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  1. If the pesky thunderstorms steer clear, somewhere could just squeeze out a 40oC
  2. I think it is slightly ahead, the link previously posted is UTC (1 hour behind BST) so at 10.50am in 2003 it was 31.5, so we are over a degree ahead as it stands!
  3. 31.6 at Heathrow at 10am. I remember temps being at around 32 at 10.30am back in August 2003. I remember checking the temps on teletext
  4. Do you live in Sydney now or are you on holiday? I moved to Sydney in October (lived here back in 2012) and forgot how extreme the weather gets. 49oC's in parts of Aus, overnight minimums of 34oC. 2 weekends ago, it was 36oC in Sydney at 9.45am!
  5. Manchester has about 4 or so inches this morning, 6 in some parts. Not bad for the city, and certainly more than the kast easterley!
  6. Tell me about it, I was born in Ipswich in East Anglia (lived here for 5 years now) and they are getting hammered yet again!
  7. The wind is really starting to pick up here, strong gusts with the snow!
  8. Snow getting a bit heavier here in Swinton, Salford! Yet again, my hometown of Ipswich in East Anglia looks like it will get a real dumping for a second time. I need to time my trips home better!
  9. So now that the temps have nudged up just enough to mean ppn will be more sleety than snow, the ppn heading north later will likely fall as sleety rain, not disintegrate in the slightest and hit the NW directly without dieing out before it does.
  10. Google weather is reporting freezing rain in Salford but it is just very fine snow where I live in Swinton, Salford
  11. Exactly. I know what freezing rain is, but uppers across NW are too low right now. Must be snizzle or snow pellets which appear rain-like
  12. Raining where? Nearly all of UK is sub freezing, no idea how rain is possible anywhere near NW?
  13. It has been there since 4.30am and it is moving our way, but dieing out as it does (currently light snow in Manchester since 5am,), wish the ppn would retain some of its oomph as it is a persistent band of snow moving quite slowly.
  14. To be fair, most of Norfolk saw 20cm already so the people in the gap are probably still happy
  15. Snowing away in Swinton, Salford and everything covered.
  16. They are beefing up a touch over north MCR. Maybe spoke too soon... fingers crossed
  17. Nope not a radar error. Damn. They were beefy looking too!
  18. Praying! Literally in 5 mins, surely not poss? Lets see what next update brings
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