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  1. The high frequency of CC lightning in the storm to the E-NE of Kettering is something I've rarely witnessed (if ever). Must be quite extraordinary for those directly beneath the cell at present.
  2. Right, so thanks to those Brum reports, that's definitely a squall line with electric potential NW of Kettering, and not a very ominous succession of power flashes indicating an imminent loss of power, then!
  3. Listening to Minks' 'Ophelia' as the day turns to an eerie half-light under yellowing clouds. Quite eerie, not unlike an eclipse in progress. Occasional gusts in the East Midlands, but nothing extraordinary, wind-wise. Such a spectacle!
  4. Welcome to Kettering: the driest, most unfathomably storm-free zone in all of England. I'm starting to believe there is a meteorological phenomenon associated with the area--some sort of blocking microclimate--that keeps convection from traveling or forming overhead, and I'm going to start an old wives tale about it. Even when cells are in the vicinity, they somehow manage to circumnavigate the town. No storms this year. Still.
  5. That would be the cell currently passing over Corby, NE of Kettering, which has intensified quite rapidly during the past half-hour.
  6. Unexpected, freak strikes in Kettering (N Northants), which are temporarily dipping lights and fans. Powerful stuff out there. No mention of any activity on the lightning detector, though--perhaps pings will appear after the next refresh.
  7. Ramping up in Kettering (NE of Northampton) now. Moderate precipitation, plenty of CC, and progressively louder booms of thunder. Last night's storm lost its organisation over the Midlands, so thankfully this line of cells seem to be making amends by developing on approach.
  8. Can any well-versed meterologist explain what this interesting 'hook' feature developing to the NW of the main cell is, and how it seems to be almost sucking energy from the core?
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