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  1. not storm of the century, but even the beeb are hinting at a one watch for monday. now its in the reliable i for one will be watching all models
  2. ronnie barker and eric m. least favourite jimmy carr
  3. brief but dramatic storm here in oxfordshire/cotswolds. power cut and hail. v gusty. v unexpected. eased now and power just back
  4. easy. kari daging and rice is my favourite. i used go to a favourite restaurant in soho central london which was brilliant at it. unfortunately since moving to the cotswolds its hard to find
  5. he he coast! i like all those programmes that show off britain. aside from those hairy bikers
  6. i never understood the appeal of only fools. i love coast and anything with keith floyd/rick stein. aside from those its slim pickings
  7. love island (itv), and the programme about a chicken shop in clapham, sw london, which is on at the moment. oh and x factor, bgt and most of the reality rubbish
  8. simplistic as it may seem it does seem the us are looking to the french. brief, but i have to go out
  9. i agree. the only thing which makes it darker is the weather. the sun is fairly consistent!
  10. cant wait until the mist and fog sets in now, in my first country autumn in many years. let those nights draw in!
  11. thanks polar, just checked the chimney,and there is a mesh but methinks too fine to keep out the pesky bats! will have to get someone to change it. country living! in london it was foxes, now its bats. prefer bats any day
  12. off topic a bit, but i didnt know where to ask this. i live next to a church with its bats in the belfry. earier tonight as i dozed on the sofa a bat fell down the chimney. mildly alarming! anyone know how i can stop this happening again??
  13. i know but i left london 4 months ago for a cotswold village and just havent got round to losing londonsnow after living in the capital for 20 years. see your point and will change name
  14. dawn chorus or first flight going over at 4.30am? tricky. midnight peel shortly, a wee dram, where eagles dare on telly. bliss
  15. when youve lived in london near flight paths, overland stations, endless traffic noise and dirty screaming urban foxes chatting before ripping open your binbags, then you love the sound of birdsong and church bells. thank god i escaped to the country life.
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