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  1. Turning milder after a cold spell, fancy that?! Think forecasters were saying the same but starting at the weekend, which has been delayed. Briefly less cold I think was said, we shall see. But top marks, a gold star is in the post!
  2. Spot on, forecasts have mentioned briefly less cold next weekend, doesn't sound mild to me...
  3. Blimey, if you've thrown the towel in, think the vortex of doom is to blame, or it's time to call it a day, you're 'done' with this rubbish winter or indeed it's all auntie Mavis' tea leaves fault, then perhaps it's time for a new hobby? Meanwhile, the rest of us are still enjoying the ride!
  4. Yes, well expected and advertised mild blip, even bbc forecast was being revised every 30 mins this morning, narrowing the blip.
  5. Think maybe you should go over to the model thread, the clue is in the title of this one...
  6. I must be living on a different planet, we have had numerous hard frosts, ice, fog, freezing fog and a sprinkling of snow. So whilst it might be applicable where you are, it is not the case across the board.
  7. Good advice John, which I have followed since the first time you espoused it years ago. Although I fear for the majority it is falling on deaf ears...
  8. Care to elaborate as I imagine this is meaningless to anyone new to the forum?
  9. Speak for yourself Feb, we have gone for a walk on the beach every Christmas day for as far back as I can remember. I shan't be writing off anything just yet, models still have time to conjure up something seasonal for the big day!
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