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  1. Yes a very subtle difference in the feel of the air in this locale this evening. A change is afoot...
  2. Yes, one day wonder here, temp for today slightly revised down and more so for next four days, before dropping away further.
  3. Not exactly a lofty accolade though is it...
  4. Not new? Stone the crows, point taken though 😄
  5. Was attempting to show an opposing view to the one way street of traffic, easy for someone new to be mislead...
  6. Looks a potentially brief affair to me, looks like flattening out.
  7. Indeed, the distinctly average theme continues, but as you say, there's nae wrong with that. Despite a lot of expostulating to convince one way or the other, that's the way of things currently...
  8. One perturbation, 12 days away, what could possibly go wrong? ? I'm still enjoying 'average' anyway...
  9. Nothing at all, loving average, long may it continue!
  10. Equally there has been an awful amount of hyperbole over a 3 day hot spell in June, yes June!
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