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    Extreme weather, watching motorsport, F1, Moto GP, World Superbikes and Photography.
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  1. My lightning detector is going like crazy at over 120 strikes/ min and warning of a severe storm which to date I have never heard it do !! Having said that it looks as though its going to miss us !
  2. Button Up

    Pedro de la Rosa

    Pedro de la Rosa
  3. Button Up

    Weather station

    Pictures showing how i mounted my Weather Station
  4. Button Up

    Members' Weather Stations

    Thanks very much Shuggee that worked a treat.BU
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    Members' Weather Stations

    Has anyone else noticed that the members weather station map is not there, just the heading for it but no map!! BU
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    Members' Weather Stations

    Cheers for that.
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    Members' Weather Stations

    Hello OON Could you add my weather station to your map please. I am at Clacton-on-Sea which is in north east essex,the link is below http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/clactonweatherdata/update It is updated every minute and on line when i am, i hope thats ok. Many Thanks Button Up