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  1. We seem to be right in the gap of all the showers at the minute, fingers crossed we might see some of the big showers later.
  2. Gutted I missed the thunder but delighted to wake up to loads of snow. Hubby is off work and the little ones nursery is only a sleigh ride away if its open! Stay safe and enjoy everyone
  3. Snow picked up a bit here in Newton Aycliffe. My Mum is having an operation in the RVI today. Have a funny feeling going to visit her over the next 7 days could be interesting!
  4. Just saw a beautiful fork over Aycliffe. Only very faint thunder. I can't get the radar to work to see the track. Wind has just picked up.
  5. Just wondering if anyone knows how long this is supposed to last? Snowing heavily in Aycliffe & have friends trying to come through from Stanhope. Cheers
  6. In newton Aycliffe and it's definitely breezy, originally from the north coast of Antrim so this is making me quite homesick! Had to batten down the hatches earlier now I'm enjoying the storm. Just wondering if anyone knows how much stronger it could get?
  7. I have no way of measuring but the wind here in dl5 is howling. I'm originally from the north coast of Ireland so I'm not easily impressed - this has def got me checking the forecast and watching out the window. It's been very windy here since about 3pm. Steadily worse until now. Def making me homesick lol
  8. Rolling thunder on DL5 - moving north easterly glad I left work early
  9. I've stopped looking at the radar doomed to read storm reports rather than make them. I moved here from Northern Ireland and my home town has had thunderstorms everyday for the last week. Maybe it's me lol
  10. Guess ill be sleeping with the bedroom curtains open and hoping I get woken up by any action that occurs lol
  11. Had a heavy shower and one measly rumble of thunder oh well. Maybe next time lol
  12. Torrential rain and thunder in Carlisle - heading due east - will be sitting patiently waiting to see if we can get our share fingers crossed!
  13. Thanks summer sun :-) I won't stay up late tonight hoping then lol
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