps around 30 for Melbourne and much warmer inland from the coming weekend. El Niño springs have historically been more likely to have heatwaves.
  3. Polar outbreaks here are quite different than the type you get in the UK due to vast areas of ocean to all points south. Still getting my head around how it al works down here ! It is fascinating though and great to live in a part of oz with snow potential in winter essentially on our doorstep. It has been a colder winter this year in south East oz tham for many years partic in tassie victoria and South Australia although perhaps reflective of the run of warmer than average winters prior. Hard to know if El Niño has had anything to do with it.
  4. Melbourne's coldest night for 18 years and coldest July night since 1994 with many parts of the city and surrounds below zero. http://m.theage.com.au/victoria/melbourne-weather-city-shivers-through-coldest-morning-in-18-years-20150718-gifi9l.html
  5. http://m.weatherzone.com.au/news/melbournes-frigid-week-nearing-its-coldest-point/329016 Supposedly the coldest week for 19 years in Melb. We've had 2 sub 10 degree days this month and a couple sub 11 , as well as days with lengthy spells of cold rain, not too frequent here. It felt bitter on Sunday with it pouring all daylight hours and a temp of 6-7 degrees much of the day until evening when it warmed up to around 11. Monday and Tues this week were not much better . Felt like a London winter a bit! The coldest pool of air slid past Melb and headed from the west to tote north of the
  6. Hi guys , still here and check in to net weather every now and then from down here in Melbourne! Australian Bureau of Meteorology going quite strongly for El Niño now in their latest fortnightly update today. Looks like it's on the cards.....it's been a dry autumn here in Vic so far, we are hoping for more rain but El ninos usually mean dry weather for South East Aus. Interesting times. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/enso/archive/ensowrap_20150428.pdf
  7. Melbourne had it's first day over 20c since 27 May, on Thursday 22 August! Hopefully a sign that spring is around the corner. Yesterday was also beautiful.
  8. A lovely week or so here in Melbourne, balmy days of 20-22 and mild nights of 15-17, though last week had some cooler mornings. Really enjoying this late autumn warmth. Feels like En Nino may have already arrived.
  9. Records are not just being broken, they are being smashed to oblivion.
  10. Melbourne has recorded 7 days over 40 degrees c this year so far, beating it's previous record of 6 days, in over 100 years of records. The average number of days over 40 in an average year is 1.3. In addition Melbourne has just recorded it's hottest 30 day period ever, beating a record set only last year. Amazing times. The climate seems to be becoming more extreme down here .
  11. It's late here, so i'll be brief (ish) but a couple of things spring to mind after another day in Melbourne in the 40's today ( and 44 tomorrow and 42 Friday forecast). I've lived in Oz just over a year and am not a native but this is hot even for locals. Despite general perceptions overseas of Oz being hot and sunny all the time, full of deserts and dusty bush etc generally the coastal cities where 85% of Australians live are located in reasonably green, temperate regions in which to live,most of the year. hot spells are a feature of aussie summers but in the south and east rarely last
  12. Much of Melbourne reached 43 today, certainly got a shock when i looked at my phone earlier and it was showing 46... think it was a degree of two out - but not much. Yes, looks like 4 days of 40+ in Melbourne starting today , which is unusual in a city known for it's cool changes - normally we would get 1 day of 40 per year, and a couple of near misses. To get 4 in a row comfortably over 40, as is forecast, if it comes off ( and the models have actually been continuing to upgrade the heat the nearer to the event ) would be pretty exceptional. With 850s looking to be around 28 degree
  13. Very high temperatures reported inland over the last few days. However it has been very mild - cool alonht the south coast. Its 4pm on a summer's afternoon in Melbourne and it's currently 16 degrees, blustery and rainy. Lots of southerly and westerly influences so far this summer. A real lack of sustained heat so far.
  14. Yes, the inland heatwave is reaching incredibly hot temperatures. Fortunately this isnt affecting the major cities at the moment. I wonder whether it may be reinforced during January and may come to affect the cities though? Melbourne has been reasonably mild (cool) this spring and early summer. Other than the 39 degree day just before Christmas there's been little in the way of heat compared with last year. However last year was my first year in Oz so perhaps this year is more normal for around these parts. I had a great road trip over Christmas , drove all the way fro Melbourn
  15. Certainly the big story has been the NSW fires, although just 450 miles away, Victoria is green and lush, and on days like today when it's been cool and wet you feel quite glad that we've had a fair amount of wet weather here and consequently the fire risk is very low at the moment in the forests around Victoria.
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