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  1. Good inch and still coming down, as it has been all morning.
  2. All rain @Dcee, wrong side of marginal again, lol!
  3. Don't think you meant confused, snowed as recent as yesterday and 4 times before, of course it didn't settle or amount to anything. Point I was making is that it's been cold and below average. Every time I've heard it's the wrong side of marginal it's snowed.
  4. Midlands, East Anglia, North, NW, NE, Scotland, Wales...
  5. Do you ever change the record, we have been and are still in cold spell, had umpteen frosts, 5 days of falling snow and looks to go cold again after a brief blip, that's just here. Never mind what's been going on further north. Anyone would think we have been in mild South Westerlies since 1st Dec!
  6. Depends where you are, been 9 days and counting here. Models seem to suggest another 4/5 days of the same, very nice ta!
  7. Same posters have nothing to say about ECM 😆😆
  8. Funny you know exactly how the usual suspects are going to post in the model thread, peeing on others bonfires. More gratuitous use of the ignore function needed I think...
  9. And warmer later... Love your enthusiasm, but think you may need to temper your posting a little.
  10. Totally confused as to why so many come out of the woodwork every year only to take delight in peeing on others bonfires. Seems a very sad past time to me, ought to take up something more constructive...
  11. He seemed to be claiming victory for something that has not occurred yet, still cold in the immediate and near future... No need for turd polishing, stick to the brass 😁
  12. Yes a very subtle difference in the feel of the air in this locale this evening. A change is afoot...
  13. Yes, one day wonder here, temp for today slightly revised down and more so for next four days, before dropping away further.
  14. Not new? Stone the crows, point taken though 😄
  15. Was attempting to show an opposing view to the one way street of traffic, easy for someone new to be mislead...
  16. Looks a potentially brief affair to me, looks like flattening out.
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