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  1. Hello again,. I managed to dig out a photo from a previous years summer, just to give you a contrast. On the snow picture you cannot see my pond, but it is there :-) Enjoy Debs
  2. I'll probably not see my "yellow" grass again until end of April....when I was out yesterday, the snow was well...upto my lady bits to put it polite4ly, and I only stopped sinking because of my ass :-P. Debs
  3. Hi Steven, We get lovely summers here too. I will post them when it finally gets here....lol. I moved here from UK 8 years ago as I wanted to experience this type of snow. If you are young enough, I'd say go for it. If you want snow, then of course East Coast is best, but Alberta gets plenty as does every other province, theres different types of snows. The Priaries (Saskatchewan, Manitoba) get freezing temps and strong winds so the snow tends to be more like dandruff sizes, The west coast gets more snow in the Mountains, and Alberta of course, gets snow as weather patterns cross over
  4. February 15th Storm Hello All, Well its been quite a few weeks lately, we've had huge amounts of snow here in New Brunswick, the most I've seen in the 8 years I have lived here. I think in less than 3 weeks and after 3 storms we had a total snow fall of 168cms, not including the latest one. My house is covered, theres nowhere else to throw snow, I'm even getting a Back Hoe (JCB) in to move some of it away from the house. This weekend we had drifts of over 4 ft, and snowfall of about 70cms, although locally less amounts and greater amounts. The wind was horrendous. My wind guage registe
  5. Knocker Youre a star. I shall review them at home. Cheers Debs
  6. Hi all, I desperately need some information on models. I'm flying to UK for my daughters wedding December 10 from Saint John New Brunswick. Long term weather on weather network has indicated a possible NorEaster. Just wondering if you can be a little more specific of it probable track. I know that's not an easy thing to do, but just a ball park or what the majority of the patterns are indicating. Many many thanks Debs
  7. Currently - 24 where my husband is in Carlyle Saskatchewan....wind chill feels like - 36. Pretty darn cold. Getting colder here in New Brunswick. Currently only -7. Slight warm up tomorrow. Debs
  8. Hi All, Well the storm passed with lots of blowing wind and snow. Snow amounts were only 15cms here, so not too much. Moncton got 25cm. Mixed in with the snow was about 2cm of freezing rain, so pretty hard to shovel. Nevertheless, my garden now looks very festive. Enjoy the photos. Debs
  9. Hi all, Nor Easter has hit Southern New Brunswick, Canada. Started at 5 pm local time (AST) ND so far after 3 hour of persistent snow we have but 10 cm. Forecast is for mixing with ice pellets and freezing rain. Overall expectations is for 30 cm by the time it pushes through tomorrow AM. Will post photo's. TTFN Debs xx
  10. Hello Everyone again, Its been along time since I posted here, and with a wonderful Nor'easter approaching, I thought I would ask you guys if they had any idea what weather is like in UK for December, as I am visiting my home country after 8 years absence and was hoping some of the white stuff I am used to will make its way there for Christmas.... :-) I know, you'd think I'd bve fed up with snow, all the locals think Im mad as I still get excited over the large snowfalls we have here, but, as Im over in UK for Christmas, I want snow there too....how selfish of me....lol. So far this win
  11. Hello again folks. Well we had more snow overnight and without drifts, we had about 80 cms....maybe more. Driveway was cleared last night around 8pm, and looked no different this morning. Managed to catch the tail end of the storm clouds this morning as I prepared to dig out. Just so you can gauge how much snow we got....cos it always snows in Canada.....prior to this storm we had had a mini thaw and I could see yllow grass. The driveway was totally cleared as was the deck....so these are actaully just the last 24 hours of snow mounds that you are seeing. :-) Enjoy the pics. Debs
  12. I've been across that bridge. Looking at the water below, its frozen solid, why use the bridge :-)
  13. Hello folks, Not been on here for such a long time. Lots of different names on here now. Weather here in New Brunswick is fabulous. At least 40 cms fell so far. Snow start 8pm last night and although lighter now, its still falling. Winds are strong from the North and blowing up drifts to a meter in places. Temps are Good at -7 with windchill at -17, so a little warmer than last nights -26. This is why I emigrated :-) Enjoy the pics. Debs XX
  14. Hello, Its already Windy here in Southern NB, and we are not due to get hit full force with this event, thankfully, however, with the wind direction we will get Winds of 80 to 100 km tonight through tomorrow. I have my supplies, as we will lose power....it never fails to go out. :-) Debs
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