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  1. 26c at the moment, shame it wont last.

  2. Breaking News Blue Peter Garden Pond Completely Dried Up.

  3. Hurray the 3 days of rain, have been replaced by the sun at last.

  4. Months with hardly a drop of rain, but the last fortnight it hardly stopped.

  5. Cold and Rain go away come back the end of August.

  6. light rain all day here, roll on summer.

  7. Snowdrifts

    Street 1

    Slightly over the top hdr but still good.
  8. Another clear sunny day, hopefully more of the same tommorow.

  9. Wall to wall sunshine all day.

  10. What a good storm we had in the early hours.

  11. What a windy day its been here in the nw.

  12. Oh dear Austraila just claimed a hat-trick

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